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“Sometimes he’s a total a-----e,” He muttered.
“Now that’s a bad case of stating-the-obvious you’ve got
there, Kyle,” Julietta said. He could see she wanted to ask a
question of him.
“Did he tell you about the girl who looked like you?” Kyle
asked, figuring he might as well cut to the chase.
She nodded. “He said you thought she was me?”
“Yeah, I thought that at first, so I asked another dancer but
she said Sahara couldn’t swim, so it couldn’t be her at the
waterpark,” Kyle explained as he saw Julietta snigger.
“Excellent stripper name, huh?”
“Classy,” Julietta nodded. “So Ed said you got a dance with

Kyle nodded, his expression serious. “I wanted to find out if
it was you or not. I know it wasn’t now, but I had to speak to
her to find out. I didn’t know if you were serious about
meeting us here tonight and were actually a stripper, or if
there was someone who looked like you and you were still
gonna be here.”
“Right,” she said slowly. “So you got a lapdance with my
doppelganger to find out if I’d be here or not?” He could see
Julietta found the story pretty amusing.
“Pretty much,” Kyle admitted. “Anyway, me and Casey only
went to the club because Ed was gonna go and we’d
promised him before we left home that we would.”
“You didn’t want to go see naked strippers?” she asked

“No… I mean, yes but…” Kyle stopped, realising she was
messing with him. “Nice one,” he laughed.

Julietta winked at him and sipped at her cocktail. “Hey, was
it any good?”
“Was what any good?”
“The lapdance? Ed said you wouldn’t speak about it.”
“You really want to know?” Kyle asked, looking at her
curiously, wondering where she was going with this.
“Of course.”
“Because I want to know if this stripper is good or not,
especially if other people might think she’s me. A girl has a
reputation to uphold after all and quality matters.”
Kyle laughed, pleased to see she hadn’t decided he was a
creep because he went to a strip club with his buddies. He
did noticed that the more Ed talked the more Jessica and
Shanice frowned at him. Meanwhile he could see Casey and
Margarita getting cosy, with hands slipping around waists,
gentle touches and nudges aplenty.
“They seem to be getting on well,” he said quietly to Julietta.
“Yeah,” she nodded. “They’re cute together. I’m glad they’re
getting on.”
“How are we doing?” Kyle asked on an impulse. He liked to
take people by surprise from time to time.
Her cheeks flushed a little as she looked at him. “Not too
bad so far. Definitely potential there.”

“So you think I’m hot then?” he said, careful not to speak
too loud.

“You’re okay,” she said archly. “What about me?”
“I think you’re hot. You’re cute and sexy and lots of fun,”
Kyle said, making it up as he went. “I think you’re a really
good person too, and you deserve to have some fun.” He
swivelled the stool so he was no longer facing the group,
positioning himself facing the dancefloor. He was pleased to
see Julietta doing the same, their shoulders now touching
as they sipped at their drinks.
“I’m…. glad you think so,” she said a moment later, her
cheeks a little blushed.
“You know, we could just take off right now?” he suggested,
but she smiled and shook her head.
“Not yet. It’s our last night here, so I want to party some
more.” She gave him a very firm look. “Later though, you
might get to come back to our place. We’ve got a villa.”
“I’m sure we’d both enjoy that,” he said carefully, smiling a
little. On an impulse he leaned forward to kiss her, but she
jerked her head back and brought a finger up to his lips.
“Please tell me you washed after your lapdance.”
Her statement made Kyle chuckled. “Of course I did.”
She narrowed her eyes. “You’re sure?”
“Definitely,” he nodded, and then was pleased when she
leaned in and kissed him. Her lips were soft yet assertive
and they kissed for a few seconds.
“Consider that a canape to start your appetite,” she said,
“If that was a canape then my stomach is making growling
sounds already,” he laughed.
They hit the dancefloor after that, pausing occasionally for
drinks, but always heading back to dance. As the evening
wore on they touched more and more, starting with light
brushes and progressing to some pretty firm grinding and
caresses. While drinking Kyle and Julietta were either
touching each others hands, or Julietta was leaning into
Kyle’s chest, at one point sitting on his knee. It was two
hours of solid foreplay before the club closed.
The seven of them left the club, with Casey and Margarita
firmly paired off like Kyle and Julietta, while Ed tried
unsuccessfully to get anywhere with either Jessica or
Shanice, but the most he got was when he tried one of his
chat-up lines and they couldn’t stop laughing for several
minutes. Casey suggested that he hop in a cab, but Ed
wouldn’t have it, and if his buddies were going to a party, he
was too.

