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{Third Person’s POV}

Honeymoon is always the sweetest part of marriage. After the marriage and the honeymoon, Clifford and Nneka settled to make a home. Clifford became rich by dint of hard work. Not only was he rich but became a famous millionaire in Nigeria. Clifford established one of the biggest Universities in Nigeria called Meridian University. It specialised in sound engineering and other media courses. He travelled in and outside Africa. God blessed him with three lovely daughters.
Deep within him, he wished Nneka had given him a son. It must be noted that Clifford’s first born was Jeffery Junior( JJ). Jeffery Junior was the child Clifford had with Caroline during their loveship at Paradise Beach Resort when he called himself JEFF. It was rather unfortunate that Clifford didn’t consider Jeffery Junior as one of his children. Ever since he was taken to the Department of Social Welfare, he had not set his eyes on him until he got married to Nneka. Even after marriage, he had not set his eyes on him or went looking for him. He had not also told his wife that he had an older child, a male with another woman called Caroline, before meeting her.

10 Years Later

To Nneka, her daughter Valentina
was Clifford’s first child. She was 10 years , Kyla was 8 years and Samantha was 6 years. Since he was rich and prosperous, he sent his children to a rich school- Galaxy International School. ( GIS)
Caroline had also progressed in her career as a land Economist. She was assigned to the Nigerian branch of the land economy.

So Caroline also relocated to Nigeria just a year after Clifford’s exodus. Off course, she was not aware of Clifford’s relocation to Nigeria.

It has been 15 years since her encounter with Jeff( Clifford). Her bitter experience with ‘Jeff’ had hardened her heart towards men.

To her, all men are the same. She didn’t want to become vulnerable to any man again. So she had deve
loped a wall around her heart and not ready to mingle or date any man.

She also enrolled her child in one of the famous international schools in Nigeria called Greenoak Internatio
nal School (GIS)
Greenoak International School 
(GIS) is a private primary and 
secondary school located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The school caters for children of all nationa
lities from 5 to 16 years of age.

The school offers an International Education system, consisting of International Primary Curriculum (IPC), along with American and British curriculum programs.

From infancy, Caroline always admonished her son to be wary of Social Media, especially Facebook.

She herself could not remember the last time she had been to Facebook. That was roughly more than 15 years.

Over the years, her heart began to soften with regards to men. There was one lawyer who kept pestering her. She had not given him any indication that she was interested in him but she knew she was considering him in her heart.

One of Caroline’s Colleagues Felicia who had never seen her friend with any male friend before asked her, “have you ever being in love before?”

The Question pushed her down the memory lane. A memory lane of about 15 years when he first met ‘Jeff’ on Facebook.
That night she was restless. She knew Clifford may have gotten married and moved on with his life. It had been 15 years now.
Based on that conjecturing, she asked herself why she should be trapped in the prison of her own past if other people had moved on in life.

Upon a sober reflection, she deci
ded to pay the lawyer a surprise visit. She called the lawyer and he gave her a vivid direction to his house. Entering her car, she moved towards the lawyer’s neighbour
Though she was aware Lawyers belonged to the elite class, Caroline was very surprised at his Residence in Ikeja GRA.Located in the suburbs of Lagos, this upper-class neighborhood has some lovely homes that require some serious cash.

When she got closer to his Estate, she  noticed the well-laid out houses with their well painted walls and Iron massive gates.Even the smell was different from the other environments , typical of most Nigerian communities which were often piled with rubbish and filth.

Everyone in Lawyer Okafor’s community was better dressed.
It was not surprising because it was one of the elites’ or high class communities in Nigeria ,a town which offers a panoramic view to its upper class dwellers.
As she approached Okafor’s residence, she  noticed the well-painted buildings decorated with potted plants and designed burglar proofing with walls which had been spiked and electrified to keep away intruders and thieves. It was quite ironical that majority of Nigerians were wallowing in abject poverty where very few enjoy so much riches.

She watched the numbers on the well laid out houses until my eyes landed on house number 0025. She pressed the door bell and waited. A CCTV was fixed on her for about 5 seconds. She saw a blue ray of light flashed through her whole body and an automated voice said, SCANNED COMPLETE.!

Then she heard a CLICK and the gate opened by itself. She stepped into a large compound, surrounded by magnificent storey buildings that bore the mark of unique designs one only see in CNN, BBC or DW-TV News.

There was a large garden surround
ing the building. A fresh cut lawn with beautiful plants and flowers and an overwhelming smell of mint, gave the place an unparalleled ambience.

The path led her to another smaller gate. On the small gate was the  inscription “WELCOME TO LAWYER OKAFOR’S VILLA!!!” boldly emblazoned on It.

As soon as she reached the gate, it opened. She followed the path to a magnificent building.

In summary, Jackson’s residence was Paradise on Earth.

It had a facial recognition software technology. After seeing her face, the door of the buiding opened and there he was, Lawyer Okafor !

He said, “welcome to My villa. Forget about the rigorous security checks.  “You know security is very important to us, Lawyers. We have a lot of enemies due to the nature of our work.”

She sat on his super soft couch and gazed at the chandeliers mounted on the ceiling.

“I am surprise you have decided to pay me a visit today, Lawyer Okafor told her.”
“Well, it’s just a harmless visit. I was just a little bored at home and decided to pay a courtesy call,” she said.

“Hmmm, if this is a dream, please don’t wake me up,” the lawyer said and they both laughed.

Caroline tried to hide her astonish
ment but it was apparently written all over her face. She never knew the Lawyer Okafor had a sense of humour and that rich.

After her first visit, she relaxed for about three weeks before deci
ding to pay the lawyer another visit.

It looked as if Lawyer Okafor’s security system had a breach that day. Caroline had no difficulty entering the lawyer’s house. Her decision to visit the lawyer
unannounced was to tell him she wanted to give him a chance in her life. She was about to knock on his door when she heard some scuffling followed by pleasurable moaning “Umm,ahhh,babe, give
it to me, give it to me, I love it. Yea !yea!! yea!!! You are so sweet,

Her heart sunk. She peeped through a tiny space in the window and was shocked to see the Lawyer banging a lady !!!

This time around, she was not really surprised. She had grown to accept the fact that men would always be men regardless of their social status. She turned back and left.

In her desire to test the sincerity of the lawyer, she called him on a mobile phone and asked about his whereabout. The lawyer lied,
“I have travelled out of the country.”

Smiling to herself, she put the phone down and said, “I don’t think Lawyer Okafor is the right man for me. He had failed a test on sincerity.”

With that little bit of exposure which validated her earlier conviction that all men are the same, the wall she built around her heart suddenly resurfaced.


Clifford was getting very satisfied with his achievements so far in Nigeria but sometimes, the conse
quences of our past actions catch up with us in the future. Clifford suddenly came home at an odd time only to realised a strange car that didn’t belong to him or his wife packed in his house. He knew at once there was a stranger in his house.

He tiptoed through the back door into his secret room. There, he picked his revolver gun and advanced towards his bedroom.

With anger, he flung his door suddenly open only to realise another man on top of his wife Nneka! and his wife was enjoying every bit of the man’s lovemaking and ” rocking style.”
His eyes widened with shock.

He pointed his gun on the man and was about to pull the trigger when Valentina entered the room.

The strange man managed to make use of that situation and bolted off. Clifford left immediately in anger. The following week, the couples were headed towards the Divorce Court. Soon it was a done deal. Nneka and Clifford were divorced after ten years of marriage.



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