Fausa Eleja - S02 E05

1 month ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 5

…….it was tv that dropped and smashed on the

ground……immediately I saw it dismantled, my penis got shrunk…..she looked at me insuprise and she bent again holding my p---k and started sucking….we went 4 another round before we finally collapse on the floor

**We continue our sex escapade through couple life like that in unlimited actions…………. ………

4month passed, i hardly heard anything about seyi but on one tuesday morning i lied down on our bed because i have no lecture that day,the only one lecture i soppose to go for by 12pm had been cancelled by the lecturer.,….i was alone at home

while fausa has gone to school……i started thinking comparing my lifetime with seyi and to that of fausa………

My mind: bro hope wetin u dey do no go get end?

Me: which kind end b dat? don’t you imagine the enjoyment I am deriving from fausa is uncomparable to that of seyi???? Or was it that seyi who can never give mea b-----b talkless of xxx am gonastay with?

My mind: hmmm me dey scare ooo.cos seyi luv you

so very much, she did evrything, i mean every d--n thing for you….there was a day you almost died,wasn’t this girl that took you to the hospital, paid your bill, beared all the wahala..,going here and there for drug..,.cooking and bringing it tothe hospital????????….there wasn’t even nothing to be compared from you guys as the sicker because she slept with you in the hospital for the days you spent .,…..can fausa do half of that?

Me: see you! person wey dey feed me than seyi? She evendey give me wetin seyi refused to gimme, nothing to argue about….fausa will surely do more than that

my mind: hmmm ok o.but don’t lie to me, you stil love seyi right?

me: yes i do…..

…… I don’t know how my mind started hungry to see seyi……….i took myphone to dial seyi’s number……but getting to where my phone was on a chair at the sitting room…i met 7 missed calls, 5 from seye my baddest nigga..and two from fausa………….i went straight to my contact and put a call to seyi..,…..it got up to 4 times before seyi picked up my

call……i heard her sounded so wierd and disgursting.,….

Me: helo bae

seyi: yes,what is it?

me: why did you decided not to pick my call? Afteral we seperated but wecan still be friend now….even best of the friend

seyi: (laugh) you and who? Oh boy as soon as you left me..,have decided not to ever have anything with you again….even if I happen to nurse a childin this world and i found out that my child is having something together with your child. i will forcefully stop them…

Me: but why ar you talking to me in this mannernow? Has it come to that extent? My leaving you is not that i don’t love you now..,…i still loveyou but i need to do what i did ……i can see from her voice shaking and was sobbered

seyi: please don’t try my number again. let this be first and the last for you……you spoiled my mood anytime i hear your voice or anytime i see you

me: i thought as much and that was the reasonof my call to you to settle things up …she cut in

seyi: to finaly acompany me to my grave right? In a fearful wierd tone

….she hissed and hung up on me.. ..

…..Hmmmmm. this act shows that, seyi has finaly made up her mind…..evenif i try to go back to her na super mario for me (boya loma dele….ibi loma kusi) ! I was on this thought when my phone began to ring again……

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