Is Love A Crime

2 weeks ago

Here Is Another Love Story Which Is Titled "Is Love A Crime"


After class, Angela was arranging her books to return back to the dormitory, she was alone in the classroom, when she felt a tap on her shoulder, she jumped out of fear, she turned back and saw that it was praise, she adjusted from his side so that anyone that enter into the classroom will not suspect anything.

PRAISE: Are you scared or what?

ANGELLA: Why should I be scared of you

PRAISE: Then why did you move back, anywhere how are you doing

ANGELLA: As you can see am doing ok and am about to return back to my dormitory “Angela I love you, last night I find it difficult to sleep, that is because I was thinking about you dear, it may sound simple and small nothing unique or original but it means so much courage for me to say that I love you” “Like seriously” “Angel, you are the first person I think about when I wake up and the last one I think about when I sleep, day in day out I remind myself how lucky I will be to have you as my own, Angela you are the girl of my dream, will you be my Bae” “Wow, I think you have A1 in asking someone for a relationship, your words can make a girl go crazy for you, but as you already know am already occupied, so memorize your words for another girl that is single and ready to mingle” “The day will come when you will be mine but I will just wait till that time, if I have to wait forever, that’s what I will do because I can’t live without you “Young man stop stressing yourself, you are aware that Kingsley and I are in a relationship and I love him so much, nothing I repeat nothing can make me abandon him for you, even if you study the whole love quotes in the world” “It is a pity that what old man can see while sitting a boy cannot see it even if he climbs the highest mountain” “Oshey old man well done ooo.., when you are done lock the classroom am off” “Angela, you are in love with someone that never love you for once, if he loves you as you love him then why did he not kiss you in front of your classmate, is that one love” “Please don’t get me annoyed; he was shy that is why he could not do it” “(Exclaims) who do you, your boyfriend was shy but I hope you are aware that he kissed your best friend Cecilia while you were at the library” “Shut up you bloody liar” “I accept the fact that I am liar, but why is it that when you returned to the classroom all eyes were on you or you will deny the fact that you did not notice it” “I hate you praise (she cried as she ran out of the classroom leaving her books behind)

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Okon Daniel Author of”Street runs, Corporate Affairs and Fooled into Love)

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