The Game I Played - S01 E06 (Story Episode)

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Stanley POV
After i got home that morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about what i saw some minutes back, so Afeez steals to live and people still don’t know that that’s what he does. I thought he was a good Samaritan the other day he helped me pay my debt at the restaurant, only if i knew that it was my money seriously i would have beat the hell out of him that day i groan. But let be sincere with ourselves, does it means that he was passing through a lot, before you judge someone you need to get the full details, what if he had no choice than to steal, then I remembered that day i met with Emeka, what if i don’t meet him that very day i saw him on the road side, maybe i would have been in the same shoe with Afeez. But hell no I can’t steal, that will be the last thing i will do, I knew things is hard and life isn’t going fine just like my mate had be enjoying it but hell no, I will never steal, this was all that was running on my head when my phone rang, I picked it up to noticed that it was Anita, mama is sick o since yesterday and we have taken her to hospital she said. Really what happened to her, I manage to ask her, she fell sick and we thought it was just malaria, not until she was admitted, the doctor said its diabetes and we need five hundred thousand naira to operate her she said. This time was shaking, my legs weren’t balancing, where will i get such money . Haa i screamed, Watin be this oo.. I speaks in Igbo language.

Okay just make sure she’s fine, i will try all possible best I said before the line went off.

God what sort of things is happening to mama again, I never see any work for Lagos, watin be this one again I groaned, anyway I will try and talk to Emeka to help me out since he’s the only friend that i got, maybe he will help me i said to myself.

Later that evening Emeka came back from work, I told him the urgent call that was made this afternoon which i was told about mama condition and the requirements, what! he shouted.

I knew Emeka will help if he got any money with him. But right now i can tell you that he got no money at hand, though i understand that the message was sudden and he never planned for it, no problem I will try all possible best i said to him, then i told him about Afeez the guy that helped me the other day at the restaurant i said. Maybe he will help me I said. At first, he was surprised to hear me speak about him because I never said anything about him before not until now, I told him how i later met him after the incident and how we have exchanged contact, though i didn’t tell him what he does for living, but at least he’s still my friend i said to him. No problem then he said.

Afeez Pov
The following morning after the incident with me and Stanley, I planned for another operation because the money i collected yesterday was later given to a girlfriend who i have promised to give her some money, so I need to work another one out I said. I was about opening the door when Stanley knocked at the door, but since I’m not expecting anyone, i opened the door, but i was surprised to see Stanley. My guy my guy I said to him after the door got opened, but i noticed his face somehow, guess something must have been bothering his mind.

Watin do your face I said to him. Firstly he remain silent for about 10 minutes before he later told me about his mother who stays in the village and presently admitted to the hospital, but when he told me that they were told to go bring five hundred thousand naira before she can be operated, seriously it was a sad news, and I myself i don’t have any money with me, but what should we do now, I asked him.

I came to see you if you will help me with the any amount you have he said, seriously i felt pity for him but God knows that i don’t have any savings and the reasons is because i go out everyday to hustle for money, Infact sometimes things don’t always work out fine when i go out like that. I no get any money o I said.

But if you no mind I they go out mind if you go fit follow me make we run am together, we fit see the money o I said jokingly, I noticed his eyes, My guy see make i no lie you na the best option be this, see nobody go fit give you that kind money for Lagos not even that guy you call your friend, so if you truly love your mama I go advice you make you join me, if we go for about two operation together we fit see the money, maybe then we fit deposit the money I said to him.

After some minutes he stood up and followed me, guess he must have think about it before he followed me. We took a bike to one Estate as usual i told him to stay at a corner and see how i will take a purse without the person been aware of it, thank God a guy was coming, I moved closer to him i was about passing him when I said.

Oh my guy, is like i have seen your face before somewhere, the guy was about thinking when he said maybe for Alowolo hotel before he finished saying I shouted yes my guy, I went for a hug which we did, before we left eachother i have removed the his purse. Before he later went on his way. After some minutes I and Stanley took another bike to another place but firstly we went to a restaurant where i count the money, it was sixty seven thousand naira, I gave the purse to stanley as we went to another operation that same day. I told him to try and see maybe he can get some money too, at first he was afraid but later decided to try. I hide at a corner while he went ahead to try his luck, this time it was a lady. I was still at my hideout when something caught my attention, this guy is a JJC, before i could decide, I saw many guys chasing after him shouting thief! thief!! thief!!! Stanley had drag her bag and in the process the lady had called people’s attention shouting thief!!!!!!!

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