The walk to the villa Julietta was staying at took about
twenty minutes and by the time they got there, they were all
feeling pretty buzzed with the alcohol. When they opened
the front door Kyle was really impressed. It had several
bedrooms, a large lounge area and a swimming pool and
jacuzzi out the back.
Kyle just shook his head as Ed made straight for the pool,
bombing the mirror-flat surface from as great a height as he
could manage, fully clothed.
“What a f-----g moron,” Julietta laughed.
“He’s a good guy,” Kyle laughed. “He just…. he’s not that
tactful and there’s no filter between his brain and his mouth,
but if you ever need someone to get your back, he’s there.”
“He sounds like he’d get you into more trouble than out of it
though,” she teased, holding his hand.
“He has his moments,” Kyle said, smiling.
“Come on,” Julietta said, dragging him into one of the rooms
off the lounge. Kyle’s heartbeat accelerated as he entered
Julietta’s bedroom. Typical of a nineteen year old girl there
was clothes, shoes, magazines and makeup everywhere.
“Nice and tidy,” he laughed.
“There’s some floor somewhere,” she shrugged. “And don’t
get your hopes up just yet, mister,” she added quickly. “I
figure if we’re gonna have a swim, you can pick out a bikini
for me to wear.”
“You gonna model them for me?”
“No,” she said, laughing. “But you can choose what I’ve to
wear, and then later I might let you take it off me.”
“I can cope with that job.”
“Thought you might,” she grinned. Julietta rummaged
around on the floor, gathering up various different coloured
bits of swimsuits and while she did that, Kyle looked around,
spotting a rather fancy camera on one of the units.
“Nice camera.”
“Yeah, it’s not too bad,” she smiled. “I’m really into
photography, but I didn’t want to bring my good camera
with me. That’s just a D80.”
“I know it’s a Nikon, but I don’t know one model from
another,” Kyle smiled. “Looks expensive.”
Julietta shrugged. “The body isn’t that expensive. The lens
is a bit more though. Twenty-eight to seventy, F two point
Kyle chuckled. “I don’t know what any of that means.”
“It’s not the standard lens that comes with the camera. It’s
more a… specialist portrait lens,” she explained. “I make a
little side income with my photography back in New York.
Actors headshots, Corporate portraits, stuff like that. It
finances my hobby.”
“Very cool,” Kyle murmured, genuinely impressed. “Is that
what you do at Berkeley?”
She shook her head. “Nope. Study business. It’s really
boring though, so I might drop out and do the photography
thing full-time.”
“That’s seriously cool.”
Julietta shrugged. “It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Lot of
time spent in front of a computer editing. You have to really
love it. Fortunately for me.”
Kyle liked what he was seeing of this side of Julietta. This
casually artistic and passionate person that had been
inadvertantly hidden from him under the persona of a
nineteen year old clubbing student on a spring break
“So which one?”
Kyle looked at the three bikini in her hands, one black, one
silver and the other blue and gold. He had no idea about
styles, or cuts, but he thought the black one and said so.
“Why the black one?” she asked as she dropped the other
“I thought it would go nicely with your hair,” Kyle said
“I like that answer,” she smiled, moving forward. Her lips
found his for a few intense seconds, until they broke.
“Right, out you get,” she ordered, smiling.
He moved to the door. “Hey, I don’t suppose you’ve got any
shorts here that’ll fit me, do you?”
Julietta raised an eyebrow. “You’re commando?”
“Afraid so.”
“Ask Shanice. I think she packed a pair of her brothers
shorts by accident.”
“See you in a minute,” Kyle nodded. “Hey, you sure you don’t
need me to stay and supervise you getting changed?”
“All good things come to those who wait,” she said, then
lifted a hand, pointing out the door. “Wait being the
operative word. Out.”
Kyle closed the door, smiling.
Shanice turned out to have a pair of shorts he could use,
although they weren’t for swimming but they’d do, so he
popped into the bathroom to get changed. In the ten minutes
that he spent waiting for Julietta, the three girls had all
gotten changed and were in the water, while Casey had
simply stripped to his briefs and plunged into the pool after
Eventually Julietta reappeared though, and Kyle walked over
to the pool with her, liking the sight of her in the black bikini.
A momentary memory popped into his head of Sahara, the
stripper, with her black underwear and the similarities were
abundant between the two, yet the slight differences were
more pronounced at the same time.
Kyle nearly blurted out, “Are you sure you don’t have a
sister,” but he realised that reminding her he was thinking
about a stripper and not her probably wouldn’t go down too
well. He opted for diving in the pool.
For an hour or so they mucked around in the pool, sending
Ed to make them drinks out of whatever liquor was left in
the villa. Surprisingly Ed was the first to pass out, on one of
the sunloungers that surrounded the pool. At that point
Casey and Margarita were definitely doing their own thing
together in the jacuzzi, and Jessica and Shanice had gone
inside to get some items to give Ed a ‘makeover’.
“Let’s leave them to it,” Julietta whispered in Kyle’s ear.
He nodded, immediately getting out the pool and helping
Julietta out. She didn’t let go of his hand, but pulled him
after her into the house.
Kyle followed her into her bedroom, not pausing as she
pulled him straight into the bathroom and handed him a
towel. As he dried himself off in the dim light from the
bedside lamp, he watched Julietta, rubbing a towel through
her short bobbed hair. It was at that length that it looked
awesome if it was neat or messy.
With both of them dry apart from the wet clothing, they
paused, looking at each other, the air thick with tension.
Kyle broke it.

