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MAMA G: Wait, this girl have fainted

LADY P: That’s her own business; let’s carry her back to her dormitory without nobody seeing us, if not we might be arrested

ASHLEY: We can’t take her to her dormitory, what of her roommate and beside she is a new student, they might report and that will land us in big trouble

NIKKI BELLA: She will sleep on rosy bed till she recovers

ROSY: No problem, then let’s carry her to my bed

NIKKI BELLA: But Lady p how sure are you that this girl is having an affairs with your boyfriend, beside I heard she is a new student

LADY P: my dear have you not been hearing about their affairs in class, I even overheard some junior student saying that classic threaten to deal with anyone who go close to the new girl

ROSY: That can explain for the reason why he gave Kingsley punishment after church, beside let’s kill the girl

MAMA G: That’s enough, let’s wait till she recovers, if she did not recover, we will find a place to dispose her

Mama G is the head of the Slay mamas girls her real name is Cosy, Lady p was the girl Angela slapped back, her biological name was Vivian, While Ashley was the girl that came to call Angela, her biological name was Vicky.

They took Angela to Mama G bed and lied her there until she recovers.

Around 9pm Angela friends noticed that she has not returned, they were worried but scared to go near the senior girl hostel.

Angela woke up around 1am and was feeling pains all over her body, she did not recall what happened earlier, she was still trying to figure out which room she was, she stared at everyone in the room, as if she have never seen them before, out of pains she finally doze off.

When Angela friends woke up to take their bath they noticed that Angela have not returned.

ENDURANCE: I have a very bad feeling that something might have happened to Angela

GLORIA: Same here dear, since in the afternoon that she left this hostel I have not gotten any rest of mind

ABIGAIL: If anything happens to her I will not hesitate to report to the school authorities

QUEEN: Let’s just pray that nothing happens to her

CECILLIA: Girls let go and take our bath before any member of the SLAY MAMA HOSTEL mistakenly hear us, you know what it mean

They all went to take their bath.
After assembly, Cecilia was so disturbed because she have not seen Angela, she could not focus in class activities, she was been brought back to reality when Kingsley tapped her

KINGSLEY: Cecil what are you thinking about

CECILIA: Nothing really, just day dreaming

KINGSLEY: Are you sure that you are ok, anyway what of Angela, I did not see her in class today

CECILIA: Angela is ill

KINGSLEY: Hmm, send my regards to her

CECILIA: Ok dear

After dismissal Cecilia and her friends became more disturbed, they were afraid that something bad might have happen to Angela. Angela was still in the slay mamas hostel receiving treatment, they refuse to allow her to go outside so that the matron will not see the bruises’ on her body. Angela stayed in the SLAY MAMS HOSTEL for 3 days and Nights, Cecilia have already concluded that Angela is not in School, but her provisions and box was still intact, All Angela roommates were scared that Angela might have been killed because they know the slay mamas hostel girls are capable of doing anything. Kingsley on the other hand was confused because he went to search for Angela in the school clinic but did not see her, he kept on persisting Cecilia to tell him the where about Angela, after much persuasion by him Cecilia finally opened up and told him the issue on ground, Kingsley was annoyed when Cecilia told him the situation, he was thinking of reporting the case to the school authority but he knew it will implicate him into further problem, he was still thinking of what to do when idea struck his head that he should inform Senior Classic, he told Cecilia about his idea, but she pleaded with not do so, so that he will not put himself into problems, he ignored her and wanted to go Senior Classic class, as he was about to step out of the class someone pushed him inside

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