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“Cherry…Cherry!Where are you dear?”

“Here!Goodmorning aunt”she greeted politely.

“Yeah morning dear.Are you done with everything now?Cause I really need you to look after this child while I’m gone”I said placing Ryn on her arms carefully as I took my black leather bag from the chair.

“Yes ma!”

“Don’t forget to feed her.I’ve gotten everything ready for you.I promise,I won’t be long”

“All right ma”she nodded quietly.

“Wait!”I called back as memories of the mysterious gifts we’ve been finding at our doorstep ran through my mind inducing fear in me.

It’s being six months now and the mystery guy is yet to be revealed.And aside that,Derek’s anger and overprotective scheme had aggravated to another level and were getting the best of him with each day that got by.In the outside world,people envied us so much and wished to be like us cause they thought us to be one perfect match whenever we went out together.If only they knew what was going on,on the inside.

“Um,you know what”I said curving my lips in a shapey kind of way.

“Go get me her food flash upstairs”

“And her dress bag?”she chipped in.

“Oh no,don’t worry about that.She’s already dressed”I smiled looking up at her.
“You should go prepare too.Wear one of those gowns I bought for you.I bet you’ll look lovely in it”I said as I took Ryn back in my arms again.

“Oh okay ma”she squealed excitedly as she hurried upstairs.

“Whoo!Now,what am I going to do with you?”I teased playfully as I tucked her head back into her sweater cap.

“Where are you taking her?”Derek asked with a husky face as he came towards us.

“Not again”I sighed ignoring his annoying ranting.

“Am I not talking to someone?”he thundered loud.

“Babe what the hell is your problem?Am I a prisoner in my husband’s house now?”I fumed getting up.

“You are my wife and I ought to know what ever moves you make.So don’t give me that woman”

“Babe not now please.You can see our daughter’s here.Do you always have to make a fuss out of everything?”I glared with fury as I put my daughter in the walker.

“Fine!I’m off to a friend’s house and I’m taking Ryn with me.Do you have a problem with that?”I asked as everywhere became silent.
“You’re not going to answer?Then fine!Suit yourself.I’m out!”I said making to leave as I felt Derek’s strong grip on me.

“Don’t you dare walk out on me Tricia”

“Derek!”I groaned as I tried to release myself.
“B-Baby stop!Ouch!Stop it!You’re hurting me”I cried in pains as Ryn also followed as though she knew what was happening.

“You’re going no where Tricia.Come with me”he said dragging me upstairs.

“I said let me go Derek”I said repulsively pushing him off as he stumbled slightly.
“What’s making you act this way this time?I don’t remember doing anything wrong and besides,I was going to tell you before…”

“Tell me?Tell me,you say?”he cut in drawing nearer as the rage in his eyes were blazing clearly now.

“Hhh!Look baby”he said calmly as he cupped my face.
“I’m only trying to protect you,you see.Please understand”

“I’m not a baby anymore Derek”I shuddered pulling away from him.

“You should totally trust me and be more supportive instead of being all judgey.You know I’m not that type of girl.You should know the kind of woman you married”I said defensively as I made to shush Ryn.

“Come here baby.I’m so sorry you got to see us like this”I said soberly pecking her as I sighted Cher from the stairs peering down on us with a mischievous grin that turned into sadness the minute she saw me.

“Aunt,is everything alright?”she asked innocently walking downstairs to come meet us.

“Hmm”I muttered inside with weird thoughts flooding my mind.

“Yes dear!”I laughed trying to act normal.
“Let’s get going…Can we go now baby?”

“Mmm,I don’t see why.Just be safe you guys.I’ll see you when you get back alright?”he smiled pretentiously kissing me as he ushered us to the door.

“Hold on,what’s this?”he asked as he glared at the package on the porch with rage.

“B-babe…”I stared with fright.

“Oh don’t be scared now.I won’t fret this time.Come on now”he reassured wearing a faint smile on as he led us out shutting the door firmly.

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

“Chels,can I talk to you about something?”I whispered lowly.

“Oh sure darling.I’m all hears”

“Shh!”I signalled to her as I motioned with my eyes towards where Cherry sat engrossed in her favourite telenovela show.

“Ohh!Let’s talk in the kitchen”she said to me as we quickly got up.

“Cherry,stay here with Ryn.Aunt Chelsea and I will be back soon all right?”

“Sure aunt”she smiled glueing her eyes back on the huge LED screen again.

“So what do you wanna tell me Trish?Did you and Derek have a fight again?”

“Well,not really”I said with a faint smile on as I got the tap running in case Cherry was eaves dropping.


“Shh.I don’t want some silly rat to go ranting out”I laughed.

“You mean,your househelp?C’mon babe,she’s can’t try such”

“I know but I don’t know what she’s capable of anymore”

“Hmm,did she do something wrong?”

“Well,not yet but let’s not talk about her.Something really strange has being going on at our house lately but I haven’t told you yet”I muttered breathing out loud.

“Strange?What happened this time?Hope Derek didn’t go on with beating you like he threatened cause I’m definitely going to give him a piece of my mind if he really did”

“Oh,calm down punchey.Derek didn’t do anything.In fact,he’s being so sweet lately”I swallowed hard trying to sound convincing.

“Really?A-are you sure,my friend?Tell me,does he hurt you?”

“Not really”I said down casted as I stared at the carpet tiles.

“Does Derek hurt you Trish.Answer me!!”she said furiously as I covered her mouth fast before someone else heard.

“Calm down Chels.What do you want me to say anyway?He’s my husband and I love him so much,you know?”

