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[ Fafa’s Point Of View]

On the Beach

I had never felt this way ever since I was born. A lot of my course mates had mastered the game of love to the point of acquiring Ph.D. but I didn’t even have a basic school certificate( BECE ) in love. One thing remained vivid to me, I loved Abena so much.

As I said Early on, I have never dated any lady before meeting Abena. She showed me the gateway to pure joy. She was one lady with a pure heart full of love.

She pulled me closer to herself and kissed me. It was a light kiss filled with passion. My heart was racing fast and my breath came in gasp.

I placed my free hand on her waist and as she pulled me towards herself.

As we kissed we heard the angry waves crashing along the beach as if to signal its gigantic presence or perhaps tell us the number of countless romantic scenes they had witnessed on the same spot.
Suddenly, we stopped kissing and just looked into each other’s eyes as if to reassure each other of the unflinching love we shared. I felt my heart and soul belonged to her. Hours seemed like seconds and I wished I had the power to stop time forever. I wanted to spend every micro-second with Abena.

Abena looked at me and said, “Are you ok?” I shook my head. My body was visibly shaking. She moved her hands down onto my chest and felt my heart pounding . At that moment, an overwhelming feeling of excitement came over me like the rolling waves.
The feelings were overwhelming. My mind was racing. I could not believe all these things were happening in real time. At that moment, I realised why most of my mates behaved irrationally when they fell in love. I heard some of my gynephilic friends who were dating said,” first love is the best experience one can have. I reflected on that statement and asked myself, “Is it true?. Come to think of it, is virginity a state of naïvety?

I didn’t know the exact answers to these questions but I vow to keep my virginity till the right time. Considering the way the force of love was magnetising me to Abena, I doubted if I could keep that vow till I say, “I do”

Abena looked straight into my eyes and muttered the words to me in her melodious voice, “I love you, Fafa”

Her words soothed my nerves. I was so excited. For a moment, I thought I was hallucinating. All these things looked like fairy tales. Then she repeated the words , “I love you, Fafa”

That was the golden moment I was looking for. Gathering my courage and saying it in the most honest and candid manner, I asked her , “Will you marry me, Abena?”
I want us to get married after graduation from School. You are the missing rib I have been looking for all these years. Now that I have found you, I felt very complete. I want to stay with you till death do us Apart.”
I wondered if I had said it right. The truth was I had never dated before, not to talk about sex. My father was a church elder and my mother a chorister. They took religion very seriously and trained us in that regard. I could hear my father’s words echoing in my head ” Son , always respect women. Don’t take advantage of them. Love in the real world is not like those seen in the Telenovellas on Telly.
Don’t break any lady’s heart. An angry woman is a weapon. You can’t stand her. Reserve sex for marriage.”

I never doubted my father’s words of admonishment. He was older than me and as a church elder, he was only performing his duty as a father and a church leader.
Now, I doubted if his words were sacrosanct.
Is moral chastity highly valued in the 21st century?

Somehow I decided to stick to the older values my parents inculcated in me. I was a bit anxious about my proposal. “Have I said it right.?”
I hoped I have. I was about to graduate from school and I would have more time then to learn about love. For now I’m not an afficionado of love.

{Abena’s Point Of View}

His phrase “till death do us Apart” reminded me of the story I read when I first paid him a visit. Did he really meant it?

I was very happy with his proposal and I wasted no time in saying, “Yes, Fafa, I will marry you… In fact, in my heart, I’m already married to you.You are the very definition of my life. Without you, my life has no definition, no meaning, no purpose.

He was stunned at the unequivocal manner in which I responded to his proposal.
Then he shocked me by bringing out a promissory ring, kneeling on the bed of sand, and saying, “Abena my love, will you be the love of my life from now on till we traverse this mortal world into the world of immortality?

Will you fit in the rib which have been missing from my body for the past 21 years ?

Will you embark on this limitless odyssey of love with me, taking the role of the mother of my unborn children?

Will you die with me in the name of Love?
With teary eyes, I said, “Yes, I will”.

