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After school, they all returned to their various dormitory, and took their plates to the dining hall, Kingsley was feeling so sad, but he still made up his mind to talk with Angela in the dining hall.

After some minutes, the dinning perfect started sharing food, after dishing the food, Kingsley was a bit nervous because he did not see Angela in the dining hall, so he went to ask Cecilia who was busy consuming her food. “Hello Cecilia” “Hi king, any problem?”
“Hmmm… You did not even ask me to sit down, instead you are interrogating me”

“is it my house that I will ask you to sit, my brother keep standing when you are tired then you can now have a seat”

“Chai Cecilia, anyway how was class today?”

“Kingsley i know what brought you here, just hit the nail at the head, and start wasting time”
“Ok, what of Angela and why is she not in dining hall?”

“This one that you are asking about her, i hope you have not start crushing for her”

“Somehow i can’t just get my mind off her; please can you help me in getting her”

“No you are a boy why don’t you ask her by yourself, bye i will catch up with you later”

Cecilia left Kingsley and walked back to her hostel, when she enter her dormitory she met everyone chatting and laughing.

Cecilia was staying in Hostel B unity, the hostel was the smallest in the school, it contain only 6 student, the hostel was called lucky hostel, because it was the only hostel, that don’t have any senior student in their midst.

The names of the girls who occupied the hostel were Queen, Endurance, Abigail, Gloria, Angela and Cecilia.

CECILIA: Girls guess what just happened

GLORIA: What happen, gist us

CECILIA: Did you know that boy named Kingsley in our class

ENDURANCE: yea, so what happen?

CECILIA: The dude said that he is in love with our new friend in our midst

ABIGAIL: Like seriously

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