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  I stayed up in my bedroom listening to some really cool jams with my brunch of toasted bread and peanut butter alongside the refreshing marmalade I got out of the mini fridge that rested by the corner.It was a really cozy day as the temperature seemed to be getting really cold with such snowy freezing frenzy…At least thanks to the heater,I haven’t entirely turned into a fish popsicle or should I say…A human popsicle…Ha!Chill-ish!
  I gulped down my citrus as I still felt like having some more.I just couldn’t help it with the unending cravings that wouldn’t just stop.It felt as though I was carrying way too many babies inside of me…Blurf!I sure hope this one doesn’t turn out to be just as hotheaded as his father.I muttered silently getting out of bed as I made to leave for the living room.

“I wonder where everyone is”I shrugged dragging my feet behind but in a more sluggish way since I wasn’t so strong.
“Phil?Janine?”I called lowly as I went downstairs.
“Ph…”I made to call but I stop as I heard noises coming from below me.It was Phil and Janine.It felt like they were talking about something they wanted no one to ear as they talked in a low tone.I drew closer as I eavesdropped from where I stood trying not to make any noise.

“Phillip,it’s high time you told Trish the truth.You can’t hide it anymore”Janine’s came whispering.

“What truth?”I muttered with confusion as I watched the two go on.

“What do you want me to do?I just can’t right now.I’m tryna protect her”he countered.

“I know but Phil it’s being eight years now.When are you going to tell her that Stacie and Stephanie are her daughters?”I heard her say as the words pierced through me vigorously like I’d just been stabbed with a sharp bladed dagger.

“No….No!It can’t be…It can’t be”I screamed out loud taking them surprise.


“Don’t touch me…Don’t touch me Phillip”I shot back racing out without looking back at them.

“Trish..Trish”they both called running after me not caring if it was freezing outside.

“Tricia…Tricia wait”someone clutched to me,gripping me before I could reach the gate.It was Ray…Phil’s bestfriend.

“Let me go Ray….Let me go”I shouted defiantly trying to push him off.

“Trish calm down…Calm down.You really have to take it easy..Please”Janine reached for me as she quickly got me all wrapped up her arms.

“I said don’t touch me”I yelled pulling out from her as they all looked with terror.
“Why do you guys have to throw stupid lies in my face?Why?!”I barked with rage.
“You’re all lying…You all are!My babies died eight years ago.They all died and I watched those men lower them into the ground.So what the f--k are you two talking about?Why do you have to remind me of the pain and agony I passed through several years ago?Why’d you have to Phil?”I cried endlessly as Phil came towards me embracing me not minding if I was hitting him.

“Trish..Look at me..”he said cupping my face in his hands.
“Look at me Tricia.I really wanted to tell you everything but I…I couldn’t”he stammered.
“I knew this would happen and that’s why I wasn’t ready yet.I did it for you.. for us.Please just stop.You’re hurting me already”he said sobbing like a baby.

“I just want to know one thing Phillip..Just one thing…Who the hell js Stacie’s and Stephanie’s mother?”I asked glaring at him.

“You!You are Trish.You’re their biological mother”

“No…N-no!That’s impossible.There must have been a mistake somewhere.There must have”I said staring at them with disbelief.

“No Tricia!Stephanie and Stacie are really your daughters and you and Phil are their biological parents.Their DNA says it all”Janine cut in holding me back.

“My daughters?Heh!And you want me to believe this?Ha!I expected more”I chuckled.
“If I could recall,you two told me they were adopted and even so,if they were really my kids,is this what you planned on telling them?Argh!You guys are jerks”I chuckled again.
It felt like I was actually going insane…I just couldn’t explain it.I couldn’t in anyway.

“You think we would just come out and start uttering some really carzy stuffs?Yo-your dad tried to get rid of them the minute they were born but Phil got to know and he took them before he could get his hands on them and…and that’s why he didn’t want to tell you.At least not yet.He was only trying to protect them.Please understand.He did it for…”

“You’re all bluffing.I could remember I was pregnant with triplets and not twins.What are you guys saying?You know what,screw this.I can’t listen anymore”I sighed making to leave.