“I will if you will,” he smiled.
Julietta blushed a little but smiled back at him. “It wouldn’t
be smart to get into bed with wet clothes, would it?”
“Downright stupid,” Kyle agreed, his hand sliding down over
his stomach to the button of the cargo shorts he’d
“Really stupid,” Julietta nodded, reaching behind her to undo
the strap of her bikini top. The two black cords dangled
down at the sides of her stomach, the top only held in place
by the string around her neck. Kyle could see the
mischevious grin on her face, the slight flush on her cheeks
and chest and he knew his own breath was coming quicker.
Throwing caution to the wind he shrugged his hips and
pushed at the shorts, dropping them to the floor in one swift
“Bear in mind the water was cold,” he added, smirking.
Her eyes flickered back up to his face. “Poor baby. I’ll make
sure you’re all warmed up.”
At that Julietta reached back and pulled open the remaining
knot on her bikini top, dropping it to the floor. Kyle took a
deep breath as he saw her breasts, nice and firm, not too
full, and the phrase ‘more than a handfull is a waste’ popped
into his head. Her nipples were tight and hard from the cold
water, and he longed to suck them in his mouth.
“Like what you see?” Julietta asked, biting her lip as she
awaited his response.
“Hotter than I could have imagined,” Kyle said immediately.
“Oh, aren’t you the smooth one,” she replied, pleased at his
“Well, Mister Honest, you better get dried before you get in
this bed. One of us is wet enough already.” Julietta blushed
a little more as she finished the statement but her words
had an immediate effect on Kyle, and he rapidly scrubbed
his damp bits dry with towel as he walked around the double
Julietta chuckled as she saw him do a bandy-legged hop-
walk as he dried himself, getting a grin back from Kyle.
Seeing how unabashed he was she quickly shed her bikini
bottoms and dried herself with her towel before slipping into
bed alongside him.
Kyle had his arm out and Julietta immediately slipped into it,
snuggling into him.
“Are you cold?” She murmured a moment later.
“Me too. Cuddle into me,” Julietta ordered, rolling onto her
side and dragging him to spoon in behind her.
Kyle slipped his arm around her waist as his legs slid in,
matching her position under the covers. Her butt felt cold in
his lap, but it was a naked Julietta butt. It could have been
made of ice and he wouldn’t have moved away. He traced
his fingers in a small circle around her belly button.
“That’s nice,” she murmured, worming her head inbetween
Kyle and the pillow.

There was something incredibly intimate and comforting in
the way their bodies were conforming into each other to
Kyle. He realised that both of them were making
unconscious minute adjustments, his upper leg sliding
between hers, her calf resting behind his own with her foot
looped under his. Her hand found his left arm and she pulled
it in to her body, his hand sliding between her breasts as his
right slid from her belly button to between her and the bed,
wrapping her tight, her arms wrapping around his until they
were as tight together as could be.
There was nothing erotic about it, he realised, just an
incredible intimacy as their two bodies fit tightly together as
if made for it.
“Oh my,” Julietta purred in his ear. “I could stay like this all
“Um… me too,” Kyle admitted. “And I’m not a cuddly type of
“But this is so nice…”
“I know,” he admitted. “It’s…. ”
“I know,” she finished.
They lay there, wrapped up in each other under the
“Night, Tiger-Lily,” Sahara called back as she left the
dressing room of the Derriere’s Gentlemens Club, smiling as
she always did when the dancers said goodnight to each
other using their ‘stripper names’. She walked past the bar,
seeing her blonde haired room-mate, Anabeth waiting for
“You ready to go?” Anabeth asked. “I’m beat.”
“Yeah. Busy night, huh?” Sahara replied, opening the door.
“Don’t think I’ve ever done so many dances in one night.
Goodnight, guys,” She added to the security guys.
They turned right and walked the seventy yards to the door
of their apartment block. Anabeth opened the door and the
two of them climbed the two flights of stairs then entered
their small scummy two-bedroom apartment.
Anabeth slumped down on the sofa. “Want a drink?”
Sahara shook her head. “Think I’m just gonna go to bed.”
“Want some company tonight?” Anabeth asked, grinning.
“I’ll make you sleep real good.”
Sahara smiled, but shook her head at her occasional f--k-
buddy. “Too tired, but thanks anyway, baby.”
Anabeth shrugged. “I’ll just have to f--k myself silly with my
toys tonight instead.”
“And probably wake the whole block when you c-m,” Sahara
replied, smirking.

