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I couldn’t believe Michelle — she was upset because I fought off a guy trying to flirt with her, what was I supposed to do — Just stand there and smile at him, I slapped my head, this night was suppose to be fun, smiles and a perfect get together with most of my business associates who had flown in from within Nigeria and across Africa upon hearing about my arrival, everything changed immediately Mr. Popov walked in with that sly son of his and my mood changed; and then Michelle had added more gloss to my already spoilt mood, she reaffirmed her ass wasn’t mine, well it was hers anyway, Maybe she’s not mine to begin with, we ain’t even married so I shouldn’t be all bossy over her, I guess I have been too clingy with her and maybe I needed to leave for awhile probably give her space.

Dean walked in, and the sound made by his footwear as he walked in made me turn. he was holding a wine glass which was almost empty.

“Hey, Buddy; saw what happened back there, whats up ?” he said moving closer

I sighed and sat on the stoop beside my bed as I bent my head, ” I can’t explain man, I was just tensed being in the same party with Stanley and his dad, and I was dancing with Michelle and then a guy came outta no where and slapped her ass — what was I supposed to do?” I said, and looked at him.

“she said I don’t own her — I guess I don’t, maybe I was just putting much into these whole stuffs than it was, we are just dating not some potential couples anyway” I added again, my face tensing up.

“I understand your point, really I do; But maybe she never wanted you to ruin your party because of her” He said and moved over to where I was, seating adjacent to where I was, and staring at the wall ahead, “Michelle is a really nice girl, and if there’s one thing I’m sure of: that girl loves you, man.. I don’t know why she had to make such a statement maybe she was upset and she dint realize it when it came off” He placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me a soft squeeze. “cheer up, brother — very soon all this we be over” He said smiling.

“I nodded –” he stood and left me.



I was about walking in when I saw Steve beat up the young man, I was puzzled what might had happened to piss Steve off that he went to such an extent. I wanted to walk over and tell him to calm down as he launched various jabs at the poor guy who was clearly no match for him — Steve really took fighting classes, because the damages from his punch was your random ones and he attacked with precision and a very good knowledge of combat, it was like he knew just the right places to hit.

I saw him draw Michelle out of the hall and I watched them climb the stairs and disappeared out of sight.

I walked off to Rebecca and asked her what happened.

“the guy had his hands on Michelle’s ass and the next moment he was groaning in pains from the deadly attacks of Steve — He was clearly drunk though ” she said, taking a sip of the wine from the glass in her hand.

” Who is he ? and why dint no one separate them ? ”

“He’s Jeremy peters, son of the former senate president of the Federal republic, Dr. Richard peters, and who separates when A young handsome Nigerian billionaire fights with the son of a renowned politician — Most of the people in this party too are Steve’s friends”

“What the f-ck ? Son of the former senate president, — What this be bad for Steve? ”

“Baby girl, Steve ain’t no small kid anymore, he’s now an influential businessman, he’s a recognized figure internationally and a small fight in his house won’t get him into trouble — although, he should expect some problems and from the way he fought, Sandra I guess there are some things we are yet to know about this Steve that came back”

” yeah — I’ll be back ‘

I walked away I needed to find Steve and know how he was doing, I dint even know where they went but I just climbed the stairs and went up, walking through the long hallway and then I saw Him and Michelle in a heater argument and he told her to get out, I hid myself and watched as the events unfolded, immediately Michelle, I watched another guy walk into his room and he stayed there for a while before leaving.

I walked towards the door, and performed the sign of the cross repeatedly — I was nervous, and my palms were becoming all sweaty, my fingers went cold and began to shake, I had to close my fist and composed myself as I came face to face to the door — I knocked silently almost like a touch, there was no response; I knocked again and again, this time a little bit loudly –I heard his voice say ” who’s there ? come in ” from inside — I heard the door knob and waited for some time counting 1 – 10 in my mind before I opened the door, I damned the consequences.


Sandra got in and Steve’s eyes opened in shock as she walked in, how the hell did she get here? and how what is she doing here |?

“Sandra, you have to leave — I don’t want to speak to you ” Steve said looking away from her.

“Steve, we need to talk – we can’t keep up like this; just hear me out –”

“Hear you out ” Steve cuts in –” oh, now I should hear you out, I can see you’ve gone deaf, Sandra — I just said I don’t want to speak to you” he said reaffirming his former statement.

” I know, please I just want to tell you some things” she said as she got on her knees and tears dropped from her eyes. her hands held out in front of her together, showing she was pleading.

As much as he wanted her to leave, he felt touched by those tears — he remembered their childhood, their teenage years and the love they shared, the memories crept in overwhelming him as he stayed silent for awhile just staring at her, then he remembered the sex she had with Paul, all the time he begged her, and the sympathy he had disappeared instantly.

