Is Love A Crime - S01 E08

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Angela was just quiet staring at them, as if it was not her they were discussing about.

QUEEN: Angela, you have an admirer, congrats

ANGELA: Well, I can’t date the boy; he is too dull for my liking.
Cecilia told them what transpired between Kingsley and Angela in class and what made John and Kingsley to fight.

GLORIA: Wow, that bad of you angel

ABIGAIL: To be sincere, you did not help matters at all.

ENDURANCE: O my Gosh, i wish i was there to laugh the hell out of him, in fact Angela you too much.

Everyone in the room turned and stared at endurance.

QUEEN: Angela this behavior is strange; don’t try to shun that boy again.

So they continued chatting until Angela promised them that she will not ignore Kingsley when next they meet.

On Sunday morning, everybody was preparing to go to church, but Kingsley was searching for clothes to put on.

CALISTUS: wad up guy, this one way you turn your box upside down, wetin you de look for?

KINGSLEY: Bobo, I de look baff up to wear, you that new girl way ballin for girls hostel, I won run her o.

John Entered Kingsley and started laughing

JOHN: Bros you Neva tire for that girl upon wetin she do you for class on Friday

KINGSLEY: See forget that one jor, i don love her, na final be that and beside i don yarn Cecilia make she help me for the matter.

CALISTUS: Wait, so it is Angela you guys are discussing about, roommate stop wasting your time, because senior classic said he love her and you what it mean.

JOHN: You have enter one chance Kingsley, I wish you good luck, meet me in the chapel when you finish dressing

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