Oga Landlord - S01 E28 (Story Episode)

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Subtitle: F--k Fakers.

Eni: na like that, no be say I no warn am oh. I tell am say make em leave my bre*ast, em no gree em go touch the other one.

the excitement don make my amu stand sef, I carry my both hands cup her breasts na like this em take do am? I dey busy dey squeeze the two ejima*

Eni: yes na so em do am, I warn am Ahmed Ahmed leave my bre*asts, em talk say I like wetin em dey do. I tell am say I no like am oh. Em go pull my shirt.

fast fast I don off her shirt, I just dey enjoy the game, sperm don full my body* like this em take do am?

Eni: naso em take pull my shirt, I tell am say na only my husband allowed to pull my shirt oh! say na wetin my mama tell me before I come City, em no gree, em unclasp my bra.

Me: my hands disappear go her back and I tactically removed her bra, na like these em take do am?
two rounds soft and sweet flesh stare at me flawlessly, she no even get one stretch mark

Eni: I warn am oh, Ahmed Ahmed, why you commot my bra? wear me my bra back before I go vex for you, em say I go enjoy say em get long p---k, em no gree. Em start to s
uck my right breast.

Me: na like this?
I carry her right nipples put inside my mouth and start sucking

Eni: yes, I come slap am.

I didn’t expect the slap oh, the thing landed on my face with so much force that I almost gone blind, I was seeing metaphysical stars all over the place.

A knock landed on my door in the moment I was nursing my cheek, Eni have started wearing all her things.

Me: na who be that?
I shout with pains

Voice: na me Calabar, my wife still dey inside.

Me: come carry your wife dey go abeg.

He opened the door and met me nursing my cheek, he inquired of what happened to me and I lied ant bit me on my cheek, choi! Ahmed received such factory-restarting slap, her hand was very painful, witches them slap.

I wasn’t having anything doing so I decided to inspect my yard, I came out of my room and entered the main compound.

Papa Chinedu: woman, wey your useless son?

Mama Chinedu: I no see am oh.

Papa Chinedu: which kind pikin you born sef, if no be say today na church and satan must get behind me I for don talk something na.

Mama Chinedu: wetin I do you again? why you wan kill me before my time?

Papa Chinedu didn’t reply, he angrily left the yard with his wife running after him, after I was satisfied with the way inside the yard was kept. I went out of the yard to inspect the gutters, the yard need thorough sanitation oh. I walked beside the yard to check if things where normal, I began hearing funny noise when I started passing an incomplete building very closed to my house.

The voice I was hearing m*oaning like say them wan kill seems very tiny, I entered the rooms checking until my eyes fell on black buttocks.

Chinedu was on top Hannah, her eyes were shut and her wide mouth was opened with tears of joy falling from her eyes.

The girl was quite older than Cbinedu about two years, since Chinedu was twelve.

Fully naked Chinedu, he was always naked sha… His waist was moving very fast and he was busy pounding somebody’s daughter like olosho.

Hannah: ewoohh! Mommy ohh! My toto oohh! Fire fire.

Me: wetin ona dey do?
I shout at them

Both of them were startled to the bones as Chinedu quickly got up from her body, Hannah got up crying profusely.

Me: aunty! My toto dey on fire, who come beat you?

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