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After much persuasion by him Cecilia finally opened up and told him the issue on ground, Kingsley was annoyed when Cecilia told him the situation, he was thinking of reporting the case to the school authority but he knew it will implicate him into further problem, he was still thinking of what to do when idea struck his head that he should inform Senior Classic, he told Cecilia about his idea, but she pleaded with not do so, so that he will not put himself into problems, he ignored her and wanted to go Senior Classic class, as he was about to step out of the class someone pushed him inside.

KINGSLEY: O my God, Am I Dreaming or what is you that I am seeing?

ANGELA: No it is my spirit yeye boi

Kingsley hugged her tightly, he noticed that they were scars on her neck, he inquired about the scars she just snub him and walked to her friends.

Kingsley felt like his head should burst, he was overwhelmed with joy, he just imagine her hugging him again, out of joy he ran to John and informed him about the latest development, John was just laughing at him, As Angela went to were her friends were sitting down, They all shouted in joy, and ran towards her thy all embrace her, She was happy to see her friends once again, She narrated the incident that occur in the Slay Mamas Hostel to her friends, they all felt for her but was happy that she survived it.

After 2 weeks Angela recovered fully, one day on her way from the school library Senior Classic approach her and proposed to her but she turned down his proposal, He felt ashamed because she is the first girl that have ever tell him No, other girls accept due to the fear that he might hurt them, he vowed never to give up until he date Angela.

When Angela returned to her dormitory, she told her friends how Senior Classic asked her to be his girlfriend, as she were discussing with her friends and laughing the door of the hostel went wide opened, all eyes went to the door as Senior Ashley walked into the room, she told Angela to follow her to her dormitory instantly all Angela roommates went on their knees and started pleading with her not to take Angela away but she assure them that everything is going to be okay, they just want to ask her some questions, she gave Angela a devilish smile as they began to stroll back to her room.

When Angela reached the SLAY MAMS HOSTEL, She follow Senior Ashley and enter the room, she greeted all of them, as usual none of them responded to her greeting, Ashley quickly went and locked the door, she gave Angela a chair to sit down But Angela refused to sit down, The senior girls all burst into laughter, Mama G call Angela to her direction and told her to kneel down.

ASHLEY :{ Laughing} Girl do you know why we invited you here again?


MAMA G: Shebi Na you say you fine pass, you never even finish one term for this school, na him you con de form Miss Abuja ba
Angela was confused by the words she just utter

LADY P: What did you and my boo have in common

ANGELA: Sorry, senior I have no idea about what you are talking about

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