Oga Landlord - S01 E29 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.

crying and weeping I go tell my mommy for you pointing at Chinedu

She left the place crying and I wondered if it was rape or willingly, am suspecting the girl is tricking so that I won’t report it to her mother that will never agree even at gun point that her daughter did such thing.

Me: Edu Edu, the big d*ck… You case is closed and sealed on Earth.

I just ignored the naked boy and went inside the yard, I met Thomas the father of all bachelors. The guy is working and yet he refused to marry, and he is crawling 40years and he didn’t for once talk of marriage instead he will deceiving different girls and corner them.

I brought a chair and sat beside him to relax, the street was awkwardly quiet as few churches beside us were making sure people that refused coming to church to hear them.

Deborah wearing a jean trouser and one top, the girl is of class and taste.

Thomas: sweetheart, where you dey go na? my come?

Deborah: hold it there! I don’t do old fashion.

Me: choi!! Take heart my brother, sometimes is like that.
Deborah glared at the quiet Thomas and walked away, immediately she left. Thomas stood up suddenly, I think say na better thing em wan do.

Thomas: na me the girl insult?
beating his chest

Me: no, na your ancestral spirit.
He sat back on the chair.

Thomas: why this world dey like this? the mumu gal wey you go love godey love one mumu boy wey be mama thank you, wey never fit afford common boxer wear for waist. And now one mumu gal wey me I no like dey die for me.

I be wan answer am say em be mumu too for not accepting the love of the babe that wants to manage him when my phone started ringing, I took out my phone and saw Ugochukwu, I left the place and entered my room.

Ugochukwu: guy, wetin happen this one you call me?

Me: wetin you dey do since why you no answer my call?

Ugochukwu: I been dey do humm humm.. so wetin happen, how far the hen?

Me: which hen? Hen wey them don give me chop for yard.

Ugochukwu: gone so soon, you don die… Wait wait, you dey call me for the other side?

I hiss which die? You better wake up oh! that jujuman na fake.

Ugochukwu: so wetin go happen to my money?

Me: which money? you better come and lets go take your money from that thief.

Ugochukwu: I dey come, delay is deadly.

I took my bath and dressed up awaiting Ugochukwu, when he appeared and we quickly in his car and we drove directly to the shrine. When we got there we met the jujuman eating fried rice and chicken, I use my shoe enter the shrine.

Jujuman: how dare you wear that your second hand shoe enter Eklemoreklemor shrine.

Ugochukwu: before I get three, you don bring out my money.

Jujuman: fools! if naso ritual dey easy I for dey this shrine, make ona disappear from here.

Me: you dey mad, see Ugochukwu too much talk nodey full basket, make we roger this guy na.

Jujuman: ona no hear, I go turn ona to dog.

Fear catch me, all those scammers juju na to do bad thing instead of good thing.
He dropped a stick on the floor and it transformed to python.

Me: obooy!

I no waste time take off, I no even care if Ugochuwku is also running.

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