Is Love A Crime - S01 E05

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Finally, it was their last subject for the day and their teacher was not present, so the student converted it to their free periods.

Kingsley saw this as a big time opportunity to talk to Angela but she was busy chatting with Cecilia, so he took a bold step and walked to her desk.

“Hello Cecilia, can you lend me your chemistry notebook, mine is not up to date” asked Kingsley Cecilia was aware of his intention because they don’t usually get along with each other “Since when did you start lending my note” “Ermm… just help me with it please” Kingsley and Cecilia chit-chat for a long time, Kingsley hoped that Angela will contribute to their discussion, but she was just staring at them.

While John was in distant enjoying the scenario, he was busy singing Falz x Simi _ Soldier aloud in the class, he emphasized on the lyrics Soldier go soldier go, Soldier me I no de do.

On the other hand, Kingsley knew he was tactically referring to him “Cecilia, does your friend always rain mute” “What did you want her to say Kingsley” “Like what” replied Kingsley When she said this, Kingsley heart skipped, he was speechless and thinking of what to reply back.

“Ermm… My name is Kingsley” “I did not ask you for your name, keep it to yourself, what did you want me to say” she replied in a harsh tone “Ermm… I was thinking….” before Kingsley could complete his statement Angela interrupted him “Just go back to your seat” “Mad ooo” John shouted from the place he was enjoying the scenario
“It is Finish”

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