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The next day, he surprised me. He knelt before me with a promissory ring, then he became poetic in his expression of love, “Babe, you mean the world to me, Please would you be my girlfriend, Caroline? I want to take you on the odyssey of love. I want you to love me, for I have identified you as the only person I could ever love on this earth.

My heart is knitted to yours. I need you now and forever. Allow me to build my world around you.

You are my heart and my soul, my rose of Sharon, keeper of my heart, I will lay in your verdant bed of love forever.”

I will never leave you. I have etched your love in the abode of my heart with the last pigment that flows through my veins. If indeed a thunder should strike me for a lie, I’ll subject myself, a clean slate devoid of lies for these words I speak are truth. Nothing but the truth in a stainless gown. Carol, you are the edges of my soul and the light thrown in my way to cast away the shadows of darkness before my feet…..”

I could feel the effects of the sweet words of love Jeff was pouring on me. I used to think love was an imaginary element of fiction found in the world of Romeo and Juliet.

I blushed and s----d my thumb like a child. I stared into Jeff’s eyes like my life rested in his eyes. “Carol, just say yes and I will marry you even if my parents disagree.”

For once, I love you more than my parents whose blood run through me. Your love has become the power that fuels my existence…” Jeff romantically continued wooing me. His flirtatious words were really working magic on me. He continued his poetic rhetoric

“…, if I have to be disrespectful to my elders just to prove my love for you, call me a disobedient child whose life is limited as the bible said.
I giggled.

“…..Your beauty is indescribable, like an angel descending into paradise.

“Carol my love , I can’t speak of ever loving anyone aside you. You are the love of my life and life of my love…” Jeffery gazed into my eyes and hissed lovely words into my ears.

The whole scene looked like a fairy tale to me. I asked him, are you serious about this? ”

Without any hesitation, He said,” yes, yes! Yes!

I have never been more serious in my entire life than this morning. I’m damned serious, Caroline.

I responded, “ever since I saw your picture on Facebook, I have never been the same. I fell deeply in love with you , the measurement of which cannot be quantified.

Without hesitation, I said, “Yes, I want you to be my boyfriend. I love you so much, Jeffery. Keep me in your heart, I’m yours.”

We hugged as if there was no tomorrow. Nobody could describe my state of joy. I felt I was the happiest girl on earth at the moment because I met the most handsome and caring guy on earth. Jeff had indeed shot cupid’s arrow deep into my heart, the effect of which saw limitless joy cascading through my body and soul.

We left the Paradise Ocean Resort the next day. Jeff drove me to the lorry station in his air conditioned Jeep. In the car he gave me a phone number. I was excited.

Jeffery wasn’t like Koomson whom I was beginning to develop affection for. That man seemed ambivalent about establishing a relationship with me and because of his indecisiveness, I assumed he just wanted us to be platonic friends or friends with benefits.
Well, now, here comes the real man. God in his own wisdom knew why certain people cross our paths at certain stages of our life’s journey. Some came to propel us to greater heights, others to teach us life’s lessons.
Jeff said he would alight me at the lorry station and promised to know my house the coming week. He said he would have wished to take me home but had an important ‘Rendez-vous'(meeting) to honour thus the need to alight me at the lorry station. He gave me Chc 5000. I was amazed.

That amount for just a day or two with him.

“Thank you so much, Jeff.”
“Welcome dear, “he said casually.

Deep down my heart, I was quite disappointed. I thought he will sent me home directly so that he would know my place and wouldn’t need any direction anytime he felt like paying me a visit. Besides, I was really enjoying the comfort of his posh car – the air conditioning, the foamy seat and the romantic song bubbling out from the radio.

It was titled

“Romantic” by Koredo Bello

Hm hm hm hm hm
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
From the first time that I set my eyes on you

Baby I was stuck on you
Omo me I call for you
Make my body call for you, all for you
Went back and set my dream to search for you
Looking like a dream come true’
‘Cause you make my dream come true
Baby I’ll stand by you with you

Time to show you off
Oya show them, show them, show them,
show them, show them
Make all of them know

That my baby so romantic
Oya baby make we show them
show them, show them,
show them, show them
Make all of them know
That my baby so romantic oh
Ooh she romantic oh, romantic,
so romantic oh (yeah)…..
I felt like staying with Jeff forever. I have fallen head over heal in love with him.

Now I don’t care what anyone would think about me. I could even declare my love for him if a gun was put on my head. He’s my “Mr. Romantic.”

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