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2 years ago

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I was driving towards my workplace
Something seriously was eating up my son. I knew him. I can sense it.

I have a hunch there was danger looming ahead. Trouble clouds were gathering. I decided to turn the car around and go back home to be sure everything was alright.

I stopped the car 30 metres the house , walked and entered the house.

There was no sign of life.

I hastened my pace, entered the main hall and diverted to JJ’s chamber. I knocked on his door but there was no response. I knocked his door again but still there was no response. My heart missed a bit. I went round to peep through the window. I saw my son…he was lying sprawled on the ground, motionless. I was frightened. My adrenalin level rose. I rushed back to the room , took a hammer and broke the door. He was foaming.

Whitish fluids were coming out of his mouth. I knew what it was. Rat poison.

There was a piece of paper by his “motionless” body. I took it and read what he wrote on it.

WHAT!!! SON!!! HOW can you commit this great abomination. Something in me told me to leave him there and go but I’m his mother . No matter what he did, I could never abandoned him. I felt his pulse. It was very weak.

I dialled the Ghana Ambulance service short code 193 but later decided to use my car. Time is of essence here. I may still safe him.

Quickly I carried him in my arms and placed him in my car. Turning on the ignition, I speed off with one aim; to save my son.

I stepped on the accelerator and increased the speed. About 250m/PH.

I reached a sharp curve. In driving school, I learnt Braking on a curve may cause one to skid.

It is advisable to reduce speed before entering the curve, and slowly lighten the pressure on the brake until you reach the apex point (where the car is closest to the inside of the curve line). At the apex or exit point, you apply light acceleration to pull the car out of the curve.

I disregarded this driving lesson
and negotiated it without decelerating. The car turned on one side, the two right tyres raising in the air. I shifted myself to the raised area to regain the car’s equilibrium. Suddenly I saw an oncoming vehicle just a few inches
 from the curve point of the road. It stray into my lane. I tried to move to the other lane but the steering wheel had locked.

I applied my brakes but the brake 
did not respond.I need to manoeuvre the car out of line of the oncoming vehicle but I lost Control of the steering wheel. HEAD-ON COLLISION was imminent. The other driver’s car skidded on the road, Tires SCREECHING Hard. “TSSRRRRIIIIIIIIII.” I saw about three people in the car.
The oncoming vehicle, a Nissan Patrol smashed into my Land Rover. The two metals locked horns and there was a deafening sound of clashing metals ” CLANNNGGG, CLIIINNNG,CLONGGG”
Upon the collision, my two cars somersaulted so many times on the road, as if the world was going round. My body hit the dashboard of the car incessantly amidst
 my cry for help and screams. 

My forehead collided with the wind
screen and my bones, muscles and joints felt like they were been crushed beyond recognition.

The noise of the metals been smacked over the asphalt was so deafening it pierced through my ears. 

The deflated air bag pushed
 me right back into the seat , aided by my seatbelt.
After the car rolled over several
 times, it came to a sudden halt, 
landing on its roof. I could see 
everything faintly in an upside 
down position. My vision continued to blur, synchronised with the high
 level of excruciating pain I felt all over my body. 
My vision kept flashing from pitch darkness to blinding white light.

 I couldn’t see clearly.

Everything was blurred. I turned round to see my son. He was pinned to the corner of the backseat. I tried to raise my hand but it was impossible. The pain inside my arm was highly excruciating. It felt as if Thousand nails had been driven into my arm. Jesus might have suffered when nails was driven into his palm with a hammer. I cried painfully, ” Jesus, help me, I’m your daughter. Deliver me from the chain of death.

In the distance I heard the sound 
of a siren. Blood was oozing out of my nose and almost every part of my body.  

I tried to scream but my faint voice didn’t have
 such energy .

My vision became very blur and I blackout.

To Be Continued..

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