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Tips for all – Never limit yourself, be confident in whatever you are doing and you will be the best.

Monica was afraid as the figure was advancing towards her, she was confused.

Monica: You, how come you are here, I thought you are………

Angelica: You think you can just use me and dump me, you must be out of your mind.

Monica: you should be dead by now, don’t you eat the pizza I sent you.

Angelica : You are a wicked woman and c@llous. I wonder….

Monica: But (tries to shift to the back) you should be dead.

Angelica: Yes, you are right, I should be dead, after you gave me the balance of my money and brought the pizza, I was suspecting a f0ul play but because you ate out of the Pizza, then I felt I was safe. I never knew you only trick me. I ate it and I sat started having a running stomach, I was at the point of dying when one lady who called her self Joan walked up to me and saved me.

Monica: What, you mentioned Joan, how come you two knew each other.

Angelica: Hissing) You thought you could eliminate everybody, I killed John because of you, we almost cr1ppled Joan, Helen is in prison because of you, Kelvin is now yours, Mike and Kelvin relationship has crumbled as a result of your selfishness, so woman what other thing do you wish to achieve.

Monica: Laughs w!ckedly), you see not until I destr0y every hindrance on my way, am not done and until it is done am not quitting.

Angelica: But what will be your gain in all these.

Monica: and you what will be your gain, afterall, I gave you 4.5 million, so there is no excuse for you, I already pay for your life , so what is your problem in losing your life.

Angelica: (getting annoyed) You must be stup!d for what you just uttered and I will make sure, I d!sgrace you.

Monica: My d!sgrace is not in your hand, I will take over the property of Kelvin very soon.
Prior to that time, Monica has asked Kelvin to write his will , even though he was not going to die yet.

Kelvin: Why should I write my will as this stage.

Monica: Because who know what might happen in the future.

Kelvin: I believe nothing of evil will happen to any one

Monica: (touching his head) but you need to write it and I want you to will almost everything in my name.

Kelvin: What !!! impossible.

Monica: Afterall I am your wife, so what is bad in it.

Kelvin: Does that mean, I should give you all my property. Have you forgotten that my first love is still in prison, I mean your friend Helen.

Monica: (she slaps him) How dare you call her name here, I am your wife and that one will rot in jail.

Kelvin: Never, she can’t …or have you forgotten that she carries my baby…even though she is in prison.

Monica: What!!, are you out of your mind.

Kelvin: What do you mean….she is also my wife.

Monica: Okay, I know what I will do, how can the b@stard be carrying a baby in the cell.

Monica plan to meet with a warder at the prison and inject the food she will give to Helen so that she can have miscarriage.
Back to the present, Angelica has now threatened to deal with Monica as she plans to reveal the secret to the world and free poor Helen from the prison.

Angelica: You should enjoy these while it last, Am telling you that, you will leave to regret you action as I will reveal everything to the world.

Monica: (laughs) that’s is if you will live to see tomorrow.

Angelica: you cant do anything my friend, I will see your end.

Monica: Okay, Tomorrow never dies, I will prove to you that I am a no nonsense woman.

Angelica: Lets see who is more smarter between you and myself, you old witch.

Monica: I pity your family, I will only waste you my dear.

Angelica storms out of the room and was thinking on how to carry out her plot…

Five days after, Monica had prepared a delicious meal and gave it to Kelvin who was visiting Helen at the prison, because he still loves her. He carried the food with him not knowing that it was already poisoned. To make the plan work well, Monica had called Kelvin into the kitchen to help apply the powder to the food as she called it to him Andrew Liver Salt that it aids the cooking of meat, unknown to Kelvin it was a poison. To make her plan work better, she had placed a video recorder of the whole situation so as to implicate him and she will be one in charge of his property with no competition from another person.

Kelvin: Thanks, Monica for preparing a delicious food like this for Helen, it will give her strength and energy to withstand the rigor in the prison and since she is carrying my child.

Monica: It is nothing my dearest husband.

Kelvin: Thank love.

Kelvin carried the food and went to the prison happily without suspecting anything. He was wondering how it would have been if Helen had been around.
Monica could not still rest as she has three more people to take down, Angelica is the first, Joan and Mike. She was determined to destroy anyone on her path to achieving her goal.

Monica: hmm, now that Kelvin would be implicated for trying to k!ll Helen, I should quickly get rid of Angelica.

She took her phone and made a call to some g00ns so as to help her track down Angelica. She promised to pay them huge amount of money if they can accomplish their task.

Monica: Hello guys, please this is her picture, I want her de@d with no traces.

G00ns: Okay no problem, consider the work done.

Monica: Smiles to herself and whisper to herself, I am going to be rich with all these wealth (ahhhhhhhh)
At the prison , Kelvin brought the food he brought from home and gave it to the warder to give it to Helen but the warder collected it and started to eat…..he told Kelvin Joan had brought a food earlier which Helen has eaten so he would eat the food but before he finished eating he told Kelvin to join him and they both ate it but along the way, Kelvin start feeling pains in his stomach and the warder and both collapse but the timely intervention of the other warder saved them as they were rushed to the hospital.

Monica was awaiting the news and when she heard she was happy and quickly positioned herself since she knew a detective would be coming….

She was in her room when a young man walked in to her.

James: My name is James Ogbor, I am a detective and working on the case of food poisioning involving Kelvin and the wader.

Monica: Staring at the young man….) she was confused as she said in her mind……why is there so much resemblance between him and her….

Monica: afraid,) who are you once again…

James : I am detective James, any problem…

Monica: No problem, but by the way do you know any one by the name Helen….

James: ;Looking confused) No ma’am ,why do you ask

Monica: Why is there so much resemblance between them she thought…

Author- This story is now turning to mystery, I think there is a light to every hidden situation……is Helen child the detective or is it just ordinary resemblance, something big is going to happen in the next episode… watch out….. I think it is coming to an end for Monica…..

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