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As his finger tip brushed it lightly, Julietta moaned in his
mouth and pushed back a little further with her pelvis, tilting
it and pushing, arching her back and pressing her buttocks
into his lower stomach, seeking him, wanting him inside.

They broke their kiss, each breathing hard inches away from
the other. Kyle knew he was fully inside her and he was
almost delirious with pleasure, but his only desire was to
make sure she felt the same.
His finger slid a little lower, feeling the natural moisture on
his c--k as Julietta slowly moved her hips back and forth
on him. Kyle coated the tip of his finger with it, then dragged
it back up to her little pleasure-nub.
“Oh, Kyle,” Julietta whispered and Kyle kissed her once
more, delighted with the pleasure in her voice. His finger
began to slowly circle her c--t as their passion built further,
Julietta rocking her hips a little to move him inside her.
Kyle tensed, moving his own hips so he could begin to move
himself inside her and as he did, his first slow t----t inside
her, Julietta moaned. Kyle repeated the movement, slowly
withdrawing then sliding back in until he was fully inside her,
his finger brushing her bud with every motion of her
breathing, his other hand caressing her n----e to a taught
hardness that he longed to take in his mouth.

Once more he withdrew then slowly t----t himself inside
her, feeling her back arch and her chest t----t out.
“Don’t stop,” she whispered, breaking their kiss. Her head
rolled back on his shoulder once more and she took his
earlobe into her mouth, sucking softly on it as her body
moved, writhing in a series of connections with Kyle’s.
Kyle wanted to pleasure her, ached to pleasure her, and so
he continued to slowly slide inside her, each movement a
finely controlled symphony of muscles moving in harmony
to provide her with that pleasure.
Idly he realised he had never experienced anything as
intoxicating as this in his life, focussing solely on providing
pleasure for another and feeling more intimate than he had
ever been in his life. He t----t the thought aside, for truly, it
didn’t matter to him. All that mattered was the here and
now, Julietta and the connections they were sharing in that

Kyle continued his movements, concentrating on Julietta
now, seeking to heighten her pleasure in any way possible,
so while his hips continued their slow thrusts, his fingertip
worked on her c--t, his other hand teased her n----e to a
stiffness that would penetrate steel and his mouth returned
to its teasing soft kisses, first on her collarbone, then up the
side of her neck, then behind and around her ear.

He knew she was breathing deeper and faster as he made
his way around her, teasing and breathing on her, and she
moaned as she began to push back with her own hips,
seeking him, wanting more.
He increased the pressure with his finger on her little
pleasure node, working it a little harder, the tip of his finger
stroking it up and down, in tune with her breathing and as it
increased in intensity he matched it. Unconsciously his hips
did the same, a synchronous movement that tied everything
in with her own arousal, growing firmer and faster as her
breathing increased, as her body rolled and arched and
craved more.
“F--k, Kyle,” she panted. “Please.”
His lips met hers once more, locking together in a
passionate, hungry embrace that matched the intensity of
their bodies. He heard her involuntary moans from deep
inside her, felt her begin to tremble and he stepped up to
match her.

Gone was the slow tender thrusts. Gone was the tender
touches. Gone was the teasing caresses. They were from a
moment in the past. The present was hunger, intensity, a
different type of connection with a life of its own.
Julietta’s hips began to shake, their rhythm erratic and
uncontrolled. Kyle didn’t waver, didn’t let up, didn’t stop, just
kept on going, pushing inside her, firmly manipulating her
c--t, his other hand holding her tight against him as her body
arched, stiffened and her breath exploded from her.
She broke their kiss as she orgasmed, each breath she
panted bringing forth a moan of ecstasy. Her body
shuddered hard against him, shaking and squeezing, and
Kyle thought it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever

He could feel her tensing inside, like miniature spasms
gripping him as he t----t and withdrew. Kyle felt her
vulnerability and pleasure and the intimacy and eroticism of
the moment tightened him, made him moan.
It was sudden and intense, a hard and fast o----m that he
didn’t expect but that blew him away. His hand moved from
her c--t to her lower stomach, pulling her in to his body, his
muscles throughout his body strong and rigid, pressing her
into his shoulder, his chest, into his pelvis, pushing himself
inside her as deep as he could go.

“Oh, f--k,” Kyle moaned as he came inside her, bucking and
lurching as Julietta’s body still quivered against him.
She moaned aloud knowing he was experiencing the same
pleasure she was, and her hand held his head to hers,
alongside each other.
“Kyle,” she moaned in a near whisper into the darkness.

Hot, spasming pleasure surged through Kyle in the beauty
of the moment, being inside her as they both reached that
place together, locked tight in his arms, both breathing fast
and hard in sheer bliss.
They stayed like that, locked together, Kyle inside Julietta.
Neither wanted to let the experience go, yet as they
gradually subsided, as their orgasms slowly eased away like
shadows chased by the sun their tense bodies eased,
relaxing and melding together in that comfortable way that
only lovers can.
Julietta was the first to speak. “Kyle, that was…..”
“I know,” he said simply. “I’ve never experienced anything
like that.”
“It was so beautiful,” she replied, kissing him softly on the
cheek. Then she giggled. “You’re still inside me.”
He grinned and moved his hips back a little, tilting his pelvis
and as he slid out of her Julietta sighed.
“I miss it already,” she murmured.
Kyle re-adjusted his hips so that he was pressed back
against her again, his soft penis lying against her buttocks.
As Julietta snuggled her ass back into his pelvis she giggled

“I can feel your c-m running down my skin.”
“Yeah, sorry about that. I should have put a condom on but I
was kinda caught in the moment,” he said gently. He felt her
squeeze against him, a movement of reassurance and
“Me too, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she
whispered back, kissing him once again on the cheek. “You
know how people say about memories that last a lifetime?”
“This was one of them,” he agreed.
“Why do you have to live so far away?” she whispered
softly. Kyle knew exactly what she meant. He’d had
girlfriends and one night stands, and none of them had even
come close to this. Not once, and it was with a woman who
he would never see again after this night.
He felt so incredibly close to her, so intimate that he had to
ask. “Julietta, I wasn’t going to ask, but I have to know.
What’s your real name?”
She lay there in silence for a moment, then her lips turned to
his ear.

