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One Week Later

It was one boring afternoon. Caroline had travelled to Jos. JJ didn’t want to play his normal game. Facebooking was becoming his new hobby. As soon as he logged into his facebook account, he saw another beautiful lady and they chatted. Out of the blue moon, the lady suggested seeing JJ in person. She said her name was Queenzy. She lauded JJ calling him “hot.”

Since JJ was feeling bored he gave her the direction to His house.

Soon the gate bell buzzed “C-r-r-r-r. His heart missed a beat. Probably, it would be Queenzy. Gleefully, he dashed towards the gate and opened it. Lo and behold, there stood Queenzy , beaming with smiles. Queenzy wasn’t as exciting as Juicy Candy but they
got romantically attracted to each other and made love in an hour bliss ,filled with so much ecstasy, leaving Queenzy gasping for breath in her uncontrolled mood.

After several bouts of lovemaking , exhaustion crept in and they fell asleep on the bed n*ked. The room re-transformed from a paranormal status to its normal appearance, the rosies, candles and blue lights suddenly obliterated from view. Queenzy couldn’t wake up early the next day.

The Next Day

” Chi-chi-chirriiiiiiip, Chi-chi-chirriiiiiiip,” the song bird herald the coming of a new day. JJ was highly aware of the possibility of his mother returning from her journ….”
“KOR!!, KOR!!!KOR!!! came an incessant knocking on his door. His heart missed. His intuition was right. He gazed at Queenzy. She was still sleeping soundly.
“Queenzy !!! Wake up. It’s dawn. He called her.

The knock was becoming inces
sant. “KOR ! , KOR !!! KOR!!!!”
Queenzy woke up with a start. The strong arms of sunshine had parted his curtains and allowed a long ray of light into the room, dispelling the few traces of darkness still lurking there.

” JJ !!……JJ…..What …are …..”
“I’m coming,mum,” he responded.

Queenzy looked dazzled but quickly took in the scenario. She dressed quickly and entered the topmost part of the wardrobe ,hiding behind some clothes.

Finally, JJ opened the door.
“You are welcome, mum” he said.

She ignored his greeting and scanned through the room looking
highly suspicious at her son.
She suspected something fishy had gone on in her absence.
“JJ, Which game are you up to? What kept you so long in opening the door?” She asked.
He looked at her blankly, trying hard not to betray himself. She continued, “I noticed nowadays you seemed withdrawn from me. You are always indoor or on your phone. You don’t play your normal football game again. JJ, I hope you are not doing what I’m suspecting you of”

“What is that, mum?” he asked.
She answered , “facebooking. You are showing signs of “Facebook depression.” So tell me the truth. What exactly are you doing behind my back?
He remained quiet. She couldn’t find anything. After staring at him disapprovinly for two minutes,
his mother moved towards the door
and was about to leave his room when her eyes spot something on the floor. It was Queenzy’s brassier. She was shocked. Picking it from the ground, she asked JJ, “whose bra is this?”

JJ looked at the brassier in
astonishment. Queenzy had forgotten to wear her brassier.
“Ah,errrmmm, it’s for me,” JJ replied, having seen no logical explanation.

Caroline’s face split into a smile and then she asked, ” Since when did men start wearing brassiers?”

“Or are you now a gay?”
Then explain how a brassier crept into your room, or you are developing women’s breast ?

“STOP LAUGHING AND ANSWER ME !!!” his mother commanded him.

An idea occurred to JJ and he said, “mum,I bought it for my friend.”

“Friend or girlfriend?” Her mum retorted sarcastically.
Once again, JJ was quiet. Caroline searched the whole room looking for a lady. She found none. Then she moved towards the wardrobe and was about to open it when she received a call. It was urgent.
“JJ, You are still a boy. Don’t toy with love. Love is a bitter- sweet thing. It can burn you so be careful son, I say be careful, Caroline warned her son. She added ,”DON’T
BE LIKE YOUR FATHER” and left JJ’s room. Queenzy came out of the wardrobe, took the brassier, jumped through the window into the backyard and left.
For about three weeks,It was all rosy and pleasantries for the two girls and JJ. The romantic activities continued unabated.
What happen next.

To Be Continued.....

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