Forbidden Love [Completed]

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“I will kill you if you step your feet into my house again, idiot! , my father thundered, as he converted his hand into a fist.”STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! !!, YOU SCALLYWAG”.
Fafa left quickly without saying Goodbye to me but I understood the situation perfectly well.”


Among all human emotions, none sparks so much controversies and interest than love.
Love is a wonderful and an exciting experience. It summarizes the sweet sensation a person feels for another person they are emotionally and physically attracted to.

Until you meet that special person you may never know the extent to which love can have a tremendous effect on your life.

Cupid the god of love does not discriminate in shooting his love arrows. Eros love is said to be a mystery. It makes people behave in ways that may look foolish , even crazy to others. It softens the hearts of brave and intelligent men . In fact ,men can endure pain but not love. Love makes men cry. In the battle of love, men even lose themselves but there lies a great danger in that.

love is not a fairy tale as portrayed in movies and sole operas. It has both the sweet and bitter part.

The arrows of love can hit the right person at the wrong time or from a tribe hated by others on the basis of stereotypes.
When the heart is captured in the web of love, it has no respect for age, social status or boundaries, or tribe lines even if it contravenes societal norms and culture. This blatant and uncontrolled passion
often leads to conflict between the lover and his or her families who see that emotion as a FORBIDDEN LOVE.


Forbidden Love - S01

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