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“Stop there” a man in Black shouted

The tried to run but another one stopped them

“If you move I blast your mother f-----g head”

They turned back and saw three armed police men and a guy,the guy was keni

The gangsters were detained

Keni immediately rushed to a crying blessing

“Mr keni what are you doing here?”

“Never mind that are you ok?”


“Did they do anything to you”

“No but they,were about to”

“Thank God they did not touch you”

“But me keni,what are you doing here?”

“Well,i finished work earlier than I thought so I decided to just go home,I also sometimes use here as a shortcut when I want to walk home,so I walked for a while and then I heard some screaming,I decided to back to a car that was full of police officers that I saw earlier to report what I heard,I never could have thought that it was you”

A police officer came and interrupted you

“Well these guys are a notorious gang,they’ve been stealing and raping people in the area for some time now,and now we’ve finally caught them,thank you for your bravery,most men would have ran away once they heard screams like that”

“No officer it was no bravery,all I did was report to the police”

“The reward for catching them is two hundred thousand naira, would you like to have it”

“No,I think she deserves the money,she was almost one of these bastards victims”

“Mr keni are you serious?”

“Very serious”

The police took the gangsters to the station, and keni took blessing in a taxi

The driver, drove for a while and took a turn

“Emm,Mr keni that’s not the way to my house”

“I know, it’s the way to mine”

“But why are we going to your house?”

“It’s past twelve already, your area is very dangerous at this time, it’s best to go to mine”

“But I don’t sleep over at people’s house”

“Don’t worry you can sleep in the guest room,I’m not a ritualist”

“I know but I don’t do it”

“Well it’s to late now we’re already at my estate”

He gave the estate security his clearance card and they walked yo his house,where his security man opened to gate for them to enter

At the house

“So blessing would you like to eat anything or you would just go to sleep”

“No I don’t eat at people’s house”

“Common joor,ronke!,ronke!”

He called then a slim tall girl seeming to be his house help came out”

“Get this young lady anything she wants”

“Just water please” blessing said

“Noo,get her some fried rice and plantain with turkey”

“No sir please don’t waste your food stuff because of me”

“No way!, you must eat,oh and the officer said you would have to give a statement tommorow afternoon”

“Ok,and I’ll just eat small”

“Common go and eat joor” the two giggled at each other like a secondary school couple

Keni got up very late,he went to check up on blessing but she wasn’t in her room,he noticed a note on the table and read it

The note sad….

Mr keni,thank you for saving my life, at least now we’re even,I had a good time at your place, you have a very lovely house by the way,I hope we could meet up another day for a get together.

Yours sincerely blessing

Keni blushed from the letter and kept it in his cupboard

{At Rejoice and blessing’s apartment}

“Rejoice so that was what happened,some men tried to rape me,Mr keni came to my rescue,and he took me to his house,the gang of rapist were well known in the area and the reward for catching them was two hundred thousand naira which Mr keni have to me”

Rejoice didn’t reply only looked away

“Ah ah, Rejoice didn’t you hear my story”

“Rejoice are you angry or something?”

“Of course I’m angry!!” Rejoice yelled

“But why?”

“Why?, because you took advantage of the opportunity that left you to go home by yourself,went back to the office followed Mr keni home and as the dirty s--t that you are!, you slept over at his house and he payed for your services”

“What services?,I haven’t even collected the money yet”

“Whatever, you are just a b---h and a bad friend”

“Why are you treating me like this?” Blessing started crying

“Oh spear me your crocodile tears”

Just as they were arguing a lady just opened the door and walked in

“I’m back!” She yelled

“Temi!?!” The two girls said looking very surprised

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