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{Abena’s POV}

I returned from Fafa’s place feeling happy and fulfill. It was as if I have returned from heaven.

“Sister Abena,your friend came here,” said Yaba.

“Your Friend Afua. She came to see dad, “she continued.
I became sober and turned to my younger brother,” is it true?”
Kweku nodded. Then he added , “daddy was angry when she finished talking to him.”
My heart skipped a bit. Which business was Afua doing with my father?

That evening ,I was preparing dinner when I heard an angry, manly voice calling out my name,” Abena !Abena!!Abena!!!!,Where the hell are you!!!? I rushed out to meet my father.

“You miscreant!!!, You are dating an Ewe boy called Fafa. I warned you repeatedly against people from that tribe.They are backward and narrow minded tribe.”

Before I could open my mouth, he gave me a hot slap that felt like a thunderbolt. “Oh, No, “Daddy had finally become aware of my relationship with Fafa, the Ewe boy.Afua had betrayed me.”

A good friend always safeguard her friend’s secret. Afua surely wasn’t one of them. She was a bad friend who pretended to have my interest at heart. I’d rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly pull me down. From that point on, Afua became my enemy.
My dad again gave me a strong warning never to see Fafa again despite all that I said to convince him about my love for him. He shouted, “If I ever see you with that Ewe boy again, I would not hesitate to kill you both. Upon all the good men in this world, is it only an Ewe man that you have to love?”

“But are Ewe men not also men, what is wrong with dating them?” I asked.
“Shut up, you moron. Don’t question me, “he shouted at me and left.

The next day

I told Fafa about the incident and he decided to take the bull by the horns to see my dad. I made him aware of the consequences.

Me: I don’t think seeing my father now is a good idea.

Fafa: Why?

Me: He’s a quick tempered and aggressive man.

Fafa: So what do you expect me to do. Coil into my shelve?

Me: I wish I have a very good answer to your question.

Fafa: If wishes were horses,
beggars will ride.

Me: Hmmm. I have a bad feeling about this.

Fafa: My dear, we can’t be doing hide-and-seek everyday.

Me: I know but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be careful too.

Fafa: I have no other option. I need to talk to him.

Me: I can’t believe Afua can betray me like this.

Fafa: Trust is a treasure that only stays with men of integrity. Give it to the unscrupulous ones and they will throw it right into your face. I’m sorry Afua chose to betray you.

Me: But why did she do that?
I’m sure she has a reason

Fafa: Of course she has.

Me: Why, Do you have any idea ?

Fafa: I should think so.

Me: Tell me.

Fafa: It’s simple. She tried to seduce me and …..

Me: Really?

Fafa: Yea.

Me: But you didn’t tell me that she..

Fafa: I don’t want you to feel hurt.

Me: Hmmm. It’s painful.

Fafa: Every Betrayal is painful. Desperation is the fuel that sparks betrayal.When Afua realised she was going to fail in her seduction attempt, she became quite desperate and saw betrayal as the last resort.

Me: She promised to keep our relationship a secret.

Fafa: Yea. She did but she couldn’t keep the promise. Just accept the fact. Afua had betrayed You

Me: It’s hard to believe that a person I call friend could stab me in the back. We eat and laughed together way back in school. I never doubted her integrity.

Fafa: Hmmm. It is in the moment of adversity that the waters of truth wash away the fake colours of the enemy and present you with the colour of their true identity.

Me: You sounded very philoso

Fafa: I didn’t realise that.

Me: I know. That’s what reading too much does to your mind.

Fafa: Reading does more than that. It gives you the power of know

ledge and knowledge can multiply your existence and with the power of knowledge, you impact the world.

Me: I’m proud of you dear. I’m sure God has specifically designed you on Earth because he knew you will be the only one who can fully complement me. Without you on Earth, it’s possible I will remain a spinster.

Fafa: Wow. That’s so romantic. You are fast becoming a poet.

Me: Really?

Fafa : Yes. I saw the love poem you wrote in your Diary. Remember,you brought the diary with you here. I observe you always carry it with you. When you went to the washroom, the diary fell from the table and opened before hitting the ground. I picked the diary from the ground and my eyes landed on the love poem.

Me:Oh, God. I never know you chanced on that poem.

Fafa: Well. Now, you know.

Me: Anyway, do you still want to come and see my father?

Fafa: Yes, Fafa, and it’s non- negotiable.

Me: Yooo. I hear.

One week later

I was at home watching “Talented Kids” on TV3. It was a TV program
me on where children were given the opportunity to exhibit their God-given talent.
I heard the sound of our gate. I knew someone had entered the house so I peeped through the window. My father was in his lazy chair outside, on the veranda adjacent to my room.
Fafa moved closer to my father and greeted him politely but my father ignored his greeting.
“Sir, I’m here to see_____”
My dad drove him out of the house with a stern warning just as I had anticipated he would.
For about two weeks, I didn’t hear from my lover . I became disturbed by this development and decided to pay him a visit.
After all, if the mountain would not come to Mohammed, Mohammed would have to go to the mountain .

I went to Fafa’s house and was stunned to see a young brown- skinned lady in his room laughing meekly with him. My heart sank and jealousy crept into my heart.

“So this is what you are busy doing, frolicking around with ladies?
I thought you are different but it’s obvious all Ewe men are the same, a band of cheats who chase anything in skirt, “I said angrily.
I turned to the young lady and said “You boyfriend snatcher, who are you and what do you want with my boyfriend? “She looked surprised at my angry utterances.
Fafa said, “Abena, you don’t need to worry about Adzo, she is my……”

“Sister?“ I cut in. “liar, I know it. Since when did you have a sister?” Maybe my dad’s admonition about you is true after all. Without waiting for further explanation, I pounced on the young lady and began hitting her with blows but she proved stronger and defended herself, the result of which earned me a sore eye.
Had Fafa not intervene in time, She would have hurt me more.
Unreasonable jealousy is a betrayed of trust. As it turned out, I later found out that Adzo was Fafa’s Cousin but she was staying in Aflao and only came to visit him when she heard Fafa had won the scholarship he had applied for to offer a specialist course in medicine in Britain.

I felt greatly embarrassed and I apologized to Adzo for my irrational behaviour. “It’s okay, dear, what you did showed how deeply you love my cousin and I really admire your courage to fight for what you valued, “Adzo said.

She left the same day.
I spent the night in Fafa’s room till day break just to test him one more time. Fafa didn’t make a single attempt to even touch my fingers, let alone touch my private parts to even talk about sex.

“Umhuuu” It didn’t happened.”
From that point on, I vowed in my heart that I would never marry any other man except Fafa even if it meant my death . It’s either him or no one else. My Father must understand this was a matter of the heart.
Prior to coming to the University, I listened to my father’s advice not to date an Ewe Boy. He recommended a certain Fante boy for me. His name was Frimpong Kwame.
Being an obedient child, I decided to give him a chance. The moment I went out with him, I knew he would be a bad boy but my father seemed to trust him. He ended up taking away my pride as a virgin and tore my heart to shred by dating another girl. Since then, I decided never to allow my father influence my choice of marriage partner. Fafa was a gem of a man who never asked me for sex . I vowed I will never leave him. Yes, Not even the cold face of death could made me change my mind. The following week, my vows were tested.

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