“Katie. It’s short for Katarina.”
Three Years Later
“Is everything okay, Kyle?” The old lawyer asked as Kyle
stared at the photographs on the table. “You’ve gone a little
In a voice barely above a whisper, Kyle said, “Oh, f--k,
please let this be a joke.”
Kyle was reeling, the instant recognition of the two faces in
the photos making him feel nauseous, excited and angry at
the same time.

It was Katie and Sahara, the two stars of his own personal
spank-bank, the sexual memories that came back to him
every night when he lay in bed, his eyes closed, stroking his
c--k. The two hottest women he’d ever encountered and
God, or Fate, or Destiny had decided to f--k him up and
reveal they were his sisters. He cursed the part of himself
that was excited at the thought of meeting them again. He
knew that he couldn’t have known they were his sisters, that
there was no possible way he could have known, but still he
felt disgusted with himself, the strength of the social and
legal taboo so strong that he just felt…. wrong. Dirty, and
not in a good way.

The conflicting emotions and memories made his already
knotted stomach feel like a stuffed toy inside a washing
machine on a spin-cycle.
“Kyle,” Mister Crowler asked again. “Is everything okay?”
Kyle looked at the old man across the table and took a deep
breath. “Mister Crowler, are you my lawyer?”
“No, or more precisely, not yet. Right now I’m representing
the interests of Mister Tripps. Do you need a lawyer?” The
old man tilted his head, looking at Kyle across the table.
“You need someone you can talk to confidentially with your
best interests at heart and no-one elses?”
“Something like that,” Kyle replied. Then another realisation
struck him – that when he hooked up with Katie as he
thought of her, there were other people around. Ed and
Casey, his buddies were there, but also her three friends.
Five other people who knew the two of them had hooked up.
Ed and Casey knew that he’d got a lapdance from Sahara
who was actually Kara too. And if the press were going to
find out about them, then all it would take would be
someone to open their mouth and all kinds of shit would
come out.

“I’m not going to ask any questions just yet, however I
would advise you to speak to Patricia about the problem
tonight, whatever it is,” Mister Crowler said firmly. “She is
appointed to you to look after you, not to look after the
business or to steer you in any particular direction, so if
there’s a problem, or if there may be one in the future,
discuss it with her. She’ll help you out.”
“Is she a lawyer?” Kyle asked.
“No, but she can talk to one without incriminating you, or
arrange a discussion with one for you. Either way, discuss it
with her. Then once the last will and testament has been
read, I can give you legal counsel if it’s required. Is that

Kyle shrugged helplessly, having no idea what to do about
this. “I guess it’ll have to be for now.”
“Do you have any other questions?”
Kyle thought for a moment, then nodded. “My… sisters. Are
they being told just now too?”
“That’s my task for today, I’m afraid,” The lawyer replied.
“As soon as we’re done here I’m off to let them both know
too. All going well you’ll all meet for the first time on the
Island tomorrow.”
“We’re all taking the same plane? Sorry, jet?”
The old man shook his head and began clearing up the
documents and photographs from the table. “No, Kyle.
You’ll all be making your way there and they’ll arrive
“Oh, okay. So what do I do now?” The words came out on
auto-pilot. Inside, Kyle still felt like he was reeling.
“Get in the car outside, go shopping for some clothes for a
week on a Caribbean island, and whatever else you want to
take with you. There are limitations though.”
“Such as don’t buy a Lamborghini?” Kyle shook his head,
experiencing one of those surreal moments.

“I daresay you could if you wished, but I think Mister Tripps
has a couple anyway,” The old man replied, smiling slightly.
“Limitations. You can’t discuss this with your friends, and if
they ask, tell them you’ve had to go away on a business
trip, advising the three Company Directors that turned up
out the blue today. Currently they’re smoothing things over
within the organisation so that people will think you’ve been
selected for a fast-track career path and are off around the
country for a week or so.”
“That’s why they’re here?”
The lawyer nodded. “They don’t know the details, but yes,
they’re here only to give you a legitimate excuse to vanish
for a week.”
“Shit.. What about my friends? I can’t tell Ed and Casey?”
Kyle asked.
“That’s correct.”
“I kinda already told my parents that I’d be going to meet
these sisters of mine,” Kyle said, frowning.
“That’s okay, Kyle. They’re your parents, although I’d
strongly suggest you call them and ask them to keep quiet
about it over the next couple of days.”

“Okay, I will do. What else?”
“That’s us,” The lawyer said, placing the files in his
briefcase. “Oh, here’s a suggested list of items you should
bring, along with a list of places you can find them. It’s from
a creative professional on the Island. To be frank, she’s a
bit of a nuisance, but she does know how to make you look
good.” The old man slid three sheets of paper across the
table to Kyle.

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