Oga Landlord - S01 E32 (Story Episode)

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Me: guy, the time I call you for morning, I no tell you say I wan become fisherman, wetin come bring this one na?

laughing mad man, come meet rich and powerful ladies wey go better your life, I don send the address, ten minutes appear there.

He ended the call, thank God say I don baf oh. I quickly ran into the bathroom and took a sharp shower, ran out to rub my cream.

Use my most expensive perfume wey I dey only use on important occasion, come carry my best out fit knack. I was looking like flying, wore my most expensive shoe.

I waka come out, some of my tenants started hailing me, I dey in a hurry so I enter bike go look for a drop. I took a drop and entered, we drove to a very secluded area.

The guest house dey hidden.
I called Mikel when I got to the gate.

Me: Miko, guy where you dey na? I dey the gate of that place.

Mikel: wait… I dey come.

Some minutes later he came out of the gate laughing, hope say this guy no mean that fisherman something. If not, I go make sure say em drown for any sea em carry me go.

Me: why you come dey laugh? Hope say you never start to kolo.

Mikel: Viko! see the way you dress like person wey wan go see president, sha… Na governor wife you dey come see.

I no too take the governor wife he said seriously, I hardly even see her on television. I would not be able to recognize, we entered inside the gate and I know say the exterior of the guest house na scam, it was just used to deceive people.

The interior smelt money and riches, I could feel and smell money all over, when we entered the building, I know say the boundary betwixt the rich and poor is the height of earth to the sky.

We got into a big room where two rich women are sitted, they looked extremely rich and breathtaking. My feet was not stable again, the two women looked like people that don’t even know what is suffer or poverty, Mikel na tight guy oh. I know say em no go fu*ck me up like Ugochukwu.

Mikel: here is my friend I told you about, my excellency.

The two women looked at us, they were sipping calmly from an expensive glass filled with champaign.

The woman he called excellency turned and examined me properly then a satisfactory grin appeared on the corner of her lips.

Woman1: Mikel, you don’t disappoint at all. he is handsome as I like them, hope he is big there?

Fear catch me first, I just dey return from se*x coma, thunder fire that Eni. Make I no fumble for this woman side oh.

Mikel: you can confirm it, yourself.

The other woman who have never said anything since we came in. Got up with the glass she held.

Woman2: Mikel.

She simply said and walked away, he followed her and gave me thumbs up.

The other woman that Mikel introduced me to got up and signaled me to follow her.

We got to a room and she sat on a sofa in a large bedroom, the bed was executive and the room is top class.

Woman: call me Stella, Mikel told me about you..

Me: thank you madam Stella, hope he said good things.

Stella: yes, you want to go into politics, and you need help… Which position are you running for?

make I dey reason small small, before the woman go suspect me councillor.

She started laughing, how the thing come funny, I no understand.

Stella: does that one need election, I will make you the representative of your people in the state house of assembly.

Me: wow… Thank God.

She brought out a cup and gave me to drink, I took the cup and looked inside. The content is very dark, mere looking at I can throw up sef.

Stella: drink up!
she command me

As a good boy with ambition, I drained the cup.

Stella: good boy, what you just took. The moment you open your mouth to tell anyone you have slept with me or about here, you will die.

Fear hold me first, my belle come dey do me somehow to throw up.

Stella: you are now my boy, now strip and dance for me.

She brought out her phone and I spotted the flashlight on, wait wait… This woman wan turn me to sex toy or stripper.

Naso to win election harsh for Nigeria, sugar boys dey try if na wetin them dey do.. To video me naked dancing

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