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  It was nighttime and it was way past midnight as Derek and I laid in bed with the sounds of slimy toads and creepy crickets echoing loudly as they went about that usual jolly meetings in the still of the night.You know,back when I was little,if I didn’t finish off the food mum packed for me,she would go about telling me tales regarding the slimy oafy frogs that usually made scary noises whenever they came accross little creepers like me.They would go right off in sticking their tongues into their fussy little ears if they ever found out they had some leftovers with them but it never really happened.So much for an old wives tale huh?!

“Ry…Ryn…Corinne!!!”I screamed so loud jerking up from Derek’s arms as I breathed unceasingly searching my eyes around as I looked at Ryn who was sleeping peacefully in her cot.

“Trish?Baby what’s wrong?”Derek followed as he jumped out of the bed.

“I-Gosh!”I exclaimed with my heart still heavy.

“I had a really bad dream”

“A nightmare?”

“Yes!There was a man in a black coat”I swallowed hard as I rolled my eyes around the room terrified.

“I-I couldn’t see his face as he had a mask on.Yes a mask.He-he was standing right over there”I continued as I pointed towards the curtains that swayed back and forth at the wind’s command.

“Over there?Baby it’s just a dream.C’mon let’s go back to sleep”he urged me pulling me down.

“I know but Derek he had our daughter with him.He had her.I wanted to run after him bu-but I couldn’t jump off the rails as it was too late”I said with pains flooding me as I wrapped my palms around my mouth.

“Shh-shh!It’s just a dream okay?Our baby is right here.Look!”he smiled turning my face in the direction where she laid.
“No one will ever take her away from us.No one will I promise”he assured as he ushered me back in bed.

“Ye-yeah!”I said still shaking with fright as I had my eyes on the swinging curtains that seemed to have a shadow imprinted on the other side.

“C’mon honey,don’t tell me you’re still afraid of the dark”he said with a chuckle squeezing me against his bare chest.

“I’m not afraid,humph!”I said with a shrug as I got up beside him pretending to be mad.

“Oh c’mon.Don’t be like that”he teased tickling me softly as I tried not to laugh.

“Derek stop it!Stop it Derek.People will hear us”I laughed giving in to his silly tease.

“Oh really?”

“Derek!”I said terrified.
“De-Derek,I think someone’s peeking at us behind that glass”I said with fright as I clung on to him.

“Seriously?You’ve got to be kidding me baby”he said getting up as he slid the glass door open,poking his head outside to check if anyone was truly there like I claimed.

“Derek!”I called back as I got up putting on my night robe.

“See!I told you no one was there.You’re such a scaredy kitty”he uttered mockingly.

“Arrgh!Seriously!I could have sworn I someone was there”I heaved a relief sigh as I laid back down with Derek tucking me in gently.

“Just chill alright?If anyone ever came at you or our baby,he’d definitely taste my fist.That you can count on mi Vita Mia”he said with a smirk getting in beside me as he rolled the duvet back.

“Ha oh,my husband’s so strong”I laughed kissing him softly.

“Hang on,what’s that word?Is it Spanish?”I asked with curiosity as I got on top of him with my hands properly placed on his body.

“Nope.I do think t’s German,I’m not quite sure anyway”he chuckled.

“But I do know what it means”he said bringing his lips down on mine as he bit it gently.

“My,you taste sweet”

“Ohh please,don’t change the subject”I giggled with a smile.

“Ha oh well,Vita Mia is a short phrase for my life.And that makes you my own Mia”

“Is that so?”I said arching my brows at him.

“Mh-mm!”he muttered putting me down as he got right on top of me.

“Oh not now baby.Remember what the doctor said about not tiring myself out for the meantime”I said pushing him off gently.

“Hmm,I remember quite well but I never heard him say anything about having fun with my wife.C’mon honey,I’ve missed doing this with you,you know?Just this once”he said pleadingly as he slipped his hands under my garment.

“Derek?!”I said displeased pushing his hands away carefully.

“Oh fine then.You win!”he said with a shrug as he got off me.

“Baby,c’mon,it’s not like that”I said as I made to lie on his chest.

“Then what is it?You still love him,don’t you?”

“I’m sorry,what did you say?!”I gasped with disbelief getting up from his arms.

“Forget about that my love”he smiled kissing me on my shoulders as he pulled me back with him
“Let’s get some sleep now.It’s almost sunrise”

“Y-yeah!Sure!”I smiled faintly closing my eyes partially as I sank lost in thoughts.

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

“Goodmorning ma!”Cherry greeted as she stood right next to me with a flower in her hands.

“Cherry?”I got up pushing the duvet off me as I caught sight of an empty bed.
“Cherry w-what are you doing up here?”I asked fixing my eyes on her with disgust.

“I’m sorry ma but the delivery man left this with me and he said I was to give them to you”she said innocently as she handed the flowers over to me.

“A bouquet of flowers?Aww,how sweet “I blushed hard as I gazed at the roses sweetly.
“Did he say anythingelse?”I asked with eagerness as I felt a tingling feeling in my belly.

“N-No ma!”

“Hmm”I said shrugging my shoulders as I got up.
“You may go now and oh,don’t forget to tidy up the wine cellar when you’re done.It’s pretty dusty”

“Sure ma’am!”she said as she walked out shutting the door gently so she wouldn’t wake my sleeping beauty up.

“I wonder why he had to leave so early today”I said disturbed.
“I hope I didn’t annoy him last night?Ohh!”I thought to myself as I made for the bathroom.

“Cher…Cherry darling where are you?”I called softly as I walked downstairs with Ryn in my arms.

“I’m here ma!”she said with a trashcan in her hand.

“You still working?Yo should definitely get some rest now”I said with a concerned look.

“Oh,It’s nothing ma.I’m almost done anyway”she smiled pushing the front door open as Derek popped in.

“I was just about to knock.Where are my girls?”he teased rushing in as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Hey honey.You’re back”I said as I planted a peck on his cheek.

“Mmm-hmm!I’m sorry I had to leave without telling you.Something came up at the hotel so I didn’t wanna bother you”he said taking Ryn from me.

“Oh it’s fine.I was just worried but it’s good you’re back now”I said kissing him slightly.
“By the way,I saw the flowers you sent me.It’s really beautiful.You really know my taste”I smiled as we sat on the couch.

“Flowers?What flowers?”he asked with an astonished look that sent a direct signal to me.

“The uh,roses you gave me.I had Cherry put it in the stone vase over there.Look!”I said pointing towards where the vase stood on the shelf.
“Weren’t they from you?”I asked with fright.

“I didn’t send anything.Why didn’t you call me right off?”he said with rage in his eyes.

“What!Baby calm down.What’s gotten into you?”

“What’s gotten into me,huh?Some ghosty lame ass sent you flowers in my own home without any iota of respect and you’re tellung me to calm down”he barked on top of his voice

“Baby I never knew.Please keep your voice down”I said trying to calm him down as I took Ryn from him for fear of dropping her .

“Cherry!”he yelled furiously as Cherry walked in.

“Yes sir!”

“Dispose these off immediately”he said handing both the flowers and the vase over to her.

“I never want to see it lying around ever again,you hear me”he commanded making towards the stairs.


“Not another word Tricia”he shot back cutting me off.

“Believe me,I had no idea they weren’t from you and besides I saw no name on the card so I assumed you wanted it to be a surprise.Why are you so mad at me for something I know nothing about?”

“You think this is a joke?Look around Tricia someone’s….”he said pausing halfway as he turned around.

“You know what,let’s talk upstairs”he bellowed hard as he went up without looking back at me.

“Baby!”I called out to him but he was halfway gone now.

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