Things We Do For Love - S01 E28 (Story Episode)

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I will take the chance. I wont let it go even if the fear of rejection realy paralizes me. Infact this idea of i dating with a very sexy, confident woman for the first time was so exiting and so i hard to prepare for it in advance cause i had many things to concider. I didnt know wether to dress on an officia ar casual atire! I wanted to be true to myself on whom am i and not to pretend to be someone am not.

Infact first dates can mean death or survival of the relationship and i dont want mine to be the end of what i havent started despite that most first dates are boring, awckward, unexciting and even torturous sometimes to both.

My mind is determined on what i want from Mitchell, first is to know her more and commit my love to her and not to make funny of myself.

Most women want to be with a gay who has a sense of certainty in what he does and what choices he make and i Twino want to be that kind of a gay.

Finaly the very awaited day came. Though very anxious and…

Though anxious and fearfull of the day outcame i still remained optimistic to good fortunes ahead. I wasnt sure either on the things that i should do for her in this fateful day but all i knew was that she was in my heart. I realy felt her all through my veins. Oooh! I was going to date the very queen to my greatest kingdom. I gonna keep her safe in my castle located in my heart…

The day being so sunny, we decided that we will be meeting in the evenings when the tempratures were abit favaring but due to the distance from home to town, i had to be there early to prove my time cautious. .

3:10pm Mitchell took me by a suprise calling me telling me that she was waiting for me at one of the cybers cafe a distance of a half kilometer from where i was.

Earlier on we had agreed to meet at 4pm, so by she saying that she was waiting me reely made me panic.

“ok! i am coming now.” I said to her as i hunged up the call. I took a boda boda and rode to her destination ….

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