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Two Years Later

[ Clifford’s Point of view]

After managing to outsmart the Department of Social Welfare, I wanted to travel outside Ghana.

One of my friends who now live in Nigeria told me it was easier to work and make more money there.

So I made up my mind to travel to Nigeria.

There was another reason why I wanted to moved to Nigeria.
I wanted to avoid Caroline and her son. I didn’t want to have anything to do with her and that bastard child of hers-The facebook baby we have produced by mistake.

I didn’t know how Nigerians make their money but I knew Nigerians are smarter and more entrepre
neuricallly -minded than Ghanaians and ….and …their ladies…are HEAD-TURNERS. God might have designed them with a special clay , the likes of Omotola
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji,Mercy Johnson,Ini Edo,Tonto Dikeh and even the old ones like Mama G (Patience Ozokwor). The list is endless.

“Naa,I wan get an igbo chic, now”

Whatever the case may be, I intended to make my own money in Nigeria.

I left my homeland Ghana and went to Nigeria. Ghana and Nigeria are just brothers from time imme
morial. I stayed in River State and worked hard to accumulate a lot of money doing any job that came my way apart from my sound engineering work. Too much work broke me down and I ended up in a hospital. The nurses at Crystal Galaxy Hospital were very lovely people. One in particular made it her responsibility to take care of me.

With time she captured my heart. Her name was Nneka. I said it, “Niger babes dey bi.”
Nneka was a very lovely lady.
Her smile was so infectious that she’d light up everyone around her with it. I don’t know the extent to which I could describe her unique beauty because no word artist could use words to perfectly paint a picture of her.

She had such an alluring beauty making me to believe that some things could be perfectly made-like her.

A lot of things made her beautiful but her strongest point of attrac
tion is her eyes. They were unimaginably attractive. I felt magnetized by her charming eyes, as if they were gleaming the statue of liberty.

Her eyes sparkled in the Golden sun. Every outfit would no doubt loved to embrace her body, because she would make it look more gorgeous.

She was a beautiful icon of a lady. Everyday, I found a new amazing dimensions of her.
Her ultimate philosophy was to live, love and laugh unconditionally. Afterall,life itself is free.

Her life seemed like a fairy tale, but in reality,she was a goddess of beauty.

She had a slender waist, whistling down from her bust, as smoothly as the water cascading from a waterfall.The bends of her hips was so voluptuous that you feel as if it has been carefully carved out by the creator. Her bosom was remarkably full. Her glistening fair skin ,infused with a hint of cream ,correlated with her perfect figure and ethnic origin; Igbo.

There is no denying the fact that her physique was more than enough to give heart ache to any of the pasers by,as it surely cause my heart to skip uncontrollably.

Her charmy features made it difficult for me to look away.Tough for a mortal to not feel something ,
something greater than an instant infatuation. Nneka was flawlessly made.

I knew at once I was attracted to her. Looking through her eyes,I knew she was also attracted to me. This was a feeling I has never experience before. I spent hours thinking about her. I would call her in the evenings just to hear her voice. It wasn’t long before our feelings ran very deep and marriage became eminent.


Divine Church of Christ

The church was full to capacity and everyone was impatiently waiting for the arrival of my bride, Nneka

I was already in the church waiting.

The officiating Pastor was in one of his best moods and happily singing along with the congregation. 
Among the congregation were
relatives , friends and well wishers of both Nneka and mine.

Finally she arrived at the Church, dressed elegantly.The congregation
cheered as she arrived with her

 A man gesticulated to her it was time to walk down the lane.

The orchestra started playing their
famous melodious songs….

Song by Bruno Mars

Marry You

It’s a beautiful night,
we’re looking for
something dumb to do
Hey baby, I think 
I wanna marry you 
Is it the look in your eyes, or is it this dancing juice 
Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you…


Don’t say no no no no no
Just say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
And we’ll go go go go go…….

The flower girl and boy, lined 
the path with pink rose petals, followed by the ring bearer for the wedding.She carried the wedding rings on a large white satin pillow and held the pillow as if it was the most sacred thing. 

Nneka hummed along silently to the song as she walked through the guests. Her father who was waiting for her at a point 
escorted her down the aisle, 
which seemed far way than she 
expected it to be. The guests kept
 their attention on her, taking pictures of her. The music flew slowly in the background. When they reached the end of the aisle, her father hugged her saying, “I’m proud of you.  Pastor peter mounted the floral raised Dias. He began his sermon ” Dear beloved, we are gathered here today to serve as witnesses in the marriage union between these 
wonderful couples.

Then he began his sermon.” Let’s remember that Marriage is a time
 where two people share their love
 before God and before men.

Time for vows  

We stood before the pastor , 
sandwiched by our best man and bridesmaid .

“Now between the two of you, is there any reason why you should not be joined together in Holy matrimony?”asked the pastor.

We both answered, “No. 
Nneka was overwhelmed with joy when she stared at the huge crowd.She was a famous nurse indeed.

Before we exchanged the vows, Pastor Peter casually said ,” if anyone objects to the marriage,
 let him or her speak now or 
forever hold his or her peace.” 
We were nervous when the pastor  said that.” There was an uneasy silence. For a moment I imagined Caroline popping up at the church with our Facebook baby and causing a pandemonium saying , “Pastor, this man is a Casanova and a heart breaker. He impregnated me and ran away. This is his son. He can’t marry Nneka or I will……”

“If there is no objection from anyone, then let’s continue with the vows, ” pastor Peter’s voice cut through my chain of thought and brought me out of my reverie.

We exchanged the vows and signed the legal marriage documents. We took pictures with our friends and well wishers. Then we had a huge refreshment. It was stupendous.

After the refreshment we went on our honeymoon or is it SEXmoon?



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