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PS . Pov means when I particular character in a story is narrating his own part of the story himself.

“Temi!” Rejoice said in excitement and also in shock

“Yep!,I’m back!” The girl there referred to as temi yelled

“When did you get back?” Blessing asked completely forgetting the argument she was having with Rejoice

“Are you going to keep asking me questions or are you guys gonna help me with my bags”

Just them they notice the two suitcases that were next to the door

“But how did you get in?” Rejoice asked

“You silly girls, you left your door open, anyway come help me with my bags”

The two friends took temi’s bags upstairs completely forgetting the argument tey were having

“So temi why did you come back” Rejoice asked after they had settled down and exchange the normal pleasantries

“Umm, can’t I just come to visit my two best friends?” temi asked sarcastically

“What she meant was that why so sudden and why now” blessing said

“I don’t need to telling me what I mean or don’t mean” Rejoice told blessing bitterly

“I was talking to temi not you” blessing fired back

“Hey! Hey hey, what’s all the bad blood between you two,I heard you guys arguing before I came in” temi changed the topic

“Never mind temi it’s not worth it, let’s continue what we were talking about” Rejoice said

“No no no let’s talk about you two” she tried to change the topic again

“Just forget it,we asked why you came so sudden and now” blessing said

“Yah have you finished your immigration process or you were deported?” Rejoice asked

“Me deported huh! never” temi said avoiding their eyes

“Then what happened?” blessing asked

“Well I finally got my Visa and permanent residency and I was permitted to visit any country as long as I had the money the come back”

“That’s strange isn’t three years to soon for then to give you a permanent residency?” Blessing asked suspiciously

“Well I married a citizen there but we got divorced”

“But you didn’t…..”

“Can’t you just shut up and be happy for your friend” Rejoice interrupted blessing who was very suspicious if their friend

“Hey stop it, what’s all this bad blood between you two” temi asked diverting blessing’s attention

“It’s Rejoice, she’s just angry with me over something that’s not my fault”

“What’s that?” temi asked

“Temi,can you believe that I was almost raped!” Blessing yelled as tears already rose in her eyes

“Oh no dear” temi pulled blessing closer to her

“Do you believe this b---h”

“Rejoice what’s your problem” temi asked Rejoice angrily

“My prob is that I don’t like being friends with sluts” Rejoice angrily got up and walked away

“What’s her deal?” temi asked blessing who seemed to have calmed down

“It’s just over a guy” Blessing explained the entire situation to temi

“You know what would really get your minds if this?” Temi asked

“What?” asked blessing



“Yah, tommorow is a Sunday so no work,so we can go clubbing tonight” temi said

“Alright,but you try and convince Rejoice,I’m not talking to her” Blessing clearifyed

“Alright then,Club yawa it is”

{At Max’s apartment}

“Dude I think you should hit things of with blessing” max adviced his friend keni

“Nah, she’s my employee”


“So I can’t date my own employee”

“Guy f--k that shit,love is love,and the heart wants what the heart wants”

All the keni could do was sigh

“Hey what if we get your mind if things and go have fun”


“Club yawa” maxwell proposed

“Alright, tommorow is a Sunday and not a working day at the office”

“But let’s allow KB tag along so it’ll all three of us,like we used to in the university”

“No no,not the guy” keni protested

“Look man,I don’t know the problems you and KB have but I have nothing to do with it,KB’s my friend so he’s coming with us”

“Alright then,but don’t expect us to actually talk to each other”

“I wouldn’t”

{At Club yawa}
(Change in writing style)

[Keni,max and KB went to club yawa]

Keni : I can’t remember the last time I actually went clubbing

KB : that’s because you’re a stupid and boring workaholic

Keni : (with a grin) As I was saying before the gorilla interrupted

KB : (getting angry) what did you say?, idiot

Max : guys please nah we came here to have fun, Don’t fight

Keni : hey isn’t that Rejoice and Blessing

KB : yah with another hot looking babe

Keni : is that the only thing you look at?

KB : yes

Rejoice sighing keni, Maxwell and KB, runs to hug keni,as she was about to

Keni : Blessing! ( Keni said as he doged Rejoice’s attempted hug to hug blessing Instead)

This awoke a deep hatred towards blessing from Rejoice,she had grown resentment towards her own friend

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