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“That’s why they’re here?”
The lawyer nodded. “They don’t know the details, but yes,
they’re here only to give you a legitimate excuse to vanish
for a week.”
“Shit.. What about my friends? I can’t tell Ed and Casey?”
Kyle asked.

“That’s correct.”
“I kinda already told my parents that I’d be going to meet
these sisters of mine,” Kyle said, frowning.

“That’s okay, Kyle. They’re your parents, although I’d
strongly suggest you call them and ask them to keep quiet
about it over the next couple of days.”

“Okay, I will do. What else?”
“That’s us,” The lawyer said, placing the files in his
briefcase. “Oh, here’s a suggested list of items you should
bring, along with a list of places you can find them. It’s from
a creative professional on the Island. To be frank, she’s a
bit of a nuisance, but she does know how to make you look
good.” The old man slid three sheets of paper across the
table to Kyle.

“Come, Kyle Watson. I’ll walk you to your car, introduce you
to your driver and then I’ll see you late tomorrow.” Mister
Crowler stood up and beckoned Kyle to the door.
Kyle led the lawyer out to the Reception, absently patting his
pockets to make sure he had his housekeys. He could feel
the wad of cash in his wallet along with the new credit
cards. They exited the building and Kyle’s eyes widened as
he saw the two limos parked at the kerb.
“Wow, this is really real,” He murmured.
“What was that?” Mister Crowler asked.

“Sorry, nothing. Just muttering,” Kyle replied.
“Well, Kyle Watson, it was a pleasure meeting you, and once
again, my apologies for turning your world completely
upside down. Let’s hope when everything settles down it
looks better than it did before.” The old man offered a hand
and Kyle shook it.
“Best of luck today, Mister Crowler. Can I make a request of
you?” Kyle said quickly as the old man turned to leave.
“When you meet my sisters could you give them a message
for me?”

“It depends on the content of the message, Kyle.”
“Can you tell them I wish I knew I had sisters, and I’m
looking forward to meeting them both for the first time

The old lawyer’s eyebrow raised. “Indeed? I’m sure I can
pass that on. Good luck, Kyle, and I’ll see you tomorrow.
And don’t forget your passport.”

Kyle nodded, breathing a sigh of relief as the old man turned
his back. The message had been a spur of the moment
thing, and the wording impromptu, but he wanted to get a
message to them if they remembered him. Telling them he
wished he knew he had sisters would remind them that none
of them knew they were related when they’d met before, and
adding that he was looking forward to meeting them for the
first time tomorrow was something he was rather pleased
with. A hidden message saying don’t admit that we’ve
already met. In the event that one or both of them didn’t
remember him then the whole message would seem quite

Kyle smiled, his stomach still doing flip-flops, but nowhere
near as bad as it was a few minutes ago.
“Mister Watson?”
Kyle turned, hearing a woman’s voice from beside the car.

“I’m Caroline, your driver for today, sir.” Caroline turned out
to be a short-haired dirty-blonde woman in her mid to late
twenties, dressed in the classic black suit, white shirt, black
tie and the peaked hat, common among limo drivers.
“Hi Caroline. Call me Kyle.”
She nodded. “Very good, sir. Kyle. Whatever. Where are we

Kyle smiled. “That’s an easy one. Somewhere I can buy
cigarettes. Then, apparently there’s a list of things I’ve to
She nodded, opened the door, Kyle slid in on the leather seat
and moments later they were off.

That first cigarette was a guilty pleasure, but it just made
Kyle feel a little sicker than he did already, so he binned it
halfway through. The three hours that followed passed in a
Caroline drove him from store to store, picking up business
suits and clothes of a far superior quality than anything he’d
worn to date. Designer clothing stores, designer luggage,
everything that was on the list was specific and labelled, put
together by someone called Margaret.

Kyle was reluctant at first to accept that someone could pick
out what he should wear and know better than he did what
would suit him, but she seemed to have unerringly good
taste. In the first three stores he tried on a few items, and
after that he just checked the sizes were right and handed
them to the sales assistants that followed him around.
Turning up at the front door in a limo and wearing designer
clothing certainly got their attention and service was
excellent all afternoon.
Eventually the adrenalin of the whole thing began to wear off
and Kyle felt exhausted, and realising he hadn’t eaten at all
that day, they stopped for lunch. Kyle insisted that Caroline
join him, rather than eat alone and they got talking about life
as a limo driver in the city.
“You see some sights, believe me.”
“Like what?” Kyle asked, enjoying the novelty of being able
to order whatever the hell he wanted and have a pretty hot
woman for company.
“Alright, couple of nights ago I’m driving these three German
businessmen around, and I pick them up from the
restaurant and they’re all blitzed, right?”
Kyle nodded and took a bite of his burger.

“Well, one of them comes up to the window and taps on it,
so I lower it down while I’m driving and he asks me to take
them to get some hookers.”
Kyle coughed. “No f-----g way. Just like that?”
Caroline nodded, brushing her hair back from her face.
“Yeah, plain as that. So I’ve got three options, right? One, I
can ditch them and get no tip, and probably get fired. Two, I
can go and find some meth-head skanks that are probably
riddled with Christ knows what diseases, or I can go with
option three.”

“Which is?”
“Call my room-mate and get her to round up some friends.”
Kyle blinked. “Your room-mate’s a hooker?”
“Escort, and a very well paid one at that,” Caroline replied
with a raised eyebrow. “She only works one night a week
and she earns more money than I do.”
Kyle nodded. “Whatever works for you, I guess.”
“Exactly. So I call her, tell her about these guys and she
makes some calls, right?” Caroline paused for a sip at her

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