“Nothing wrong with enjoying yourself.”
Sahara’s mind conjured up the image of the young dark-
haired guy who she’d danced for earlier, deliberately making
him c-m.
“You’re smiling,” Anabeth said immediately, her eyes
narrowed. “What did you do?”
“Made a guy c-m tonight,” Sahara smirked.
Anabeth rolled her eyes. “That’s called a professional
“Deliberately though.”
“Oh, really?” The blonde sat forward, her interest obvious.
“Tell me.”
“Some guy called Kyle. There was just something about
him,” She explained, shrugging. “I thought he was really hot,
and when I was dancing for him I got really f-----g wet.
Even let him stick his tongue in my p---y for a second.”
“You dirty s--t,” Her friend laughed.

“Hardly,” Sahara replied. “But I did make him c-m in his
pants, and then afterwards I told him that it was rare I got
turned on but there was something about him.”
“Sounds like a stripper line,” Anabeth grinned.
“Yeah, I think that’s what he thought,” Sahara admitted.
“Thing is, if he’d shown any interest I’d have given him my
cell number, or told him to meet me here at closing time,
and he would be in my bed right now.”
“If he was that hot, I might have joined you,” Anabeth
replied, winking.
“Oh, I know,” Sahara smiled. “And now I’m off bed alone.
Night, Anabeth. Sleep good.”
“You too, Kara.”
It was still dark when Kyle awoke, sensing a slight
movement in Juliette, a slight change in posture, in position,
and he knew that his own body had responded. He could
feel his breathing deepen, matching hers as his c--k
continued to grow, nestled between the lips of her p---y,
inching forward as it became thicker and longer in the
Without asking he knew she was awake, lying there with her
head beside his, experiencing the same exquisite physical
and intimate sensations he was.

He felt her neck stiffen as the tip of his erection glazed her
c--t, and hearing her exhale was a wonderous sound in his
ear. Kyle turned his head and gently kissed her, a soft,
tender brush of his lips on her jaw.
He felt her hand grip his a little tighter as he brushed his lips
a little further along the line of her jaw until his breath was
on the soft, sensitive skin below her ear.
Julietta moaned softly as he held there, breathing on her
with a tender intensity. Her hand came up, her fingers lacing
themselves in his hair, softly steering his head to kiss her
once more.
Kyle brushed his lips down her neck, barely touching the
skin, his lips softer than they’d ever been in his life, going
purely on instinct as he experienced something beautiful. He
felt Julietta roll her hips in a luxurious caress, drawing him
up and down her soft cleft, feeling her welcome on his

His lips traced down her neck, brushing against her
collarbone as his whole body moved forward, his lips rising
back up her neck as he entered her.
Julietta’s head rolled back, exposing her neck to him as she
whispered his name.


Her body moved in response, her back arching as her head
rolled back, her pelvis tilting, welcoming another inch inside

Kyle felt like he was in heaven, in another place and time
where everything was emotion and intimacy, sensation and
connection, as if the world had come to have no meaning
and all that mattered was the here and now. This moment.
His lips met hers, the exquisite gentleness of their lips
making them both moan. His hand slid out from under her
and was met by her own, steering it to caress her breast,
her soft skin moving with every breath under his fingertips.
Julietta moved her body, a slow-motion writhe that
expressed her desire, her passion, and drew Kyle’s mouth to
hers while she pressed into him, teasing a little more of him
inside her.
Kyle’s senses were electric, every motion and movement he
made focussed on bringing pleasure to this beautiful woman
in his arms. His left hand moved to her breasts, caressing
her n----e between finger and thumb while his right hand
moved down, his fingertips tracing invisible patterns in her
skin as she began to softly sway her hips on him. He felt
her tongue probe into his mouth as if tasting him. Kyle’s
fingers traced down over the little stripe of dark curly hair
until he found what he sought, that delicious little spot that
brought and enhanced so much pleasure.

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