“Trish,not because he is gives him the audacity to lay a finger on you.What kind of a guy does that?I need to have a word with him.How dare he!!!”she barked fidgeting.

“Chels!Please…I don’t want him to know I said a word about this to you or anyone or else he’s gonna get furious at me again.Please Chelsea.I have my ways of handling him”I said holding her back.

“Handling?Dammit girl.I’ve had enough of his nonsense”she said angrily banging her fist on the kitchen table.

“What’s wrong with him?What made him change so fast?”

“I don’t know Chels.I really don’t know”I said soberly sinking into her arms.

“Stop crying hon.Stop it”

“I can’t stop cause it’s really hurting knowing the one guy I got to love turned out to be an entirely different person”

“God!Does your parents know about this?”

“I haven’t told them yet”I said getting up from her.

“What?!Shit girl!So he’s being going on about this for months now and you never said anything to your parents.You’re really taking risk”

“I-I don’t really wanna add to their problem”I muttered frightened.

‘Please Chels.Don’t do anything crazy all right.I got this”I pleaded unendingly.

“You better do or else that husband of yours will have a taste of my wit.Get it!”

“Y-yes!But that’s not why I came to see you.Someone’s being sending us stuffs Chels but we have no idea who it is and it’s starting to cause problem for Derek and I.What do I do bestie?I really don’t want to lose Derek.I don’t want to”I sobbed bitterly.

“What?!Uh,who is that?”she asked impulsively moving towards the fridge.
“You know what,drink this first.It’ll help”she said taking out a jug of lemonade as she poured it out for me.

“Thanks a lot”I said drinking it up in one gulp.

“What if it’s James Chels.I can’t have James back in my life again.I really can’t”I shivered as I placed the flowery tumbler down.

“James?No it can’t be.He can’t be sending all those stuffs.He’s being behind prison walls for quite sometime now.Remember he got involved in some highway robbery with those gangs of his two months ago and he didn’t get lucky.So you needn’t worry”

“I know b-but,what if he found a way to escape?What if my haunch is right Chels.God!I’m so scared.What am I going to do?”I said rubbing my hands together with my teeth clenching on each other.

“No,it’s not possible.But..but what if it’s Ph…”

“Phil?”I cut in astonished.
“No it can’t be”I said getting up.

“Don’t you see it Tricia,Phil must have sent all those postcards and gifts you talked about.He’s the one person that knows everything about you.You think he can give up on you so easily?”

“Postcards and gifts?H-how did you…”

“Oh c’mon,that’s probably what lovers do”

“But I never mentioned any of those…Chel…sea”I called looking at her suspiciously.
“Anyway,you’re right about ’em but I still don’t think Phil we’ll have the guts to do all that.I bet he’s gotten rid of his feelings for me”I said sitting down again.

“But Trish,do you still love him?”

“Of course not”I lied trying to hide my feelings as my eyes went to the bracelet Phil gave me on my eighteenth birthday.

“Then why do you still have that with you?Thought you might have thrown it away?”she teased rolling her eyes on me.

“Seriously Chels,I don’t love Phillip anymore.He left me without even saying goodbye and besides,I’m married to Derek and I love my husband so much”I said trying not to let go of the tears that were already piling up.

“You sure of that Trish?”she smiled hanging her arms around my neck.

“Um,yeah.So please let’s not talk about that guy again.He and I are so done”I spat out making to leave.

“Whoa jeez girl!Take it easy!”

“Ha!I am taking it easy”I laughed pinching her nose as I got up.
“C’mon now.Let’s go”

“To where?”

“To the living room silly.I bet my baby’s hungry now”

“Oof my bad”she laughed getting up from the kitchen chair as we made to leave.

“Hang on!I’m taking this”I said grabbing the jar filled peanuts that laid right next to the toaster.

“Oh you!”

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀
“Boss,I’ve delivered the package you ordered for earlier” a man in a blue overall said with his hands placed behind his back.

“Oh great.You may go now”

“All right sir.By the way,Miss Stiles is right outside.Should I let her in?”

“Sure.Bring her in”

“I’m already here”a lady in a black skirt and a blue jacket that properly covered her white inner wear walked right in with a white puppy in her hands.
Thank you Henrik.Here!Keep the change”she smiled tipping him as he left happily.

“I see you still got your handsome look on bro”she chipped in from afar as she watched the tall briskly figure of a man in his thirties get engrossed in the scenery outside the window.

“Janine,don’t start please.It’s being such a long day for me”

“My,my.Aren’t you such in a mood?Anyway,I came to tell you that mum and I will be leaving for Switzerland pretty soon”

“Is that so?”

“Uh-huh!My,you do look dashing in that outfit of yours”she teased as he turned towards her with a vague expression on.
“Oh my!You’re so serious.Soften up please.By the way,how are my pretty little darlings?I bet nanny Suzy’s taking good care of them”she said petting her dog.

“Yeah.You should see them now.They’ve grown so big”

“Uh!I see.I overheard you and Hen talking.You still going after that wench?Thought she dumped you for someone else”

“Oh please.Don’t speak ill of…”

“Uhhh,grandma was right but I do love your determination though”she chuckled picking up a strawberry from the plate that laid by the corner.
“What’s your next move bro?You ready to reveal your real identity to those wretched oafs.C’mon,it’s taking really long,you know?”

“Haha!My dear Janine.This is just the beginning.I’ll make them pay for everything they ever did to me…That I promise”

“Mmm!Now that’s the man I’ve been looking for”

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