Oga Landlord - S01 E31 (Story Episode)

1 year ago

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  • Me: I know say na joke you dey joke oh, because the mood wey I dey now. As I dey look you like this, you dey naked already.

  • Eni: you like f*uck like this, na you no come my dey give you am everyday, but… For now ehnn… I nodey in the mood.

  • Me: I dey laugh, anywhere you drop the mood you better go carry am, ’cause as I dey like this… Na to rapw you full my head.

  • Eni: em never reach that level na, you sef.. I go give you fu*ck, so wetin you go give me?

  • Me:
    my dick start calming* wetin you want my give you?

  • Eni: you know say our rent go expire next Month, I want make you add two Months later.

  • Me: only?

  • I jumped out of the bed like hungry tiger and carried her to the bed, I laid her on the bed. The way her bumshort commot for her waist shock her, I nofit wait to pull the shirt and bra… My di*ck don dey drive me crazy.

  • I tear the fu
    cking pant and carry one of her leg mount on my shoulder, use my dick knock for her cli*t to open the door for me to enter. She started releasing love juice, and I love that.

  • I penetrated inside her w
    et pussy, and started hammering her like a tiger.

  • Me: ahhh! ahhh!!
    our skin making kpakpa sounds

  • Eni: landlo…ord ooohhh! you don kill me oh.

  • When I wanted to cu
    m, I pulled out of her pussy and c*ummed on her lips, she pushed me on the bed and I lay down, she pulled of her shirt and unclasped her bra.

  • Mounted me with cowgirl reversed style, slowly slowly she rocked my di
    ck to life. The way her ass cheeks vibrate anytime she got to the base, I nofit help but they moan nonstop with her, the way she moves her pu*ssy walls was first class.

  • Me: Eni aaahhh! You have killi me oh! I ammmmm cummmmmmmiiinnngg…
    I moan out loud as the sweetness scatter my brain*

  • Eni: assshhh! Ooohh!! cummmm inside me, aaahhh ahhh!
    bouncin faster
    After few minutes we started another round, this time she faced me riding and her bo*bs were bouncing, I just grabbed the two sweet melons as she dey ride me like stallion.

  • We went on and on, I come dey wonder if we go ever stop. After the fifth rounds, I laid on the bed beside her tired and drained, Eni get mind come dey jerk my di*ck wey don stressed out.

  • She tried it but my di
    ck don go recession, she come position her mouth for the tip to suck am.

  • Me: come wetin you wan do?

  • Eni: make we do another round na, I like the way you dey f--k me hard.

  • Me: my papa born only me, I no wan come out for television say I die on top woman.

  • I came down from the bed and she came down to, knelt on the sofa and positioned her yansh for doggystyle.

  • Me: you no hear wetin I dey talk, carry your things dey go oh… We start to f--k for 1pm, now em don knack 4pm… You still wan fu*ck? No be me and you go do that one.

  • Eni: you want make we do am by force bah? You want make everybody come inside this room to come see say you dey fu*ck another person wife.

  • I no even get strength to come dey argue with am, I ran enter my bathroom lock the door. I on shower start to dey sing, nothing wey I go tell hor
    ny woman when she see dick in between my legs to leave me hand.

  • She started knocking and shouting, when she tire. She fine the road to her house waka go, I come open door to see one thousand naira I drop for my TV stand missing, I for go collect am back oh if no be say I dey avoid another round.

  • After I used the towel clean my body, I enter kitchen go park rice. I finished three plates of rice, come empty pot join. Se*x na big work oh, after I ate finished.. I came out of my room to go receive better air outside when I met Charity singing in verandah.

  • Charity: one day, as I was going… I hear landlord dey do aaahhhaaa eeehheemmm uhmm..

  • Me: this one you dey sing Chacha, who all is well?
    i position my chair sit down

  • Charity: how many rounds ona go sef?

  • Me: wetin be rounds sef, abeg leave me hand oh.. I no get strength to talk as I dey like this.

  • Charity: you and Calabar wife dey fu
    ck, I dey for your window dey watch as you dey use your hammer dey hamm…. I use my hand cover her mouth*

  • Me: wetin be your problem, them download corrupt file for your head, what if person hear you.

  • Charity:
    I remove my hand from her mouth I go zip my mouth, if you show working.

  • Me: I no sabi work oh.

  • Charity: yard oh! make ona come out to come hear wetin I wan talk

  • Me: take take!
    i give her 1k note

  • Charity: I no know say you be cheerful giver, the way you dey knack am ehnn.. I like am, continue.

  • Me: no come ask for more money, I no even get to give you.

  • My phone started ringing inside the house and I rushed inside the house to see Mikel number as the caller ID. I picked the call.

  • Mikel: guy, come now now…

  • Me: come where?

  • Mikel: come catch big fish.
    Is this one alright? Ngwuanu did I tell this one that am a fisherman?

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