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Subtitle: assuming Victor is a girl called Gift.

Me: if you talk like that.

Austin: come, I wan show you wetin my daddy dey do my mommy.

Me: wetin be that?

Austin: follow me.

Austin took me to his parent’s room and asked
me to pull my clothes, I was just giggling
and asking him if that is what his daddy
always tell his mommy. He said yes and
I pulled my clothe, I wore a pink pa-nt that
day if I recollect vividly. He pulled his
short and clothe, Austin has a small di-ck
compared to Sammy. Even when it was
standing it was barely two inches long
but what it failed to make in length, it made
it up in width. That day Austin started
tickling me and we landed on the bed
na-ked. He climbed on me and tried pene-trating
me, he didn’t succeed that day. We kept
on trying till he finally broke my hymen,
that day I cried and Austin was scared
like hell. He cleaned me up before I went
home crying and walking like someone
who had been hit by a car. Aunty Rejoice
rushed out of the room with Sampson
trying to zip up, she asked Austin what
happened to me and he claimed I fell
from a chair and hurt my leg, I fell ill and
my dad took me to the hospital, the doctor
later told my dad what had happened
to me, My dad was so mad at Aunty Rejoice
that he nearly threw her out if he wasn’t
begged by his older sister who was Aunty
Rejoice’s mother. From that day Aunty
Rejoice started caging me in the house,
she refused me going out and wasn’t ready
to loose all the gifts my dad always gave
her. She broke up with Sampson after
a heated quarrel betwixt them, Sampson
called her nasty names like slu-t and ashewo
and accused her of sleeping with his friend
Joshua, she also replied him that he is
useless and has no future, broke three
minutes idiot! that she was just managing
him. Trust the estate people na, they went
ahead and told my father about what happened
between Aunty Rejoice and Sampson.

My father really dealt with her that she
packed her things and ran away, my dad
brought in a house girl called Grace. I
just turned nine, and had my birthday.

I was turning into a beautiful girl, and the
knot on my chest were becoming obvious.

Grace was worse, the phone my dad bought
for her was loaded with po-rn videos. There
was this night, I wanted to pee and there
was no light. I took the torchlight on my
bed side and went out through the door,
I started hearing funny sounds coming
from the room were Grace was staying.

Grace was about eighteen years, an ebony
beauty. Short with big a-ss, what she failed
to make in height, she accomplished in her
bre-asts and a-ss. I caught Grace fondling
her bre-asts and fi-ngering herself, I watched
her self-servicing until she gave a loud
cry and fell back to the bed breathing
heavily. I sneaked out without giving away
my presence, from that day henceforth
I started looking for an opportunity to get
hold of the phone that our house girl Grace
was using, I didn’t have the opportunity
till a day she went to buy what she will prepare
for dinner, she forgot her phone at home.

And I went for it and hurriedly scroll through
her videos, they were all po-rn videos.

I was lucky she didn’t place a code for
access, I played one of the videos. It started
with a white woman on a black man that
has a long thick black di-ck, she was just
riding it wondering how she was able
to take in such thing inside her. I was
so turned on and started pressing the growing
bre-asts on my chest after I reduced the
volume for only me to hear.

Voice: wetin you dey do with my phone, Gift!?

I was startled.

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