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When I reached home that evening, I tried calling Jeff on the MTN number he gave me to thank him and reassured him of my undying love for him. The voice automated machine said, “Sorry, you have dialled the wrong number.

“Why? Why would Jeff give me a wrong number?

No. Maybe he made a mistake when he was giving the number to me in his car. I dialled the number again. The voice Automated machine said, ‘sorry, you have dialled the wrong number. I tried to reverse the figures at the end of the phone number and dialled again but still, it couldn’t go through. It was then that I realised the phone number didn’t reach the normal ten digits. One digit was omitted one.

Oh, my God, why didn’t I identify this error earlier? Then I remembered I was enjoying the love song in the car so much they I couldn’t really have checked the number properly.

I quickly logged into my Facebook account in a bid to see him and retrieve the last digit from him. I saw him online and was excited. My-one-and-only Prince Charming. How I missed you. Quickly I sent him a “hi.” and waited for him to spread me with another poetry of love.

“Hmmm, my dear Reader, He ignored me. I sent another ” Hi” and another and another but he ignored them. I called him using Facebook messenger but he didn’t pick my call.

Confusion descended on me like heavy clouds. Why was he avoiding me like a plague? He just proposed love to me some few hours ago? Surely, this was odd. Something was wrong somewhere.

As if it was a joke or he was playing pranks on me, I realised I could not see his status again. He had blocked me. Out of frustration, I screamed.

My rate of my heartbeat increased, as if angry at the deception. My hands were shaking uncontrollably and my vision blurred for a few minutes.

I felt weak all of a sudden and my head began to burn inside as if its content wanted to explode to obliterate my memory of him.

Pain seeped into my body and my soul. Rivers of tears pour down from my eyes and I began to drool unconsciousness. Life seemed not to have any purpose for me.

It pained my heart that Jeffery used and jilted me, hiding under the smokescreen of love. My father used to warn me against social media guys but I never believed him, forgetting he was much older and experienced than me. I remembered my mother’s admonition, “if something is too good to be true, trust me, it’s fake.”

A week later, I decided to logged into my Facebook account again and tried reconnecting with him but alas, he was no longer on Facebook!!! He had vaporised into thin air.

Painfully, I decided to forget about him and repair the altercation between my ex-boyfriend Komsoon and me but he refused to extend his hand of friendship to me. Unknown to me, he had been told I was dating a Yahoo boy.

He said without any equivocation , “ever since you start following that yahoo boy, you have changed and you don’t know I even existed so go back to him. You are no longer my girlfriend”

I had the greatest shock of my life the following month. Guess what?

I lost my period !!!
My heart went down like the Titanic ship which sank into the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg.
“Am I pregnant? I tested myself using a test strip. The result sent a blankets of fear all over me eventhough I knew what the result would be even before I did the test.

Off course, my suspicion was right.

I knew there was fire on my mountain.I was still in school. How could I combine pregnancy with studies? My dad would kill me should he became aware of my reckless lifestyle which resulted in this unwanted pregnancy.

I became so desperate and disoriented, searching for Jeffery on other social media platforms like Instagram, twitter, Linkin, snap chat, all with the hope of finding him. But I never did. It seemed he never existed. He has gone back into non-existence.

Abortions came to my mind but I was afraid I might die in the process. I remembered Mercy, my cousin, who went about frolicking with boys until they put her in the family way. Out of shame, she used unorthodox means to get rid of the pregnancy. Sadly, she died in the process. Instead of sorrow, she was cursed by her parents.

I decided to keep my unborn child and face the consequences of my action, even the rebuke from my parents and the school’s authority.

Another thought came to my mind. It was a wicked one. I could easily frame Mr.Koomson for my pregnancy. Everybody in the school would believe me because they knew I was very close to him. He was the school’s Administrator (Secretary) Some students were even suspecting, rather wrongly, that we were dating. I could capitalise on that perception and shift the pregnancy to him.

Then a voice spoke to me,” why would you frame an innocent man to bear the consequences of your own reckless lifestyle? He might curse you and your future may be worse than your present precarious predicament.

The truth will eventually come out, anyway. Please don’t do that.”

I decided to rescind my wicked scheme and bear the consequen
ces of my actions alone. Every night, I cried.

Even river Volta could take its source from my tears.

They were simply limitless.

To Be Continued.....

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