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“Blessing how’re doing” keni asked blessing with a smile

“I’m fine boss” blessing said smiling back

“Not tonight, tonight I’m keni to you”

“Hey boss” Rejoice said trying to gain his attention

“Hi Rejoice” keni said plainly and diverted his attention back to blessing

“Em, aren’t you going to introduce us” KB said referring to keni

“Oh boys,this is my friend who just came from overseas,Temi these are my bosses,Mr keni and Mr ibrahim,but just call him KB” blessing introduced

“A pleasure to meet you” temi said sheepishly to keni

“The pleasure is all mine” keni said modestly

“So I’m invisible (can’t be seen) right?” Maxwell asked

“Oh how could I have forgotten,this is Maxwell their friend”

“Hi” maxwell said

“So anyway,I’m going of with blessing now” keni said as he grabbed blessing’s hand and walked away

“You two behave ok” temi joked

“Em,temi right?” KB asked

“Yah,umm oh! Ibrahim” temi said

“Just call me KB” KB said as he already started imagining naughty images in his head from the sight of temi’s short mini skirt and her belly reveling top

One of temi’s most attractive traits and feature was her big and pink lips which she bearly had to run any lipstick on

KB had started picturing a naked temi in a bedroom,her huge set if breasts and her desirable ass was KB’s dream

“What would you say if I asked whether we could have a drink” KB asked temi

“I would say yes” temi said smiling

“Then let’s go then”

“So since everyone’s going of with each other, what’s say you and me…”

“Not even in your dreams” Rejoice interrupted maxwell who was already coming closer to her,she walked away and maxwell just continued drinking alone

“I can’t believed those idiots left me alone” Maxwell said referring to no one in particular

{At the VIP section}

“Where is this place?” temi asked KB

“It’s the private VIP section”

“It looks like a bedroom” temi said looking around

“It’s just like a bedroom, you could do anything you do in a bedroom here”

“Oh really” temi said with a naughty smile

“You know it’s been a while since I was with a Nigerian in bed,are you guys still as good as I remember” temi said with an even naughtier gesture

“Oh even better”

Temi got up walked over to KB sat on his lap as just looked at him,KB whose d--k was about to burst out if his jeans just stared at her back


He couldn’t control himself again,he attacked temi’s mouth with his

“This girl’s mouth is even sweeter than u thought,if her mouth is as good as this,I wonder how good her p---y’s gonna be”

He kissed her aggressively, slowly unzipping her mini skirt,whose zipper was at the back

He was still kissing her as he gently removed her miniskirt entirely

At this point the kiss had turned into a hard tongue kiss,with temi’s long and slippery tongue going in and out from KB’s tongue

“Enough playing,time to get serious” KB thought as he changed positions, putting himself on top of her

At this point she was just in her underwear and bra,as he had previously removed her miniskirt and top

KB was usually a very aggressive f----r but knew he had to be gentle Temi

He wasted no time, ripped her bra off and attacked her left boob with his mouth while squeezing the other one with his hand

“Huhhhh,be gentle” temi said as she moaned

KB payed no attention,as he attacked her left boob with his mouth,he diverted his hand to her underwear,he shifted her underwear to one side

“This pant move nah” he said to himself

When he finally go when he finally got rid of the underwear,he stuck his finger into her p---y to see how wide or tight it was

“Hmmmmm” temi moaned as he inserted two fingers into her p---y

“This girl is freaken tight” he thought

“Let me not waste anymore time”

He readjusted himself,and removed himself, meanwhile temi removed his jeans and brought his huge and hard d--k

“Yee!,this is huge!” get yelled

“Yes very,and this is also tight” he replied

He wasted no time,used the head of his d--k to rub her c--t before inserting his d--k

He inserted it slowly and brought it out slowly

He increased his pace slowly to widen her p---y which was very tight, untill he got and actual pace and maintained it,he moved fast, pressing her two boobs as g did so,he continued for over twenty minutes before he released,he did not take up to two minutes before he recharged again and continued his F-----g,this time taking, twenty minutes to release,

“Huhhhh,that was so good” temi said

“Yes but you didn’t c-m why” KB asked

“It takes alot to make me c-m”

“Much more than that!”


“Then let’s do anal right now” KB said

“Another day big guy,I don’t need to c-m to be satisfied,our friends are probably waiting for us”

“Yah you’re right,wait a minute did you use a condo m?” KB asked

“Don’t worry I took a peel before I came”

“That means you were already planning to get f----d tonight”

“It is a club though”

The two laughed

End of p--n scene

“Blessing,I have something to tell you” keni said as he had blessing sat on a table at the far end of the club’s bar

“What is it?” Blessing asked

“You know, it’s better I show you”


Keni didn’t allow blessing finish her statement kissed her with passion, blessing didn’t resist

Rejoice who was coming to check them, instantly froze at the sight of her best friend and the man she loved kissing

Blessing noticing this, pushed keni away

Rejoice just ran out of the club in tears

“Rejoice wait!, blessing chased after her”

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