Oga Landlord - S01 E54 (Story Episode)

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Me: if you ask me, na who I go ask?

Ugochukwu: make I ask your grandpapa, grandmama then your forefathers, huh?

Me: clean your mouth.

Shantel: sir, they are looking at us.

rubbing his lips wetin dey my mouth?

Me: rubbish.

hiss make Shantel go buy bag wey go bag all these things enter inside.

Me: the day your mama born you, God dey in hurry to give sense.

Shantel: umhh… make we go inside, am tired standing.

Me: who carry you come outside? nobody ask you to follow, so chill.

Shantel: am scared of that masquerade inside the house.

Me: na human being be that not spirit, that head of state is natural, so behave.

Ugochukwu: which natural? that guy look like our clan most dreaded masquerade.

Me: is that so?

Ugochukwu: very so.

Me: hummm… Make we leave this things here, tomorrow when we dey go that place. em go kukuma wear am.

Ugochukwu: oh God! You carry us come outside to just waste time.

He closed the booth and we went inside the guest house avoiding the body-builder room hallway, as we were walking through the hallway to get to our room.

Ugochukwu: that guy nodey sleep the same room with us, bah?

Me: where you want make em sleep?

Shantel: sir, I dey fear am.

Ugochukwu: anywhere apart from the same room with me, ona two fit lock ona sef for bathroom.

Me: no waste your time and strength, em go stay for the same room with us. Na VIP be that.

Ugochukwu: I don tell you my own.

He quickly got at the front and went towards our room’s door, he quickly opened it and he was face to face with Ishi.

Ugochukwu: Jesus!!
stumble to the floor backward

my heart skip Ishi, this one you stand for door?

Shantel: si…r I wan go house
hiding behind me

Me: you be VIP too.

Ishi: ona waste time, I come dey wonder why.

I had a rethink about allowing him to sleep in same room with me, I no want make somebody with that face come kiss me for mid-night.

That one will make me not dream any better dream for six years.

Me: Shantel call the others, lets go down to eat.

Ugochukwu: ehnn..nothing person no go see.

Me: you sabi fear oh.

Ugochukwu eyed me while Shantel and the two other guys that are sent by the governor to safeguard us joined us, five of us went to the restaurant section in the guest house.

Those guys were wondering what kind of human being Ishi is.

Shantel joined the other guys on their table, while Ugochukwu and I with Ishi occupied a separate table from them.
I told him what he will do for me tomorrow, he agreed.

Me: so how much you wan collect?

Ishi: just ten thousand naira, to act like chief priest no easy.

Me: you dey owe me two weeks rent.

Ishi: hiaa! Oga landlord!!

Me: your rent finish first of this Month.

Ishi: you nodey forget something honourable talk and do.

Me: minus am from the future and past rent wey I no remember, wey you dey owe me.

Ishi: bad market, I wan eat oh.

Me: you fit eat.

After we finished eating, Ugochukwu called me aside for talk. We stood by the corner of the bar far from earshot.

Ugochukwu: you sure say this your plan go allow you win?

To Be Continued

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