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After chasing Rejoice for minutes blessing finally catches up to her eventually
“Rejoice wait nah”

“What do want?, you’ve already proven that you’re not my friend…”

“Rejoice would you stop” blessing interrupted

“you stop!, Just leave me alone, go be with your boyfriend” Rejoice said angrily

“it was just a stupid kiss, he caught me off guard and and..”

“And what!,what excuse do y have this time”? Rejoice asked

“You know what Rejoice?”


“I’m not apologising,if I like someone and he feels the same,I don’t have to stop just because the person I thought was my friend feels attracted to him”

“So what then” Rejoice asked with her two hands extended sideways

“Then if you don’t want to be friends again,I’m not going to stop you,but I’m not going to stop seeing someone just because if your jealousy”

The more blessing spoke the more Rejoice’s jealousy slowly turned into envy into hatred into resentment

“You stupid fool,what do you really think” Rejoice said with a smirk

“What are you saying” blessing asked getting annoyed

“Do you really believe that Mr. keni,will fall head over heels for you,get married have kids and leave a happy life?” Rejoice asked trying to hurt her friend

“Your words mean nothing to me”

“You can deny it all you want,but you know it”

“Shut your mouth, you’re drunk and don’t know what you are saying” blessing said

“He is one of does rich spoilt brats, after he’s gotten what he wants from you,like three or four times,he’ll dump you and forget about you

“Shut up, you’re to drunk and you won’t think before you talk if you’re drunk”

“There’s a saying that says ‘kids and drunks never lie”

“I know you’re jealous but you don’t have to be such a b---h about it”

“You can deny it all day but you know it’s true, you know that what I’m saying is true”

“I’m not going to stand here and listen to anymore of your crap” Blessing said as she immediately stops a taxi, Rejoice does the same and they meet each other at their apartment, Rejoice coldly looked at her beat friend as blessing packed her bags

“And just where do you think you’re going” Rejoice aksed

“I’m leaving, keep the apartment, I don’t want to live with you again”

“Are you seriously leaving because of an argument”

“It’s not just an argument Rejoice, you called me a tramp, a prostitute, and so many other names”


“So you always be jealous,I’m I’m not going to live with and envious b---h”

“So where exactly will you go? ”

“That’s none of your business”

“you’re going to stay with…..”

“Shut up, and bye Rejoice, when you’ve gotten over this stupid jealousy contact me”

“Fine the get out already”

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do”

Blessing leaves,slams the door and leaves angrily and betrayed,just like that,a fifteen years friendship was almost certainly over,just like that over a silly argument over a man,a friendship that breaks over an argument,a friendship that breaks over a man or a woman is a friendship that has been broken long time ago,with Rejoice and blessing, their friendship broke ever since their last two years in the university, Rejoice got drifted away by university life,she flunked her classes,used her books as stance for her various makeup collection,she had gotten mixed up with terrible people, students that had decided to forever follow the ways of evil,she only managed to pass through the help of her child hood friend blessing, blessing who was completely concentrated on her studies and had the determination of becoming a doctor,which was her main goal at the time, blessing was one if the most excellent students in the whole university,until the faithful exams, Rejoice failed and had a ‘ carry over ‘ blessing was her only hope,at that point blessing had to choose between her goal or a friendship,she chose her friendship, blessing dropped out of medicine and went to finance with Rejoice after Rejoice had failed the final exams two times over,it was finally the year if blessing’s set final exam which Rejoice was the write with them,at the end Rejoice passed with a little push from blessing,The Grace of God and luck, Rejoice had passed but bearly, obviously it was not going to be easy to find a job with her qualifications and reputation at the University, blessing passed excellently well, although that was not her dream field but she decided she was going to try her best anyway, blessing got many job opportunities with her amazing qualifications and recommendations,she refused to go after her masters because Rejoice was not qualified to do it,she refused many job offers just because Rejoice could not get a job there to,she refused, untill finally Rejoice got a job as a secretary and blessing followed but that was the only available job,so blessing became a secretary,a grade A student who graduated with honors, working as a secretary splitting the salary with her best friend, blessing had thrown away so many things because if Rejoice,her dreams,her carrier,her opportunities just because of a friendship,but this time she refused,she was not going to give up anything for Rejoice again, blessing had gone of into the night with her luggage and with the final broken piece if their friendship,was the innocent keni the cause of the end if their friendship?, you could say so,but in reality,their friendship had been hit with alot of hammers and had been breaking little by little,keni was just the final hammer to destroy it completely, Rejoice sat on her bed and soaked herself in her own tears, remembering all blessing had done for her, but jealousy and envy, envious if the fact that she was never as good and blessing,she sat there and soaked herself in her own tears untill,she finally cried herself to sleep.
{At engr berry dickson’s house}

One year and several months had past since the day blessing left the apartment her and Rejoice once shared, blessing had rented and stayed in an apartment for some months untill she finally decided to go and stay with keni whom she had been living with ever since, Rejoice and blessing we’re promoted,so they received their personal paychecks,with the change of duties and positions of the two once friends,they saw lesser and lesser if each other everyday

“Honey!” berry yelled out to his wife as he cane out of the shower with his usual white Rob

“Where did this woman go” he said after noticing that she wasn’t on the bed of their master bedroom at there mansion,he had left her there to go and freshen up for his daily servicing

Berry had become worse each passing day,he would scream and yell at his wife for silly things such as not enough salt in rice,he come home drunk every Saturday and occasionally on weekdays to,that wasn’t where it ended,he would also bring prostitutes to the mansion and f--k them all night long in the bed he would sleep with his wife,he would beat and force grace into sex with him on daily basis,even if she was willing to give it to him willingly,he claimed forced sex made it more fun,he enjoyed forcing his duck into a woman’s private part,all the prostitutes he brought could testify on that,they would always leave limping with bruises all over there body,he would tell them to try and resist,Grace was going through something else,he would force her non-stop, with over nine times of sex a week, with over four rounds each time

“I’m here sorry,I went to put the kids to bed and lock their doors” Grace said as she came into the room, gloomy but with hate in her eyes

“Ok, you know the drill Start running around” berry said

“berry I want to give you a blow job first, it’s been like g since I’ve had your milk in my mouth” Grace said with vengeance in her eyes but berry was to h---y to notice the look of a killer grace had in her eyes

“Alright but do it quick”

{Warning : 16+ content} pls respect your self and go to another episode or story

Grace went on her knees,to berry she looked sexy in her expensive pink bra and silky underwear that exposed most part of her ass,but in reality she looked like a woman who desired vengeance,she put his d--k in her mouth slowly, making sure to get it very wet before start sucking on it,she played with his two balls,she removed an put it in her mouth slowly increasing her pace each time making the duck very wet,berry was felt do good that he didn’t even moan just kept pushing his wife’s head more and more in his d--k,she had reached a fixed pace and continued with that for about ten minutes before berry let out his milk,the milk was in her mouth dripping on the floor,she made sure the milk touched every part of her mouth especially focusing on her teeth,then with a cold look,she raised her eyes up to berry “you’ll never rape another girl again you animal”,she said them after some seconds berry felt great pain,his entire body was in pain,grace had her mouth filled with a mixture of blood and c-m,half of Berry’s d--k was in the ground,he bled terribly, “don’t worry you’re not gonna die” grace said with a smile of satisfaction
“What did you do you stupid b---h!”

“Now you’ll never rape another person again”

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