Hannah And I - S01 E15 (Story Episode)

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8 Years Later.
Things happened so fast, we finished our education with good grades, though campus was full of ups and downs but that is the definition of life. Job hunting started it was a hard one. Getting a job in Nigeria is difficult but thank God, Hannah got employed in a Federal Government Hospital. Susan also got employed in an International law firm while Samuel, the bad boy himself had been rusticated since his year three after he was caught cheating twice. He was a brilliant boy in our secondary school days but the wave of campus took his brilliancy away, what a pity!

Winks Import and Export Trade Limited later found that my dad wasn’t guilty. I was offered the position of the CEO which I accepted. Through this, I built a hospital in Kogi state and started fulfilling my dream.

When it was time to settle down and have my own family, Mrs Willock called my dad and reminded her of the agreement. I had already told mom that I can’t marry Susan but she continued assuring Susan’s mom that I will marry her daughter.

They started preparing for the wedding and I was kept in the dark. Susan and her mom flew to Paris to buy clothes and other things. But sadly, when their plane was returning to Nigeria, it went off from it track and vanished with no traces. It was a sad news but a part of me was happy because it was like a breakthrough for my family and relationship with Hannah. I later married her, it was a colourful day I will never forget.

After the party, I took my wife in and had a more than wonderful bath with her. Of course, she remained a virgin until that night that I felt her in-ness.

9 Months Later.
‘Congratulation, your wife gave birth to triplet.. Two girl and a boy’ the doctor said.

‘What!’ I shouted and entered the ward she was in.

‘So what name would you give to them?’ Hannah said smiling.

‘Phemloid, Hannah and Susan’

——-THE END——-

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