Could This Be Love - S04 E12

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businessmen around, and I pick them up from the
restaurant and they’re all blitzed, right?”
Kyle nodded and took a bite of his burger.

“Well, one of them comes up to the window and taps on it,
so I lower it down while I’m driving and he asks me to take
them to get some hookers.”
Kyle coughed. “No f-----g way. Just like that?”

Caroline nodded, brushing her hair back from her face.
“Yeah, plain as that. So I’ve got three options, right? One, I
can ditch them and get no tip, and probably get fired. Two, I
can go and find some meth-head skanks that are probably
riddled with Christ knows what diseases, or I can go with
option three.”

“Which is?”
“Call my room-mate and get her to round up some friends.”
Kyle blinked. “Your room-mate’s a hooker?”

“Escort, and a very well paid one at that,” Caroline replied
with a raised eyebrow. “She only works one night a week
and she earns more money than I do.”

Kyle nodded. “Whatever works for you, I guess.”
“Exactly. So I call her, tell her about these guys and she
makes some calls, right?” Caroline paused for a sip at her

“So you go and pick up all these girls?” Kyle asked, amused
at how matter of fact she was about it all.

“Yeah,” She nodded. “Three guys, five girls, a big f-----g
orgy in the back of the stretch limo for three hours. Got to
give those guys some kudos for keeping it up for that long.”
Kyle laughed and raised his bottle of beer. “To German
“And the girls they rode in on,” Caroline laughed, chinking
her glass against his beer.
Kyle made a face. “What about cleaning the limo

Caroline shrugged. “Someone elses job. And no, that’s not
the same limo. Yours is brand spanking new. Don’t know
how you managed that, but it suits me fine.”
“Whatever works for you,” Kyle smiled. “So is it like that
quite a lot?”
“What? In the back of the limo?”

“Sometimes. You kind of get spells where it goes a bit nuts
and then nothing happens for ages. I’ve had all sorts back
there though. Couples who hire it for a night just to drive
around the city f-----g behind tinted windows. Try to spice
up the old marriage. I’ve had guys who jacked off on their
own, women who’ve helped them, sometimes even men
who’ve helped them.”
“F-----g hell,” Kyle muttered. “It’s like a whole new world I
didn’t know about.”
Caroline laughed. “You should try it out. See how the other
half live.”

Kyle grinned. “What? Jerk off in the back of the limo on the
way home? Nah, not really my style.”

“Ha! You should hire a couple of classy escorts, have a
threesome. It’d blow your mind.”

“You’re insane,” Kyle laughed. “Have you ever?”
“What? Me? I’ve never hired an escort,” She chuckled.
“Those girls cost a fortune.”
Kyle laughed, let the subject drop and finished off his
burger. “Want some dessert?”

“That’ll do for me,” Kyle agreed. “I would tell people I’m a
latte-junkie, but it’s the lamest sounding thing ever.”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t try and use that as a line on a girl. Talking
of which, have you spotted the two girls to my right
checking you out?”

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