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Kyle followed, feeling the heat already in the air despite it
only being an hour or so since the sun came up. The water
on either side of the pier was the clearest blue he’d ever
seen, like something from a picture postcard, and the white
sand on the beach matched it perfectly.

The pier ended at a wide flagstoned pathway leading
straight up the beach and into the trees and Edwin led them
straight up. “This is the main pathway up from the dock,
Master Kyle,” Edwin explained as they walked. “There are a
number of pathways criss-crossing the Island, but I’m not
going to show you them all now. We’re simply going to
head for the main house, which is directly up this hill.”
The path was quite steep as it rose up from the beach, but
not at such an angle that stairs were required. As they
entered the treeline Kyle slowed and looked at the Palm
trees shading them, rising tall and majestic in a myriad of
curves, casting angular shadows over the path.
“Please keep up, Master Kyle,” Edwin said briskly as he
strode ahead. Kyle glanced at Patricia, who gave him a
quick grin then nodded with her head that he should get

They continued up the sloping path, veering around a couple
of small buildings that Edwin identified as a Security office
and a storeroom for scuba equipment, and then a large two-
story building came into view.
“The lower floor of this building houses the Islands medical
facilities and some administrative offices. The upper floor is
my home and office, should you ever need to find me,” Edwin
announced. “Our path leads to the left now.”
They rounded the building and Kyle found himself on a wide
wooden walkway that reminded him of Mister Miyagi’s
garden in the original Karate Kid movie. It was slightly
above the level of the gardens beneath it and lined by palm
trees on either side. The far Eastern influences were
obvious, and as his eyes followed it he paused, seeing the
main house for the first time.
It was a mixture of ancient Japanese and Caribbean, a
strange combination, but one that really worked in the
surroundings. A two story central tower was flanked on
either side by three story towers, the main structural beams
all wooden and instead of rice paper doors and walls it was
a mixture of opaque and clear glass. The roofs were
circular, like you’d expect in a beach hut, and the whole
structure looked like it was made from natural materials.
“That’s gorgeous,” Kyle blurted.
“Thank you very much, Master Kyle,” Edwin replied,
stopping. “It took me nearly four months to get the designs
right and another eight months to build it, but I am rather
proud of it.”
“You designed it?”
“Yes, Master Kyle,” The old man nodded. “Architecture has
always held a fascination for me. In fact, I’m fortunate
enough to say, all the buildings on the Island were my
“That’s very impressive,” Kyle said and saw the old man
“If you’ll follow me?” Edwin led off again, heading for the
main house.

“Well done, Kyle,” Patricia whispered as they moved to
follow. “Edwin likes being flattered.”

Kyle shrugged and nodded, not really meaning to do it as he
was just being honest.
They followed Edwin up to a wide flagstoned patio and as
they approached the house, Kyle could see inside it. The
central tower must have been sixty feet wide and the ground
floor was smooth polished wood that shone as the light
reflected off it. A dining table that must be able to seat thirty
people took up the right side of the room, and the left was
split into several seating areas, wide sofas and coffee
tables, and a massive fireplace sat against the wall. A wide
thoroughfare led straight out open doors at the other side to
a large decked area and an infinity pool with a view straight
over the ocean.
“Oh, wow.”
“Oh, yes,” Patricia replied. “Wait until you see the rooms.”
As Edwin led them inside Kyle could see wooden staircases
on the far corners of the room leading to the floor above and
wide doorways under them leading to the flanking towers.
“This place is amazing,” Kyle said, his eyes continually
roving around the room. Photographs of the Island were
dotted around the walls, along with vases of flowers and
plants in pots. Baskets of fruit sat on the coffee tables and
as they walked out the other side of the house Kyle saw the
pool area.
The two flanking towers had buildings behind them, he saw,
two story rectangular structures that enclosed the main
house right to the edge of the cliffs, sheltering the pool area
on three sides, the other side opening to the ocean.
Deckchairs and sunloungers lay to the right and left of the
large pool and a canopied area with tables and chairs sat to
his immediate right.

“Welcome to the main house, Master Kyle,” Edwin said,
turning to face him. “I’ll just give you a quick description of
the layout, if that’s alright?”
“Well, the main social area of the house we’ve just been
through, and your suite is located on the floor above,” Edwin
stated. “If you look you can see the balcony that overlooks
the pool area and runs around the upper floor of the three
“I bet the view is amazing up there,” Kyle muttered.
“The sunsets are rather spectacular as it faces the West,”

Edwin replied. “Now, to the right of the pool is a bar and
restaurant, with two small guest suites above it.”
“Sorry to interrupt, Edwin,” Kyle said as he looked at the
building. “Is it okay if I smoke out here? I don’t know what
the rules are, and…”
Edwin raised his hand in the air and snapped his fingers.
One of the staff appeared from inside the house. “Bring
Master Kyle an ashtray.” The old man turned back to them.
“Where are my manners? What would you like to drink,
Master Kyle?”

Kyle shrugged, not really knowing. It was too hot for coffee
and he felt tired and grubby from the travel and a lack of
sleep. “Some fruit juice or something?”
“Two orange, peach and cranberry juices please, Ellen,”
Patricia said, addressing the member of staff directly. She
nodded and disappeared. “I hope that’s okay? It’s nice and
refreshing, Kyle.”
“It sounds it.” Kyle took out his cigarettes and lit up.
“Moving on, on the opposite side of the pool is a business
suite on the lower floor and another two guest suites above
it. The business suite continues through to the ground floor
of the tower here, and links up with the main room.”
“That’s a lot of business suite,” Kyle noted.
“Mister Tripps liked to conduct a lot of business here,” Edwin
replied. “On the middle floor of each of the towers are large
suites, similar in size to your own. Your sisters will have
them, Kara on the right and Katarina on the left.”
“So on either side of mine then?”

“That’s correct, Master Kyle.”
“Okay,” He nodded, not entirely sure what to say next. It
was all quite overwhelming.
“That leaves the ground floor of the left tower, which
contains a small cinema, a couple of meeting rooms and
some staff facilities. The top floors of each of the towers
are used to house our communications equipment and IT
“Server rooms?”

The old man shrugged. “It’s a little more complicated than
that, but in essence, yes.”
“That’s a lot of room.”
“Yes, Master Kyle,” Edwin replied. “Now, if you’ll excuse me
for a few minutes I’ll go and check on your suite.”
As the old man disappeared into the house Kyle looked

“This place is stunning. How do you get any work done? I’d
just be sitting looking around all day.”
Patricia chuckled. “You get used to it.”

Kyle smiled and walked over to the edge of the deck where it
looked over the ocean. The view was spectacular, miles and
miles of ocean stretching into the distance.
“Where do you stay when you’re here?”

To Be Continued..

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