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When their two started quarreling non-stop ignoring my voice, I knew from their voice it must be Mama Veronica and Cindy’s mom, the two women will not stop quarreling over everything.
I stopped hearing shout behind the door and a proper knock followed.

Voice: oga Landlord oh!

Me: em nodey house, when em come back ona come.

Is like the person was processing the information like computer.

Voice2: oga landlord, since wey I come this yard I never get peace. Mama Veronica no go gree my rest.

Thankfully they brought the light, I switched on a song and raised it to the highest, the women should consider fighting instead bringing the roofs down with their shout.

Madam Stella called later while I was about going to brush my teeth, I got to my phone and answered the phone call.

Me: hello, good morning madam Stella.

Madam Stella: I want to see you right away, I will send you the address for you to come meet me. Don’t keep me waiting.

The call ended immediately and my phone beeped afterwards indicating a message has entered, the last time someone sent me such message for meet-up. I was beaten mercilessly be a soldier man, I grew cold feet even when I walked to the gutter to brush my teeth.

I saw Samuel by the gutter side looking at the water flowing, I paused and watch him. Is this guy alright?

Me: you wan swim?

Samuel: yes oh!

He didn’t get what I was insinuating until when I nod my head towards the water in the gutter.

Samuel: God forbid! I see snail inside the gutter.

Me: you wan go catch the snail inside the gutter?

he become confuse wetin be all these jamb questions this kind Jesus morning?

I ignored him and started brushing my teeth humming Able God, when I was done I went inside the yard and prepared to meet Madam Stella.

I was surprised the address Madam Stella gave me was five-star hotel, I was wondering if the woman has gone mad. I made a decision that I will never engage in anything that will involve se*x in this place, presidential hotel in that matter. No be me and ona oh!
I entered the hotel and located the floor she asked me to come, I met her and a man sitting on different sofa. I greeted both of them.

Stella: my chairman, this is the person I have been telling you about.

The man looks like the ruling party chairman, when Stella called him Chairman. Definitely he is the one.

laughing this one fit jack ballot box?

I didn’t want to say anything, politicians hate confrontation, you will always say yes even to their shit so that you can get whatever you want.

Stella: you can go, Vic.

I got up and bade them farewell, I could hear the man’s non stop laugh. He was telling Stella that I will be a tool to her if she can convince her husband to support me, my tell am who I be? mba! I no be mumu.

I called Ugochukwu while I was going home and he picked.
Ugochukwu: you dey police cell? you don rape person wife or you don finally kill yourself?

Me: wetin produce all these questions?

Ugochukwu: you dey always call me when trouble dey your door, see you see trouble.. Ona two dey hold hands dey waka for this life.

Me: thank God you know, this one na small wahala. I just enter small trouble, drive come my yard.

I was grateful that he didn’t prolong the issue, I enter yard come dey fine Akpan and em wife.

Thank God their two wan start to dey go shop when I meet them.

Akpan: youngest landlord, good morning.

Me: I don ready, make we go do the cleansing wey you talk.

Akpan: cleansing?
both of them look confuse and suddenly he start smiling me and my wife dey come.

I nodded and went to the frontage, that is when Ugochukwu arrived and we shook hands.

Akpan and his wife later joined us, they were so happy discussing in the back seat.

When we got to Calabar it was already late, about five pm. We arrived at a compound with a block house, the woman that came out looks like Akpan, probably his mom. They welcomed us warmly like they were expecting us, everything is like a plan.

While we were settled in the sitting room, I brought the matter that took us to Calabar.

addressing the Akpan’s father papa, I really make mistake. I don come to do the necessary task, as your son don already tell you.

Akpan’s father:
clears his voice the ritual carry plenty money my son I frown first cow godey involve.

I scream cow!!!
The man nod, ona wan use me do happy christmas bah?

To Be Continued....

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