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Read with Discretion:Romantic Scenes.


With all these good fortunes shining on Fafa and I, it was not surprising that we decided to get married. All marriage Arrangements were made and the people that mattered were consulted. The tone was set for an exciting wedding. At 8.00 a.m, the Love Economy church was full to capacity and everyone was impatiently waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin.
Even before the commencement of the wedding ceremony ,I couldn’t help but imagined how our love-making will be.
In my mind , I fantasized how it would all begin. Fafa would kiss me on my lips. I would be fired up. He would then take me upstairs amidst my giggles. I would notice his phallus and be a little Phallophobic.

Then he would lift me up. I would wrap my legs around him and my arms will go round his neck.

I would bounce my hips back and forth. He would place me on the bed and hit my Sensitive spot.

I will moan. We will switch position .Then I would rock him hard until we both reach our c----x and moaned joyfully.
When the excitement died down he would lay me on my back again and held my legs open as he….?

“Let’s begin by sharing the word of God on marriage.” The pastor interrupted my chain of sensual thought. “Ahhh! This pastor is a killjoy.
The officiating Pastor began his sermon. –In Matthew 19: 4-6, Jesus said that “at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one.” Jesus then added “Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not separate.” Fellow believers, marriage is a sacred union. Today we are here to unite our son and daughter today in holy matrimony…..”

It was a solemn moment when the pastor invited us to move towards the altar for the vows.

Time for vows

Fafa and I stood before the pastor , He said, “Fellow Belovers, we are gathered here today, to celebrate the joining together of Fafa Amenyaglo and Abena Yeboah.

Let’s remember that Marriage is a time where two people share their love before God and men. Now between the two of you, is there any reason why you should not be joined together in Holy matrimony? We both answered, “No.”
The pastor continued,”Fafa,say this after me, then, I do somenly declare that I know not, of any lawful impediment, why I ,Fafa, should not be joined in marriage to Abena. The pastor made me repeat the same thing. We were made to face each other and as we were looking into each others eyes, the pastor asked Fafa to repeat the words he would be saying to me. He said “I call upon these persons here present, to witness that I , Fafa, take you Abena , to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold.I pledge to love you and respect you, With all that I have and ever hope to be.
I will protect you and provide for you , honour and be faithful to you, in poverty and in abundance, sickness and in health. Till death separate us, I give you this promise. I was made to repeat the same vows.

– After the Wedding—

We drove to the Blue Virgin Hotel to start swiving. Now the wedding was over. It’s time for sex. My mind couldn’t stop thinking about the sex battle that will soon manifest between us.

Fafa unzipped my wedding gown.

I was quite nervous. Everything was new between Fafa and I because we have not practice sex before marriage. Undressing in front of him was quite uncomforta
ble. I felt like a virgin but my Ex took it away from me.
My heart was racing. A few minutes later, I felt okay being naked in front of him. I loved his body, and his chest and arms felt strong and warm as he held me. I’d dropped a few kilos leading up to the wedding, and had a wax, facial, haircut, manicure and pedicure – all of which made me feel extra beautiful.

We got into our luxurious double shower to freshen up, and as we stood there under the steaming water exploring each other’s bodies, I took the lead. After our shower, he led me to the bed, guiding me down beside him while kissing me. It felt incredible.
He was tender and gentle. He gazed into my eyes. His hands moved over my breasts, my stomach, my thighs, moving gradually lower until he caressed my ” Sensitive feminine thing .”
Fafa allowed me to set the pace.
I loved the smell of his body, the taste of his mouth and the warmth and weight of him on me. He continued to caress my whole body, planting kisses on my neck, mouth and breasts. I held nothing back from him. Every sensation was spine-tinglingly intense.
Out of Shyness,I turned off the light. In the darkness, I directed him to my “chamber” “Raise your finger up a bit…. No here…”
Finally , he found his way into the “promised land.”
I grabbed him tightly. “Continue Fafa, continue. Don’t stop.
It was quite painful at first because It has been a long time since I did it.
We made love again and again.
It was soothing and mind blowing. His tightened grip on me enthralled me to an unexplainable ecstasy I had never experienced before.
As he climaxed in me, he held me tight to himself.
Afterwards, to Fafa’s bewilder
ment, I started crying and had to assure him that my tears were tears of joy. – I was just over
whelmed with joy.
There had been such a build-up to my wedding night; this was the moment I was looking forward to.
I was so grateful that he had done the same for me.
We became more relaxed and comfortable with each other after the sex. My wedding night was a glorious night.
The next morning, I heard a knock on my door which was incessant.

I went and opened the door and there he was. My father. He was holding a gun.
” Abena, you have broken my heart by defying my orders. I told you not to marry an Ewe man but you went ahead and got married to him.”
“But Dad, I love him”
“Shut up! You are no longer my daughter, “My father said.
My father searched the whole room but couldn’t find Fafa.
“Where is that idiot husband of yours,” he fumed.
“I won’t show you his location,” I said stubbornly.
“Are you ready to die for him,?”he asked.
“Yes, dad, I’m ready.”
My dad looked at me and smiled wickedly. He removed a gun from his pocket and said,” then DIE.”

He pointed the gun at me and pulled the Trigger!!
I screamed and woke up only to realise it was all a dream, from the wedding to the honeymoon was all one big sweet dream. 
“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”
– Ashley Smith

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