Oga Landlord - S01 E42 (Story Episode)

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I quickly got up from the bed my heart beating “gbu! gbu!!”, hope say them never talk say the current chairman disgraced me. I opened the door and met Anderson smiling, wetin dey make this one shine teeth sef?

Anderson: honourable talk and do! you too much
hailing me

I collect the newspaper Jesus!!

Ugochukwu: wetin Jesus do again this time?

Me: Anderson thank you, you know say you be my mouthpiece, we go see later.

Anderson: I dey gidigba! honourable talk and do!

I close the door people sabi lie oh

Ugochukwu: how na?

I give him the newspaper you no see the headlines, Mr. Okoye confront the people choice due to fear of losing.

Ugochukwu: them even write say em wan bribe you, say em kneel down dey beg you to step down when them wan kill us with koboko.

Me: you don see am, I know say na madam Stella pay them to do all these things oh.

Ugochukwu: you even dey talk wetin dey my mind, guy berra goan cook amu going out.

Me: you better browse enter eatery, I dey go my shop.

Both of us contested who will got inside the bathroom first, I went for the towel firstly but the idiot ran into the bathroom without towel. There have not been light through out the night sha…

Ugochukwu: I won! am a winner!!

Me: oboy, baf quick quick na.

After sometimes he stopped singing and one strange silence eschew afterwards.

Ugochukwu: aahhh! water don finish, abeg… Oh! soap dey my eyes.

Me: so, my fly?

Ugochukwu: Victor! help me na!!

Me: use your boxer clean your face na, then carry bucket go fetch water for well.

Ugochukwu: oboy, no do na… I dey sorry, abeg just help me fetch the water.

Me: na for your side I see winner dey beg loser oh, I no get strength for this your madness for this morning, I dey go baf for the yard bathroom, bye bye.

Ugichukwu: Victor!!!!!!! Vi ki tor!!!!

I hissed and got out of the room went to the compound, and sighted strange queue in the bathroom side. I wonder where everybody dey rush go this morning.

I took my bucket to the well to fetch when Cynthia came out with towel tied around her body.

Cynthia: my husband, how you dey?

Me: husband? which kind marine marriage be that?

Cynthia: just answer na, you nofit dey romantic for once…. I know say you no sabi oh, just pretend say you dey try to.

Me: madam adviser, I don hear… I wan fetch water.

Cynthia: ah ah!, a whole my husband fetch water when I dey there, mba!

She took the bucket tied with rope from me and helped me in filling my own bucket from the well, I was surprised sha.. Cynthia wey I dey bribe to even go buy something for me dey give me free fetching, is alright.

I took the bucket to the queue and all of them turned to me hailing me, iffa I lose this election my enemies no go see better thing oh..

Voices: honourable talk and do, hey you shift shift… make em go baf, come out of the bathroom.

Before I look my bucket and me dey inside the bathroom dey baf oh, I no know say power dey stop nonsense. If na before who go even gree, everybody godey claim tenant rights.

I finish bathing and came out of the bathroom and I was showered with more praises with motives, everybody want my notice am. I waka enter inside room and met Ugochukwu whistling wiping out some dust from his trouser.

He wore one boxer that was wrestling with his dangler, I felt like drinking water.

I opened the bucket I usually stored drinking water, it was empty. I opened the next one and it was still empty.

Me: I remember say I fetch water for this buckets before I sleep last night.

Ugochukwu: pure water no cost.

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