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Saturday @ 9.30 a.m

I went to my bathroom and spent thrice the normal amount of time I used to spend there. I then put on a white laced pant to match a white brassier. Initially I wore a tight jeans that accentuated my body contours and an harmless blouse that amplified my cleavage and other physical endowments at the front and back views. Later I abrogated my decision and wore a blouse and skirt. First impressions are lasting impressions. I want Fafa to see me as a good and responsible lady.

I opened my make-up kit and I searched through the content; Moisturizer and Primer.Eyebrow Pomade and Spoolie Brush. …
Eyeliner and Mascara. …Nude and Red Lipstick. …Brushes and Tools. .

..Blush and Highlighter, Eyeshadow
Palette. I combined all the items in the make up kit with dexterity and
come out with the best make-ups I had ever done in my entire life.
Even the fragrance from my perfume could kill an innocent fly. After making sure everything was done to perfection, I headed towards Fafa’s hostel and soon reached there.

I knocked on his door.
“Come in, the door is opened” a voice boomed from inside his room.

Upon entering his room, Fafa welcome me rather more friendlily.
We chatted for a few minutes and then he asked me to watch Telly while he took his bath.

He explained to me that he spent the night learning for the forth
coming End -of -Semester Exami

I sat on his couch comfortably and faced the Telly. Most of the TV stations weren’t showing any interesting programme . Just when I was about to change the TV channel , my eyes fell on a story book titled: UNTIL DEATH DO US APART
I quickly muted the Television and focused on the story.

–The Story–

In the story, Jack and Jennifer loved each other so much but as the years went by, their love grew cold and Jack began seeing another woman by name Maureen. Then Jack wanted a divorce. Jennifer was grieved but she gave Jack her divorce conditions which was for them to pretend to live as normal a life as possible so as not to traumatise their son who had an exams to write in a month’s time.

She also requested to be carried out of their bedroom to the front door every morning. Though the idea sounded crazy to him,Jack agreed. He did this every day and soon realized that their sense of intimacy was growing again.

Then he realised his wife had grown thin.

Jack then decided to stay with his wife and break up with his girlfriend Maureen. He told Maureen it was over between them and left towards his house. On his way home,he stopped at the floral shop and ordered a bouquet of flowers for his wife. The sales girl asked him what to write on the card. He smiled and wrote, “I’ll carry you out every morning until death do us apart”.
My story was interrupted by Fafa, when he returned from the bathroom, “I hope you are not feeling bored here.”
I answered, “Not at all, dear . On the contrary, I am enjoying this story so much.”
“Okay, keep reading it then, but what will you like to eat?”
“Anything,” I said, determined to finish the story I was reading before he interrupted me.
“Anything?” he asked. So if I cook

Periplaneta americana for you ,
I believe you will eat it without any question.”
What did you just call ? I asked him.

“Periplaneta americana” Fafa said.

Periplane…WHAT? I asked. Fafa had totally confused me.
Hahahaha, Fafa laughed until tears dropped from his eyes.
“Abena, have I flummoxed you?
I’m referring to cockroach. That’s its scientific name,” Fafa said.

He continued, you see , the problem with most of you students of nowadays is, you don’t like expanding your knowledge. You want to remain where you are thus must of you have a STOP- GO knowledge.”
So you are asking me if you can cook Cockroaches for me?”
He said, “YES”
We both laughed out loudly and I said, “No dear! I don’t eat Cockroaches.
Don’t make my plica seminularis wet with tears. I was just joking.”
“Oh, my God, this guy is a walking encyclopedia.”
He continued, ” then you need to be careful with what you say, so what can I cook for you?”
“Jollof rice,” I answered finally.
“Okay, What about drinks?”
“I will like to drink SmirnOff, “I told Fafa.

The look on his face showed he didn’t have SmirnOff in his fridge.

“I will go get it for you because that’s what you want, though I don’t personally take anything with an alcoholic content ” he said. Then he dressed up and left for the drink. In his absence, I contemplated on what Fafa said ” So if I cook cockroach for you, I believe you will eat it without question.”

I never knew Fafa has a sense of humour to that extent. To me , he’s a bookworm, a bibliophilic guy.

I continued reading the story,”
Fafa returned with the drink, feeling happy for his accomplishment. He said, “Here you are, Mademoiselle, I have gotten your drink.”
I smiled at him and said, “merci mon amour” which means,” thank you, my love.”
He responded, “De rien”
( translated it’s nothing)
He then went to the kitchen to prepare the Jollof rice for me. I offered to help him but he declined saying I was his guest so I should relax. I used that opportunity to continue the story. ..”
I couldn’t finish the story before Fafa returned with a bowl of Delicious Jollof rice and smirnOff drink. He set the table while I was still glued to the story book. I heard Fafa saying, “Abena, can you leave that story book for a second and eat your Jollof rice?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, jokingly and put the story book down. I swallowed the food quickly because I wanted to finish the story.

Fafa looked at me and smiled. He said, “I knew you want to hurry up and finish that story. I was thinking you are bibliophobic. I won’t allow you to read it again. I want us to talk a little bit and get acquainted.

After all, you paid me a visit, not to read a story book or you want to be like me?”
Fafa took the story book and went inside his bedroom to place it at a place beyond my reach but my desire to finish the story far outweighed any ethical restrictions so I followed him to the bedroom, knelt down and said, “I beg, Fafa, please, let me finish reading the story.”

He looked at me and laughed hysterically saying, “I knew you will follow me. I just want to confirm what I knew and you have proven me right. Abena, I’m impressed with you and your spirit of determina
tion. I think we can get among well.
From now on, I accepted you wholeheartedly as my friend.
Please, take the story book- it’s my gift to you.”

“You mean I can take the story book home? “I asked him.
“Yes, dear” he said.
For the first time, Fafa called me ‘dear’.
I peeped into his eyes. He was so innocent and calm but underneath his innocence was a ray of love, glimmering across his impeccable sacrosanct appearance. I could feel the wave of ecstasy slowly announcing its presence like a slithery snake manoeuvring its ways clandestinely through a crack. I was very optimistic the cracks in Fafa’s Solid defence would soon be discernible to me.
I took solace in the knowledge that Fafa is not gynophobic.
I still have webs of doubts in my mind. “Will it happen on my first visit?”

Fafa reached out, held my hands, and gently took me out of the bedroom into the sitting room. As if he had telepathic abilities he said,
“Everything has an appropriate .
That’s why babies don’t grow beards and adults don’t take babys’ foods.
Now, continue reading your story.

I opened to the page I was before he took the book from me and continued reading.
That evening when Jack arrived home with flowers in his hands and a smile on his face, his wife wasn’t in the sitting room. He called her but still no one answered.

He decided to run up stairs. Upon reaching there, he found his wife in bed – lifeless, dead.
Rivers of tears flood his eyes and the bouquet of flowers fell from his hands. His wife was dead- from Cancer. She knew that she would die soon and she wanted to save him from whatever negative reaction from their son, in case they push through with the divorce. At least, in the eyes of their son— he is a loving husband.”

–End of story–

“Oh God,” I said when I finished reading the story, Streams of tears stole their way into my eyes. I felt so sad. I felt I was Jennifer. She had demonstrated true uncondi
tional, unwavering love. I asked myself what I could have done in that situation.
(Disclaimer: The inside story
“UNTIL DEATH DO US APART” is not from my creative imagination. It is a common story being told worldwide)

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