My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S01 E17

2 years ago

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As I got to my huz I flashed back to all the jigijaga that me and Jenny has done, our sexcapade was a gud and very gud one at that. It even make me special to be the one that breaks that thin linin.

Now guys, there has been a saying that any guy that disflowered a girl will ever remain indepted to her and the girl will never forget that first man that made her a woman. Well I have just done my part, don’t even know if am acting a Nollywood romantic movie.

A thought immediately spranged to my mind “Peter, what if you just die today where will you go? Heaven or Hell”? Candidly guys, this question strucked me so hard that I almost………I thought of one of my friends (a.k.a Pascal) of blessed memory who we were together sometimes ago during the day time and the following day we heard that he just had a mild headache and gave up the ghost!!! What, God abeg ooo, as much as I was trying to be convicted another mind was like……..”Peter na true oooo, life is too short truely which means you should enjoy it while it last. God that created it knows that it sweet b4 he made it, F--k as much as you can while you may, Pascal will no more receive it again and remember you may repent tomorrow”. The latter seems wronged but b4 I could make a decison, the second mind came again…..”Remember Dooshima and Lois, the Veejay will make you a super human, remember you want to hold a record, mehn catch fun!! Right now just kpekus d go, you may not come across this opportunity in your life again!” Mehn dis line make sense to me, I can’t just let Doo and Lois’ veejay go away like that na, these bitches might see me as impotent, Olohun maje!! As I was still thinking my phone ranged, I checked and the I’d was of Doo.

I picked Dooshima’s call “hello” I said into the phone, “Hey baby, how ar you doing and how was your night”? She said. “Am gud baby, how was yours, hope you slept well and hope you dreamed about your guy”? I asked. “Which guy again”, “your guy na, boifriend”? “The one I told you I have or the one you gave me”? “Sorry”? “Please Peter it’s too early, I don’t have any guy and is that why you were just doing anyhow yesterday”? Now I don’t know what she meant by yesterday, and I don’t know how I do anyhow. “How, what do you mean”? I asked her. “You know what you did na, I came to your house u didn’t even ask me what brought me, we were on bed 2geda, you didn’t even touch me, ar you scared or what”? Guys naturally am not the type that got scared by girls but what she just said seems wild and got me nervous. “Hey!! Dooshima, is not what you think ok, I don’t wanna offend you because some girls don’t like guys making move on them on the first day, I have the urge but I don’t wanna ruin my reputation b4 you, I promise when next you come you will get the shock of your life try me”. “Really”? She asked, now what is really again? I have just told her nothing but the truth. I remembered Jenny’s Veejay, mehn that girl is super hot, wished I will be the only one that will jigijaga her. I know what you guys are thinking, am selfish rite?. Well it’s true but her veejay should not put me in wahala sha. “Yea really baby, I will make it upto you like never before”. She was laughing like morons as I told her this. “Don’t think am going to school today, will you be going”? Ah!! If she didn’t go and I didn’t, Vivian and d rest of the girls will suspect something and that is disastrous but I need her p---y more than I needed a breath. I thought about something to say to her. “Yup I will go but by 10am you make sure you be in my house I will joind you immediately, you know your friends will suspect something if both of us did not go” “But how is that their business, even if they saw us dating or having sex does it concerns them”? Baby chill jare, no spoil my plan for me, infact any p---y that will not allow me to taste others is not worth my c--k. I can’t loos her either so I go on. “Baby I know that but believe me, I will meet you by 10 in my hus my key will be where you will see it, you can even cook if you wish”.

She finally accepted and we end the call. I brushing up, arranged my room took my bath and went to school as we all meet……….Vivian, Lois, Lucy and Jenny except Dooshima………….

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