“Trish stop!”Ray said holding me back.
“Mac and I have been together all these years and all those times he hasn’t being with you,he never took you off his lips neither did he stop thinking about you.He always loved you and you really have to believe him cause whatever he says is the truth and nothing but that”

“He’s right Trish.Yes!Yes,you were pregnant with three and not with two but one was a still born.He couldn’t make it out alive but the other two did and that’s how we had Stephanie and Stacie but I just couldn’t watch them die just like that.I couldn’t in anyway.I know you’ll think we’re accusing your dad but…this…is…the…truth”Phil spoke up.

“You can call him and ask him right now.I never wanted to go reminiscing on what happened in the past till you got to know like this.I’m really sorry my love.Believe me,I really am”he said emotionally pulling me into his arms as I sank deeply crying.

“No..No….It can’t be dad..Why would he do such a thing?”I cried endlessly realizing it was all dad’s fault Phil and I got separated…

“Shh!It’s all right.I got you”he said consoling me was we all walked back inside.

“Who else knows?Don’t tell me my mum was also a part of his evil schemes cause I’ll kill myself right off”I spoke hoarsely as Janine calmed me down sitting down beside me.

“No!Your mum’s totally innocent Trish but Chels…”

“What?My best friend knew all these time and she never even tried telling me?”I asked with shock as I got up.
“God!What do you guys take me for?”

“Trish,it wasn’t her fault believe me.I told her not to and don’t misinterpret what I said.She wasn’t part of any plan.In fact,I left them in her care for just a while since your dad was busy searching for them.But then…”he swallowed looking up at me.

“But then what?What happened?What are you guys not telling me?”I asked without ease.

“They found him.Phil passed through hell Trish.He really did”Janine cut in shocking me.

“What?!How…how do you mean?”

“When your dad realized that your kids were gone,he came after Phil and.. ”

“And then what Janine?What happened?And God,Phil why did you keep all these from me?”

“He was only trying to protect you Trish cause if you knew about it,your dad will totally find out”Ray chipped in.

“Oh..God!So dad is this…Oh God!”I breathed sweating profusely.

“Yes,I couldn’t believe it either.It’s a good thing mum found me and treated me when I was unconscious.I’d have been long gone by now”he sighed getting up.
“But Trish,look,I’m certainly not asking you to hate your dad.If I can forgive him,you can either…Just please baby,don’t…don’t let all that he did make you hate him.He’s still your father”

“What you’re asking me is just too much.I just can’t.I hate him.I really hate him.How could he do this to me?”I yelled crying all again.

“How could he?My kids did nothing  and you didn’t either.He made you suffer under his evil whims not caring if you ended up dying in the process..Oh!It’s all his fault.It’s all his fault we didn’t get to be together.I despise him Phil.I really do”

“Shh….Don’t say that.Come,let me take you to your room”

“Yes…Y-yes,please do”I said shakily as he led me upstairs.

“Are you going to be okay?”he asked as he led me to the bed.

“I hope.But please can I see my daughters tomorrow?I really want to see them Phil…Gosh!I can’t believe I missed everything”I sulked.

“I missed seeing them walk,I missed seeing them say their first word…I missed seeing them get into preschool…I missed…I missed…Oh!I literally missed everything…”I sobbed continuously.

“It’s okay..It’s okay.You’ll see them.Just please stop crying.I don’t like it when you do and you know,it’s not okay for the baby.You really need to stop…Please”he said comfortingly.

“I know”I sniffed as he wiped my tears off gently.

“Why are you doing all these Phil?Even though my dad did some really terrible things to you but you never gave up…Why…”

“Shh!No talking now”he smiled putting his pointer finger on my lips.
“I promised you back then that I was never going to let go of you no matter what and I’m never going back on that…Never!”

“Oh…Thank you.Thank you so much.”I smiled hugging him.

“No,thank you.Thank you for letting me meet you in that hallway.You brought happiness to me onceagain.I love you Tricia”

❀I love you too Phillip❀

To Be Continued...

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