“Sandra, there’s nothing to talk about — you said we should never meet again –and that you hated me”

“Steve, I regret that, I forced myself to say those words, I loved you even when I made that mistake with Paul, I was stupid and a naive young girl who was deceived by unclear facts and sweet words”

“Hmm — Sandra, fine get up — what do you want to say, be fast and done with it ”

“I regretted ever leaving you, I missed you, your smiles, your jokes, I missed us — I went over to your house back then when your parents were still alive and I borrowed some of the toys we used when we were kids, I slept every night with the doll we bought when we were under 10 and we played father and mother and said it was our kid, I was going insane with the love I had and the distance — I wasn’t myself anymore. I was on my way to your house that day to ask about where you uncle lived when I met the house on fire, I ran in and tried myself to get to your parents — I called the fire service, and I was the one who brought your mum out of the fire, I got burnt and had a scar — she dint make it to tell me where you were. when I got to port-Harcourt, you were about leaving, I was there when you made you goodbye speech in PRINCESS COLLEGE — I felt hurt and broken seeing you leave, I couldn’t bear staying here without you but Aunt Rachel encouraged me and I tried my best, I got admitted and paid attention to my studies, I met Rebecca then and we bonded, I also got close to your mum now; I learnt about what happened to you at your uncle’s place —

and for the past 5 years, I’ve been building a way to get revenge for you, I’ve studied Stanley, I even had to date him and had sex with him, I knew he was planning an attack on you when you were coming back so I had to distract him and keep him at home, so that he won’t order the back up team to attack–”

“what ?! so you were the reason while the strike was never carried out —I didn’t know”

“no one knows, Steve –I gave My Life up 5 years ago for yours to be better and fulfilled”

” I don’t want you sacrificing your happiness for me, Sandra — I don’t ”

“I would have missed this if I had held back the gush of love in that one-of-a kind moment that we will never be together again. Wispy angels clouds in my head, love reaching for mine no matter how hard I tried, breath full of new love for you everyday — I would have missed you if I’d been bound : by what was ‘appropriate’, by whether they’d approve, by should or shouldn’t haves, by what ifs or how’s; if I had been measuring or grasping, wishing I had or hadn’t, if I had been thinking this moment needed to be more or less; I would have missed this but I dint, thank God instead I was right here tonight”

“Sandra — I –I — we can’t — we can’t be together — I think yo–you should –ju–just forget –about us”

“Steve, you don’t get it do you — this love is so infectious that I can’t get away from it, its like a disease that takes control of my body. This love seems impossible but I am not able to take it back, I just can’t forget about this love because it is already a part of my life. This love is perfect the way it is, I just can’t let it go because it makes me feel all right. This love is all I need, because my life wouldn’t be the same without it, I will always keep this love around to just remember how everything began”

She said and broke down in tears as she walked out.


I was very stupid to make such an outburst to Steve and I met Dean and Sammy, we had a lengthy discussion and I realized I used a very harsh comment on Steve, I was stupid — How could be so stupid ? I ran off from them, I met Rebecca on my way.

“where are you off to in such a haste?” she asked

“just want to see Steve ..”

“oh, Steve — (she laughed) no problem”

“and where is your baby sitter nh, she no follow you come “I asked referring about Sandra.

‘Oh, she’ll be consoling Steve by now — I guess ”

” what ?!” I asked so shocked

“Mitch, I’m your friend and I want to advice you be careful, hold Steve closely because if you lose him, you might never get another chance”

“thanks so much, Becky –”

“and apologize about using that line on him — don’t turn into a b-tch over night ”

I ran off, Sandra consoling Steve — no way, what have I done?

I met her coming out of his room,

“hey, don’t you know here is off-limits to guests?” I asked her

you’re funny, Michelle –keep Steve warm for me”

“Steve’s is mine, Sandra — you had him and you threw him away , I appreciated what you rejected and cared and loved it, and I’m not releasing until forever”

“thank God you knew I had him before — and I’m back to take him again”

“Sandra — let me give you a friendly advice, keep you adulterous self from Steve and go on shagging Stanley”


“oh I know, Sandra — I’m not someone you’ll make a foe because the result will always be the same no matter the advantage– I will always win”

“we all have our lives right? Michelle — today I’m officially challenging you, I’ll get Steve back and just wait I’m smile on your sorry ass”

“as much as I would love to make a bet, if I gamble with you its an abuse, people will look down on me, if I challenge you, I might kill you as well and Steve’s worth more than an item to gamble on — I own him, and I don’t share”

I walked out of her …..


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