The waves seemed to hear my verbal declaration and confirmation of our unblemished love. They clapped their hands in glee, being evidenced by the trememdous power with which they rolled.

Fafa slipped the promissory ring on my middle finger, the one between the index finger and the ring finger to the right.
When Fafa gave me a promissory ring, it unearthed the hot ecstasy which remained caged in me for decades now. I thought it was time to let it out to him as a validation for my unwavering love for him.

I imagined how love-making on the bed of sand on the sea coast, at the full glare of the happy waves, devoid of all other living things except Fafa and me would be. It would surely be magnificent. I imagined a world without the gift of love- it would be a boring and
lassitudinous place.

I agreed with Aristotle when he said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

My high expectation for a romance packed adventure on the beach never materialised. Fafa only said,” it’s time to go home. Remember, everything has an appropriate time that’s why babies don’t grow beards and adults don’t eat babys’ food.

He held me by the hand as I reluctantly followed him, all my fantasies remaining only in the secret recesses of my heart. The one who wrote that instruction in the bible that sex before marriage is a sin might have been an Eunuch because that law seemed impracticable among us the 21st century teenagers who burned with lust from the cradle of our births to the grave of our deaths.
Today, sex is seen as a fun game and most adolescents broke their virginity on the shameless altar of lust in a century which liberalised and idolised sex. Don’t feel guilty; I’m not a saint either. Had Fafa made the move, I would have given him a romance filled experience on the vast open beach which only the sea and sands would be witnesses to.One thing is clear here, dating a “chrife” (a sexually naïve person) is not easy at all.

At Home

At home, I remembered Fafa’s proposal. I was smiling to myself when my father’s words echoed through my brain, ” I don’t want to see you with Ewe guys. They are very wicked people. ”

Suddenly my joy was replaced with
a great trepidation. I knew Fafa was a good guy but his tribe and what my parents’ reaction would be sent cold shivers down my spine. I moved towards my bed but saw myself wobbling in the web of fear.

I was gloomy because my father had vowed never to allow any of his two daughters or son to marry an Ewe Man or Woman. He always echoed it in our heads day in, day out and I knew his prejudice will never allow him to see Fafa from an objective view point. To him, if you are an Ewe, you are disqualified from the potential suitor race for his daughters, even if you were God-sent. Alas, love had no boundary. I have fallen madly in love with an Ewe Boy and to me, it’s irrevocable, because a revocation of my relationship with Fafa will tantamount to a betrayal of his love.

In order to keep my relationship a secret from my father, I made my friend Afua promise never to let any of my relatives know about my secret love let one my father.

She agreed to keep our secret watertight. As the days went by, my love for Fafa grew Stronger and stronger and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would be caught by my dad.

The exam and After

We knew the exam will be tough so we decided to put our loveship on hold and learn very hard in order to pass our Final Examination. Indeed we never met to chat or laugh during the examination era. It was book, book and book. It got into my heard. I hate schooling. Often, the information we memorize from books is soon forgotten after exam. School isn’t creative enough; there is often only one way of doing things for assignments.

It reminded me of Prince Aa’s inspirational video ” What is school for? In his controversial youtube video entitled, “BEFORE YOU GO TO SCHOOL, WATCH THIS || WHAT IS SCHOOL FOR?” he spoke about the degrading education system.

Nevertheless, I need to pass my exams and there was no magic formula than learn.

After a lot of learning and burning of the midnight candle, Fafa and I came out with flying colours in the Final Exam. Fafa, as expected was crowned the overall- best- student -of -the -year.

My parents were very happy and proud of me for chalking such a great success especially my father.

He was very excited I completed school such amazing grades.

He was unaware of the fact that my result was influenced by the academic god who compelled me to rigorous leaning routine.
My father had decided to celebrate my Graduation in grand style. It was grandiose,marked with a lot of flamboyance.

Since I did Business Adminis
tration, they promised to support me do my M. Phil in Business Administration to become an Administrative service Manager, a career I always dreamt of. The roadmap to my profession looked very clear to me.

The following week, Fafa applied for a scholarship to study medicine abroad.

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