Oga Landlord - S01 E30 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.

If you see the way I dey fly grass, jump swamps, they navigate tress like temple run, you go know say life nodey two abeg.

I came out of the forest and met Ugochukwu by the car side, I for don run go back if no be how em dey breathe and his shoes are missing.

I dey mad drop anything.

Me: guy? how far? you still collect the money from am?

look at me like I have mad trailer of senselessness slap you? No be you first run?

Me: ehem… I think say you go collect the money na, you still need my help to kill python?

Ugochukwu: see the snake!
I took off I no even care to check if na truth or lie, I heard Ugochukwu laughing behind me. My heart beats rate is going ten times per second.

Me: guy, no try that joke again. Is not funny at all.

We got inside his car.

Ugochukwu: guy, na you go pay that money oh.

Me: which money? no be you carry me come here to go dash that useless jujuman money, I no get money to pay you sef.

We started talking about business afterwards forgetting all about ritual, I really wanted power and money to teach Aisha a big lesson. I dropped at my yard and Ugochukwu drove out, a name entered my mind when I got inside my room… Mikel, I called his line and it went through.

Me: hey! sweet boy, how far na?

Mikel: master of stingy people association, this one you call me hope am safe?

Me: over safe, guy you know where to get legit source to get sugarmummy wey em husband na senators, governors, presidents.

Mikel: you wan start ashawo work?

Me: man dey do ashawo work?

Mikel: why you dey find that kind women?

Me: em be like say na wrong number I call like this.

Mikel: taarrhh! person nofit whine you, evening time I go carry you go that kind place.
I ended the call when the MTN lady started explaining her family problems to me, I came out of my room to receive fresh air outside when I saw Eni, Calabar wife coming to were I am.

I carried my plastic chair to escape another thunderous slap from satan’s daughter.

Eni: youngest landlord! why you dey run na?

Me: run go where? Cold dey catch me, I wan go receive heat for inside room.

Eni: my follow you.

Me: go where?

Eni: to your room na, I dey sorry for the slap I slap you that morning, as I go church I come realize say na very bad thing I do. And I wan come beg for forgiveness the way our people dey do am for bedroom.

my dick twitch and my brain format* oya come na.

We entered inside the room and nearly swallowed the keys, sper*m don full my body and I wan release all of them.

Me: no waste time, start to pull na.

I quickly removed my shirt and removed my trouser, then remain on just boxer.

She wore bumshort and a red top, she removed the top and unclasped her bra.

Only her bre*asts send plenty signals to my brain.

Eni: lie down for bed.

I jumped on it and lay down, the crawled to my body and message my leg with her palm. She got to my har
d dick that veins have shoot out in every corners and covered it with her palm.

Slowly slowly, she started jer*king it and I went bizzare with pleasure, her palms soft die.

Me: Eni, you have killi me ohh
i hold the bedsheet
She use her tongue and started tickling the head of my di*ck, she now swallow almost my length gently gently she got to the base, her deepthroat pleasure was one in a million.
She removed her mouth and got down from the bed, picked up her bra and top. Started wearing them, I didn’t understand what was happening first.

Eni: oga landlord, I don ask for your forgiveness, help me come open the door I wan go?

Me: which door and where you wan go?

Eni: my room na, I just come confirm if your p---k big pass my husband own.

Me: confirm! Which kind confirm?

Them never rape this girl before.

To Be Continued...

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