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That week, it was as if God had answered my prayers.

My maternal grand-mother passed away and her demise compelled my parents to travel back to her hometown. In case I forgot to tell you, my mother came from Kete-krachi.

Kete Krachi is a town in the Krachi West District of the Oti Region of Ghana. It is the capital of the Krachi West District. It is in the West of the Oti region, and is adjacent to Lake Volta. Kete Krachi is connected by a ferry to the town of Kwadjokrom, and by road to Bimbila and Dambai.

I saw the absence of my parents as the golden opportunity to meet my lover at Paradise Ocean Resort.
I hurriedly bathed and dashed out of the house in order to avoid my brothers’ curious questions, “where are you going ?”

Joyfully, I headed for Paradise Ocean Resort, to meet Jeffery, a guy I had not seen physically and whose background I didn’t know.

When I reached Paradise Ocean Resort, he was already there waiting for me. He said, “I supposed you are Caroline.

“Yes, handsome,” I answered, “Are you Jeffery?”

“Yes, Caro, I’m Jeffery, the guy you have been chatting with on Facebook. “You are welcome.”

Thank you, I responded casually, quite surprised by his appearance. He looked even more appealing in reality than the picture he used as his Displayed Picture (DP) on Facebook. He was a cute handsome fair looking guy with high cheek bones and angular Jawlines. His nose was pointed and his lips were sexy and kissable, sumptuous and reddish in colour. He had short curly hairs that rolled in short waves and an athletic figure, much more muscular than the average man.

He was about six feet tall and his pulchritude could qualify him for a super model in the men’s model magazine. I was already in love with him on the virtual platform when I saw his picture and now I was madly in love with him in person. He even looked a little bit younger that the Displayed Picture, like early twenties. Perhaps he was having baby face.

There was another aspect of him I didn’t know. He looked very rich and polished. He had his own Jeep and his style of dressing was very exquisite. I looked at him from head to toe.
“You looked more handsome in reality than on social media. I said,” Your picture on Facebook doesn’t really depict how fabulous you look in reality.

He looked at me for a while, smiled and said, “I don’t want a lot of people having access to my pictures on Facebook.
I was immediately attracted to the other aspect of him too- his rich and rather flamboyant lifestyle. It is said ladies like money and rich men.

That statement was incontrovertible. After all, with money, I will be comfortable and enjoy my life to the fullest.
“Who say monkey no like banana? I asked in pidgin language.

Out of curiosity, I asked him, “Can you tell me who you really are?”

He looked stunned and said, “but you saw my profile and on Facebook. What else do you want to know?

“Yes, I saw an information on Facebook but I’m not sure if it’s genuine.

He laughed and said, “I understand we have been chatting a lot on Facebook, but this is our first time of meeting physically but why would you accept a friendly request from a guy whose information looked phoney to you?”
I remained quiet.

Then he said, “OK. I will reintroduce myself to you again.

My name is Yeboah Jeffery, a software engineer. I am 25 years old, and I have one sister. I don’t know my hometown but my parents claimed we come from Kejetia in the Ashanti Region. I don’t like socialising much because I have always lived a solitary life since infancy. You can call me “Jeff” for short.

I was quite impressed by his brevity. He didn’t look like a talkative person. I daresay his humility was unmatched.

I introduced myself to him too.” I am Caroline Dotse.

My hometown is Keta. I am 18 years old and I have two older brothers.

We couldn’t talk much now that we met each other physically, as we used to talk on our mobile phones.

It was as if an invisible wall of shyness was created between us.

We were secretly locked in the world of our own, being visited by an unwanted visitor called ‘silence.

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