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“We are in trouble” the woman covered her self up with a blanket

“What are we going to do?” KB asked sweating profusely and shivering

“I don’t know,all I know is that you may not leave this place alive” the woman said also sweating and shivering

“Honey!,are you with someone? i’m coming in”

“Hide under the bed”


“Hide under the bed!”

KB did as instructed and crawled under the bed,which was very tight and uncomfortable

The husband opened the door and walked,KB noticing his army boots from under the bed made a noice out of fright

“What was that!” the husband asked

“It was just probably a mice” she lied

“A mice?,how?”

“Never mind that, you are probably tired,come join me on the bed”

“Ok,but why are you naked?”he asked suspecting

“Because I was getting ready for you, naughty boy”

“Hmm,ok then, let’s go there”

He came untop of his wife and they had sex for over three hours

Meanwhile,KB was under the bed which was very tight and uncomfortable,he had not moved his legs in three hours

He was about giving up and coming out,but the fear of receiving military punishment held him back

KB stayed under the bed for over six seven hours,he could bearly breath anymore until…

“Hey get out of here” the woman whispered to KB who was nearly dieing under the bed.

“What?” KB asked

“My husband just got into the shower now is your chance”

“Really!”he yelled in excitement

“Shhhh,go now,tell the gate man you were the laundry boy”

“Ok ok” KB managed to get passed the gate,and once he did he ran as fast as he could,no looking back at all

Breathing heavily,Thank you Jesus,I could have died in the hands of that man if he had found out that I was sleeping with his wife” he signed

“I will never have sex with a married woman again”

He left for his apartment and called I’m sick at work so he didn’t have time

{At the office}
“Rejoice are you still not talking to me?” Blessing asked Rejoice while they both did their normal activities at the office

“Rejoice nah,he fainted on the road,I couldn’t just leave him there”

“Oh and I guess he begged to come to his house” Rejoice said sarcastically

“No but he was very weak and dizzy and I didn’t want him to have an accident on the road”

“Just spare me your crap,and get back to work”

It was closing hour,keni was sleeping at the office to get some extra work done so his weekend could be free

Rejoice and blessing we’re not on speaking terms so Rejoice took a taxi while blessing decided to stretch her legs a little and walked

Blessing walked for about thirty minutes until she decided to take a shortcut through an ally

“Hey pretty thing” a gangster like looking fellow called her as he licked his lips

“Hmmm,look at that ass” another said

“That mouth go good for BJ oh,come nah,my own sweet” another one also said

Blessing felt uncomfortable and decided increase her pase,the gangsters got up and started following her, noticing this she started to walk faster and faster

Until she ended up running,she ran and ran,she thought she had out ran them

She continued to look back as she was running and when she turned to look front,her face collided with the chest of one if the gangsters

“Stay away from me”


“My father is a very important person”

“Nah so,alaye commot skirt shirt joor,look di this thing willingly and we won’t hurt you”.
{Warning : strong language}
“Please don’t touch me,I’m a virgin”

“Virgin abi,that word just increased how h---y I am”

“No! No! No!!!”

“I said remove the skirt” one of the gangsters tore off her skirt while another one held her hand down

They forcefully removed her underwear and started to drag her,one of the gangsters tried to put his c--k in her mouth but she bit it

“Uhhh!!!, you b---h, you think you are wise abi,oya come here! ” He dragged her to him

“Please!!, don’t touch me!!” She begged

“Oya shut up your voice is annoying me”

He tried to penetrate her,and finally got the right position to put it in,just when he was about to do it,he heard a voice

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