Hannah And I - S01 E14 (Story Episode)

3 months ago

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‘…She aimed and shot at my dad but sadly, the bullet hit her husband and he died on the spot. Blood started oozing from the hole the bullet made on his head and my dad white cloth turned red. Dad held his frind shaking Mr. Willock lifeless body when Mrs. Willock, a renown lawyer knew what awaited her if the scene should get to the mass, she made to shoot dad too but there was no bullet left in the gun and threw the gun at dad which my dad flung away leaving his fingerprint on it. She ran to another room and with my dad knowing, she started taking pictures of him holding her lifeless husband body. She also made a video recording of it. Minutes later, the sound of siren filled the air, the compound was surrounded by the Nigeria police. When they entered the house, Mrs. Willock started crying and pointed to my dad to kill her husband. He was arrested and taken to court.

The evidences was enough to put him behind bars; the pictures, the video recording and the fingerprint found on the gun. Dad was said to be guilty and sentenced to death. His lawyer did well and after pleadings, the supreme court lowered it to life imprisonment. Dad died in the prison and autopsy showed that he was poisoned. No one know how he got poisoned because mom was the last person to take food to him that particular day. Mrs Willock took the opportunity to frame mom for dad’s death. She got all evidence against mom; the flask dad used to eat that day was one. The same poison that killed dad was found in the flask.

Mrs Willock gave option to mom to let the case die down. She told a to sign a document that contained an agreement that would see Mrs Willock have 70% of dad’s property and an agreement that would make me marry Susan when we are ripe of marriage.

Mom didn’t agree at first but that was the only way she could save herself and if she decides not to agree, no one would take care of her children, both my paternal and maternal family pleaded with her to sign it. She relunctantly did and since then, Susan’s mom had taken control of almost everything we have. And about Susan, this is the reason I was always cautious of her, if her mom decides to file the case to court, it would be for the downfall of the whole family’ I finished explained why Susan had always been on my neck to Hannah who was filled with pity.

‘So what do you plan to do?’ Hannah asked

‘I don’t know but I will never marry Susan’

‘All will be well’ she assured and kissed me.

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