Talent High School - S01 E05 (Story Episode)

3 months ago

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Baby Pov
They kept yelling and banging the door
“Hello who’s in there ” i asked
“Please open the door”jayden yelled and we
opened the door holding our laughs
“YOU” they both yelled , jayden facing me
and jamal facing lena
“Is this your handwork”jayden asked
looking at us
“omg i cant believe you guys can accuse us
of something like this “i said holding my
chest and lena started faking cry and their
face changed immediately
they kept mute and left ,,me and lena high
five and went back to our apartment
It was night already i stepped out and went
to the garden ,i sat down removed face cap
allowed my long hair fall,the evening breeze
was blowing my hair and i began singing
,Soon i heard someone called behind me
“Hello” immediately i knew it was jayden ,i
didnt turn back ,i just ran away leaving my
face cap there,thank God he didnt see my

Hayden Pov
I went to the garden again and this time i
still heard her sweet voice ,i watched her
carefully ,she was backing me ,her long
black hair was touching her butt like that of
a mermaid ,i couldnt see what she was
wearing talk more of her face
“hello” i said and she ran away without
turning back
Am begining to accept the fact that i think
shes a ghost
I walked to were she sat down and saw a
face cap there ,wow but ghost dont wear
face cap wait maybe its a gift for me ,i
picked the cap and wore it maybe she likes
me already i mean who wouldnt am cute
,but if she likes me why dosent she wants
me to see her face i thought

Maddy Pov
I woke up early took my bath ,wore a short
skirt revealing my bare laps and a crop top,i
applied my makeup ,and brushed my hair
“How do i look “i asked betty
“You look beautiful” she replied and i
“am sure his will droll and hard on when he
see you” betty added
“Well he better”i said sternly
“see ya”i said to betty and cat walked out
I Walked to the twins apartment and the
gate was opened i quickly walked in,the
house was super and it suits my taste that i
why i must have one of the twins ,luckily i
sited the pool and saw one of the twins
there ,i walked closer and it was jayden
“Just who i was looking for ” i said
“Who are you and how did you get in
here”he asked
“Am maddison ,only daughter of mr /mrs
collins “i said proudly
“your parent are part of the school
investors”he asked
“Yes “i replied smiling
“well what are you doing here “he asked
“I am in the musical training department
here so i was thinking if you could put me
through on something”i said
“you can meet my twin am in the dancing
department “he said
“Oh sorry i mean dancing “i chipped in
“there is this new music video am working
on and i will like to learn a few dance steps
from you so i can put it there “i added and
he starred at me like he knew i was lying
“Okay meet me here tomorrow after
training “he said
“So can i join you ” i said giving him a
naughty smile
“can you leave please am having a quite time
here”he said rudely and i left
Why is this guy playing hard ,at least i have
tomorrow i must make sure i step my game
,he looks like a difficult person and am
going to do anything for the fame

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