Fausa Eleja - S02 E04

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..I was shocked but i produced a fake smile when I noticed their reaction toward me,…..they hurriedly stopped and change the topic…….

Fausa: mama lola i wil come back to get that drug u recommended 4 me….

Mama: ok no problem.

if you have believe, it will work for the painand even it work for malaria…..

I was like…….what are they talking about? Is that what they were discussing before I joined the picture?????? Hmmmmmm womanu…..

“Oooohh is what I cutted-in was about the day I met her with the mr. Lecturer?????? Should it be on that

very day she accompanied mr lecturer to the gate? I was still on the thought when fausa brought me back alive with her question

fausa: alabi what are you here for?

Me: I told you i came to buy milk,you know we will surely need it tonight

fausa: yap you are right…but don’t worry you can go, I will get them along

me: lemme kuku wait for you now, once you are through..or is there anything else you are upto????

fausa: ok no problem, nothing!, only to conclude my discussion with mama lola….she turn to mama lola……..ah beg givE me 3peakmilk…..she handed 500naira to her and she told her to keep the change 4 her that she will be back in a jiffy for the drug………

…..i kept mute where i stood watching there drama,when i noticed there play is getting to an end and they never talk about the previous discusion again, I interrupted and quickly brought it back to the picture…

me: which drug are you guys talking about the other time? I don’t know if it can be of benefit to me too

fausa: honey, i told her am having back ache and pains in my leg, andi asked of the other drug i told you she sold for me the previous day……but she promised to get me another powerful one thatgonna work a 2in1 function……..

Me: that’s good, so what’sit name? I forwaded my question to the woman

woman: ehnm emsqoloroquin…

,……before she landed,fausa cut in to backit up..and she included paniz to it…so sqoloroquin+paniz=add it upyourself…, that was the latest pains removal mama lola and my fausa just invented………….well i got nothing to do once I didn’t get the full detail the time I cut in, we left thechemist but i told the woman to get us 2packs coz i will also like totest it……….

We went back inside and she inserted a video of this lady afrocandy titled: destructive instinct……we watched and we got hurny so quickly with the help of this movie….i can see in her reaction beside me on a sofa that she realy need it but i needed to hide my ownagro because i don’t want to have any sex again that day.

we have been having sex together since we woke from bed today. we also have it throughout saturday morning till night, before a blink of an eye, i could see her hand coming straight to the zip of my trouser,but i held her hand and i said….’baby no’ stop it’ she laughed and she

said common boy. you are already high….even d visual impaired person we vividly see the size of my penis through the jean i wore that night.

She then use her second hand to grab my penis and started rubbing up and down before she later switched to b-----b action,she was doing itso hardly…….this girl has caught me all….she don sabi everything about me.she know i can never resist to have sex when i was grabbed bymy penis…….,….’ooh’ i screamed……..’stttoooh eeh oh bae’ na

stop i wan say o.see wetin i dey altered……she quickly unzip thetrouser and suck my p---k like a hungry elephant…,

…she s----d while i c-m into her mouth…i thought she gonna pull outher mouth and get furious to me about my unnoticed c-m….instead of that she started exhibiting what i could not believe of her even if we found ourselves having sex in a dream…..,.she started using my sementoying on the tip of my penis….she wil swallow some and use some totoy me as if she want to blow it back inside my scrotum………i felt

like am in heaven,i don’t even remember anything again….i grab herboobs under her and i was pumping it like a fulani pumping milk from malu…….i squeezed it so hardly that i felt pity for her……..but instead for her to cry.she started making moans that make me sohard on…..’oh hurny’ please suck my p---y’ get the taste now’ ohjesus…oh moku o (am dye) yiieees baby u garrit…that was the sounds she made when i got to her holy land…..i switch to ‘turn me on’style…she was ontop me but with her p---y licking and kissing by my mouth while my p---k was also in her mouth ……you got to understand what am talking about…….

we are

on this style 4 like 5mins before she started shouting…oh honey I need you inside me right now…she never waited for me to approve thatbefore she took her ass off me and brought to me a ‘tuch ur toe’style….i love this style die, she was the one that taught me everything……i f----d her toto so harder as if i tookdrug…i f--k her in that style while she saumasaulted…,.she stood back and gave me a doggy style while holding chair, i f----d, shecries….she change direction,holding the wall….i f----d mercilessly

and was even forgot that it was the girl i intended to make the mother of mychildrenI was f-----g like ‘olosho mu standing’.she switched to manydirection holding different things and gadgets in the room….when holding the

tv….my f--k power increase because that was when afrocandy was riding on a man called a dry cleaner……….i f----d and she started crying.

what we hear next wasgboooooossss…..

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